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Latest Baskin-Robbins Menu Prices Updates

Having the best is everyone’s dream when you want to enjoy a cake or ice cream. Baskin-Robins  is one of the famous places where you can order ice-creams, cakes, beverages, and other fast food

The store has various flavors for ice creams and other pastries. Actually, with their 31 flavors of ice creams, you can enjoy a unique feeling every day. 

Here is the latest Baskin Robbins price summary if you want to visit the store. You can check the price of your favorite bite before ordering. 

What is Baskin Robbins? 

Baskin Robbins is a fast company specializing in ice creams, beverages, and Specialty cakes. The company is owned by inspire Brands, which also owns popular brands like Dunkin and others. 

Founded in 1945, the restaurant is located worldwide with about 8,000 locations. The restaurant is headquartered at 130 Royall Street, Canton, Massachusetts.

Since it deals with various food and beverages, there are many flavors and menus to explore. Amazingly, it’s available in 50 countries, meaning you can enjoy the menu even when outside the US. 

For anyone with questions like; who owns Baskin Robbins and where is Baskin Robbins, the simple intro has solved your curiosity. 

How many Baskin Robbins are there?

According to the company, there are about 8,000 locations worldwide. It’s a multinational and operates across the world. 

The locations are spread all over the world in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and recently, it opened locations in Morocco. 

What does Baskin Robbins sell?

There are many foods, drinks, and snacks you can get at Baskin Robbin. Some of the things you can order are ice creams, milkshakes, coffee, bunny face cakes, and many more. 

The menu is easily customizable. This means you can enjoy your personalized snack. 

Apart from an extensive menu, how many flavors does Baskin Robbins have? There are a variety of flavors available for ice creams and other savories. 

The restaurant has 31 authentic flavors. These flavors aim to ensure customers have different tastes every day for a whole month. 

Baskin-Robbin coffee menu 

Apart from the ice cream and tons of pastries, you can order coffee from the store. Although it doesn’t have an extensive range of coffee drinks, you can enjoy cappuccino blast and other coffee drinks. 

Besides the drinks, there is also a Baskin Robbins coffee-infused donut cone. The cone ensures your ice cream offers the real coffee refreshing experience. 

The Baskin Robbins coffee ice cream is another snack you can grab. It has a coffee flavor that is fulfilling and provides exceptional refreshment. 

Amazingly, you can also enjoy Dunkin coffee at Baskin Robbin. Being a sister company, it sells some of the coffee you can get at Dunkin. 

Baskin Robbins operation hours 

One of the questions you might be asking is what time does Baskin Robbins closes. 

Typically, the restaurant operates from 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The working days are from monday to Sunday. 

Also, in some locations, the restaurant is open 24/7.

For the latest Baskin Robbin milkshake price, check the summarizing tables below. 

Baskin Robbin Menu with Price 

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream Menu 

Ice cream Price 
Fancy Waffle Cone$1.49
Chocolate Waffle Cone$1.49
Regular Waffle Cone$0.99
Double Scoop$3.99
Single Scoop$2.79
Kid’s Scoop$2.19

Baskin Robbin Beverages Mini

Beverages SizePrice 
ShakeMini $3.69
Medium $5.69
Large $6.69
SmoothieMini $3.69
Medium $5.69
Large $6.69
Iced Cappy BlastMini$3.69
Small $4.69
Medium $5.69
Large $6.69
Cappuccino BlastMini $3.69
Small $4.69
Large $6.69
Latest Baskin-Robbins Menu Prices Updates 1 baskin robbins prices

Baskin Robbin Sundaes Mini 

Sundaes Price 
Waffle Bowl$0.99
Candy Topping$0.79
Three Scoops Sundae$5.19
Two Scoops Sundae$4.49
One Scoop Sundae$3.49
Made with Snickers Sundae$5.99
Oreo® Layered Sundae$5.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae$5.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae$5.99
Banana Split$6.69
Banana Royale$5.49

Baskin Robbin Soft Serve Menu 

Soft ServiceSize Price 
ParfaitsMini $2.19
Regular $4.99
Cups & ConesKids $1.58
Regular $1.98
Large $2.98
Soft Serve BelowMini $2.19
Small $3.78
Medium $4.38
Large $5.98

Baskin Robbin Ice Cream to Go Menu 

Ice Cream to Go Price 
Clown Cones$2.89
Hand-PackedPint $4.99

Baskin Robbin Menu Price FAQ

What is the Baskin Robbins milkshake price?

If you love Baskin Robbins milkshakes, it’s highly affordable. You will pay between $3.69 for a small cup to $6.69 for the largest cup. 

How much is a scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins?

As you opt for ice cream at Baskin Robbins, you can decide on a single or double scoop. Also, there is kids scoop. A single scoop costs $2.79. 

How much is a banana split at Baskin Robbins? 

For banana splits lovers, you can get them affordably at Baskin Robbins. They cost $5.49, which is an excellent way of enjoying a cheap and tasty dessert

What is cappuccino blast Baskin-Robbins price? 

For cappuccino blast, the cost price ranges from $3.69 to $6.69. The price depends on the cup size

What type of Arabica coffee beans does Baskin Robbins use?

The company makes their coffee-based drinks from 100% arabica coffee. By using specialty coffee, every beverage with coffee tastes fantastic. 


By looking at the Baskin Robbins prices, it’s correct to say their menu is highly affordable. Also, the variety of choices is great for anyone looking to enjoy ice creams and other desserts. The availability of coffee ensures refreshment anytime you visit the store. 

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