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Ample Space, Fresh Coffee as You Watch Bakers in Action, Anchorhead Coffee Menu Prices

During your ups and downs in Downtown Seattle, it’s worth refreshing with a cup of coffee to energize your body. With thousands of cafes and restaurants, where do you prefer? Well, one of my top choices is Anchorhead coffee. It’s a perfect place to anchor yourself as you sip coffee and eat freshly baked pastries. 

To view what is available in the coffee shop, check the latest Anchorhead coffee menu prices. Let’s jump into the action and see what to grab when in the heart of Seattle. 

What Is Anchorhead Coffee? 

Anchorhead coffee is a specialty coffee roaster dealing with wholesale and retail coffee businesses. Besides, the roaster deals with brewing coffee and serving freshly baked pastries made in the facility. 

The coffee roaster was established in 2013 as an RTD coffee company. However, the brand opened its first café in 2016 in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. Founded by Jake Paulson and Mike Steiner, the roaster continues to provide freshly roasted coffee and baked food. 

What Is Popular at Anchorhead Coffee? 

You might be wondering what the best thing to grab in Anchorhead coffee is. Some popular drinks are Cold Brew, Pistachio Milk, Nitro Mint Latte, Hey Bae, and solid coffee. 

Besides, there are other non-coffee drinks like Chai latte, Matcha Tea Latte, and Gingerbread Latte, among others. Other treats include banana loaf and bacon cheddar biscuit sandwich. 

Where Does Anchorhead Get Coffee From?

The company sources its coffee from various regions where coffee is grown. Mostly, the coffee comes from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and other leading coffee producers. 

Besides roasting their coffee, does Anchorhead use organic coffee? The company’s coffee is organic, making it 60% less acidic than conventional coffee. Also, other ingredients used in brewed coffee are organic, making the coffee unique and healthy. 

Does Anchorhead Serve Breakfast? 

Getting onto the coffee shop in the morning allows you to explore some sweet Anchorhead coffee food menu. The restaurant has some snacks and sandwiches available all day. Therefore, you can enjoy them for breakfast and lunch with a beverage of your choice. 

How Many Anchorhead Coffee Locations Are There? 

anchorhead coffee

Since its founding, Anchorhead coffee has added several stores. As of February 2023, the coffee shop had 4 locations within Seattle. The headquarters are on 7th Ave Ste 105, Seattle, Washington, United States. 

Anchorhead Coffee Seattle Menu Summary 


Item   Size  Price  
Espresso Large  $4.25
Americano  Small $4.25
Americano  Medium $4.25
Americano  Large  $4.25
Little Latte Large  $4.50
Latte  Small  $5.75
Latte  Medium $6.00
Latte  Large  $6.25
Matcha Small $4.75
MatchaMedium   $6.00
MatchaLarge  $6.25
Chai Small $3.35
ChaiMedium $3.75
ChaiLarge  $4.00


Item  SizePrice  
Maple Apple   cider $6.00
Ginger cookie latte $6.00
Pumpkin Stuff Latte  $6.00

Cold Brew 

Item   SizePrice 
Nitro Small $4.50
NitroLarge  $5.00
Cold Brew Black Small $4.50
Cold Brew BlackLarge  $5.00
Cold Brew with MilkSmall $4.50
Cold Brew with MilkLarge  $5.00
Cold Brew with Chocolate Milk Small $4.75
Cold Brew with Chocolate MilkLarge  $5.25

Tea By Rishi 

Item   Price
Daily Green (Green)$4.50
Moonlight Jasmine (Green)$4.50
Early Grey Supreme (Black)$4.50
Golden Triangle Breakfast (Black) $4.50
Ruby Oolong (Oolong)$4.50
Elderbery Healer (Herbal)$4.50
Mystic Mint (Herbal)$4.50
Lemon Turmeric (Herbal)$4.50


Item    Price 
Shy Bear Fog$6.50
Honey Bunches of Cold Brew  $6.50
Pistachio Matcha $6.50

House Made Syrup & Flavor 74¢

Burnt Honey, Lavender-Coconut-Caramel, Spicy, Vanilla, Maple, Peppermint and Fresh Mint.    

How to Order from Anchorhead Coffee? 

Ordering from Anchorhead is easy. The coffee shop offers dine-in and takeaways. However, the company doesn’t provide deliveries. Although the company doesn’t deliver, you can enjoy bagged coffee shipment to your home using courier services. Also, the coffee shop allows subscriptions for a constant supply of roasted coffee. 

Anchorhead Coffee Contact Information Operating Time. 

Postal Address: CenturyLink Plaza, 1600 7th Ave Ste 105, Seattle, WA 98101, United States 

Operating Time: Mon -Sun 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Telephone: (206) 222-2222

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

When you think of a great place to spend your time drinking good quality coffee, Anchorhead coffee is the ideal place. The Anchorhead coffee menu prices is a proof there is maximum refreshment. With fresh coffee and a relaxing atmosphere, the coffee roaster lets you experience the best. 


Does Anchorhead coffee use compostable cups? 

Yes, the coffee roaster has compostable cups for takeaway coffee. 

Is there Bike parking at Anchorhead Coffee? 

The coffee shop has bike parking as well as vehicle parking lots. 

How is Anchorhead coffee rated? 

The coffee shop is rated 4.5 on Yelp and 4.6 on Google.

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