Americano: The American Coffee Definition & How To Make

It is popularly known that Italians are the real chefs who deal with food and all that may concern it, but hey, Americans also have their own thing. 

Quite innovatively, the Americans have managed to create a masterpiece of their own from the popular Italian espresso, they named it –Americano.

As history recorded it, the American soldiers who had their stations in Italy during World War II weren’t total fans of the espresso which the Italians were known for. This is likely because they found it too strong and concentrated on their liking. 

So, they found a way to make it less concentrated; in fact, they found the easiest way to make it less concentrated – adding water. 

This way they were able to not only consume and enjoy to their fill but also create a sort of latte, of their own. 

Within years, this watered espresso – Americano soon join the long list of available coffees served in various parts of the world.

For the coffee enthusiasts, of course, this new addition to the list was just another way to try out someone new, something different from the known and the usually overwhelming taste.

What is Americano Coffee?

Here’s the best Americano definition you’d find. An Americano, as earlier stated is simply watered espresso. It has all the things that you could think to have to make your espresso perfect, but a lot of water than required that makes it less thick and less concentrated. 

It was from the effort of trying to replicate the drip coffee, known to the Americans that the soldiers tried adding water to the Italian espresso, making a shot of their own.

Quite simple right? Not for many coffee baristas or experts. On the Americano coffee are several debates on what to add and what not to add.

what is an americano coffee

Café Americano

Since the inception/creation of the Americano, it is now served around the world and can be gotten from most café when requested. When you cannot brew it at home yourself, you can simply opt for café Americano. 

It is however very important that you know that the concentration of the café Americano varies. 

The strength and flavor are usually affected by the presence of water, therefore it is left for each person to figure out how concentrated they want their Americano to be. For concentrated determination, there is usually a separate water heater.

How To Make an Americano

When making an Americano, the ratio of the espresso to water matters a lot, this is because it is important to take note of them to avoid getting a too strong espresso in the end, or a watery one. Usually, the ratio of espresso to water could be ½ and ½ or 1/3 espresso and /3 water. 

To make it, simply brew your espresso the usual way and add the percentage of water to go with it as you like. 

Most people like do not use milk with their Americano, which makes it stand out. However, other people do add it. But know that you won’t naturally get any form of a diary with an Americano unless requested.

Americano drink

Other than taking your Americano in the natural coffee- format, you could make a drink out of it. 

Your Americano drink could be the Iced Americano – made from espresso and cold water. You could opt for the Lungo, an Americano made from extracting flavors from the espresso for longer than usual. 

An extraction done for even much longer than the lungo to form a drink is the Caffe Crema. A different variation of the Americano drink is still the Red Eye- made with drip coffee in place of hot water.

americano drink

Americano vs Coffee

Just like it is easy to question if espresso is different from coffee, it won’t be a shot in the dark to also understand the varying differences between Americano and Coffee. 

There are several varied differences between these two drinks and one of them is the fact that coffee is traditionally brewed by letting the hot water drip down through the grounds, meanwhile, the making of Americano, is like making espresso

Also, checking the Americano or Coffee caffeine content, they are the same, which doesn’t count as a difference. 

For taste, the Americano’s taste is quite distinctive and very different from that of the known coffee’s. Most times too, coffees are brewed to be served, but on the other hand, you order for an Americano to get one made.

Long black vs Americano

It is likely that you have mistaken the Americano for Long black at a time, or that you have gotten it served to you. Well, The Long Black is a drink that is quite similar to the Americano. It is also a branched drink formed from the espresso, however, its flavor is stronger and bolder than that of the Americano, and of course, it comes with a definite addition- crème.

Unlike the Americano which has a varying ratio by which it is made, Long Blacks are made majorly by adding a shot of two-shot of espresso over water. 

This way the espresso isn’t espresso and hasn’t fallen into the Americano category.

Americano ingredient

Thinking of brewing your own Americano at home, rather than getting café Americano? Well, it’s quite easy, especially if you are already very familiar with coffee brewing or you know how to make your espresso right. 

Americano ingredients are no different from the espresso ingredients. You could make use of the manual brewing method which is quite easy, or opt for the semi-automatic espresso machine if you can afford it. 

An Aeropress, a Moka pot or French press would also do. Looking past the method or the machine of preparation, the main ingredients for making Americano is hot water and espresso.

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