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Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta: Top 11 Spots For A Nice Cup

Known for its rich culture, hospitality, and history, Atlanta has one of the coolest coffee scenes in the United States. With the vast array of coffee shops available in the city, it can be difficult deciding what coffee shop to visit. That should not be a problem anymore as this article is a review of the best coffee shops in Atlanta. We’ve done the hard work to visit these coffee shops and gathered a cluster of the ones that outshine others. 

11 Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta

  1. Academy Coffee
  2. Bellwood Coffee – East Atlanta Village
  3. Prevail Union 
  4. Con Leche Coffee
  5. Aurora Coffee
  6. Black Coffee ATL
  7. BUZZ Coffee and Winehouse 
  8. Everythang Nola
  9. Café Fwi
  10. Caribou Coffee
  11. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Academy Coffee

Academy Coffee has a range of coffee blends that are excellently crafted. What’s most special about this coffee shop is that they’ve got a massive desire for excellence and guests can attest to that from the quality of coffee offered at Academy Coffee. There’s not enough seating in the coffee shop, except if you find space on your visit, I’d advise you to order takeout. 

Location: 1019 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Working Hours: Everyday from 8am to 7pm

Website: Academy Coffee ATL 

Phone: (404) 343-4374

Social Media: Instagram

Bellwood Coffee – East Atlanta Village

Bellwood Coffee is another incredible coffee shop in Atlanta. Their coffee is delicious and fairly priced. When you visit, you might find more plants than coffee, this is because the shop sells plants too. It gives the shop a nature-infused setup, making the atmosphere calm and relaxing. Although there’s not enough seating, Bellwood Coffee is still a go-to coffee shop.

Location: 1336 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm

Website: Bellwood Coffee 

Social Media: Instagram

Prevail Union 

Prevail Union is on this list of coffee shops as one of the best coffee shops to work in Atlanta, it is also one of the best coffee shops in Atlanta to study. The coffee shop is not large, it seems it has been optimized to enhance work productivity. 

It has got ample seating space, comfortable chairs, and free WiFi. The coffee shop plays cool music in the background and you can decide to sit inside or outside and enjoy your cup of joe while you work or study. Indeed this is one of the cool coffee shops in atlanta.

Location: 1050 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm; Saturday from 8am to 5pm; Sunday from 9am to 4pm

Website: Prevail Coffee 

Phone: (678) 837-5440

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Con Leche Coffee

At Con Leche Coffee, there are a variety of empanadas, bread, and pastries to go with their fine-tasting coffee. You could be disappointed at the lack of available seating but then that’s how the coffee shop was designed – to carry out takeouts mainly. One good thing about Con Leche Coffee is that they offer memberships which makes the coffee there cheap. 

Location: 181 Flat Shoals Ave SE Unit 1, Atlanta, GA 30316

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 2pm; Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 3pm

Website: Con Leche Coffee  

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Aurora Coffee

Meet one of the cute coffee shops in atlanta. Aurora Coffee is a decently-sized coffee shop with available seating inside and outside. There’s a generally upbeat tempo and vibe in this coffee shop so it may not be the best place to study. 

If you want a coffee experience that is rare to get in the average coffee shop, I’d recommend coming here because they source their coffee beans from many countries around the world. 

Location: 468 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5pm; Sunday from 7am to 6pm

Website: Aurora Coffee – Atlanta 

Phone: (404) 523-6856

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Black Coffee ATL

The Black Coffee ATL is one of my favorite black-owned coffee shops in Atlanta. When you step in, you will notice the urban feel and atmosphere but the menu is diverse and filled with several options.

They’ve got a menu for a coffee shop that I haven’t seen anywhere in the United States. One of their specialty offerings is the Portuguese In Love Latte. This is one of the black owned coffee shops in atlanta.

Location: 131 Walker St SW STE 106, Atlanta, GA 30313

Working Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7am to 9pm; Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 12am


Phone: (404) 565-1397

Social Media: Instagram

BUZZ Coffee and Winehouse 

The BUZZ is another black-owned coffee shop in Atlanta that’s a choice destination for quality food and coffee. At this coffee shop, you can hear cool music played low and calm in the background, setting the ambiance for relaxation and a perfect “work away from home” environment. If you are looking for a cool date spot, BUZZ is a good destination to try. 

Location: 2315 Cascade Rd, Atlanta, GA 30311

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm; Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm


Phone: (404) 748-4114

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Everythang Nola

This shop came highly recommended. It is one of the black-owned coffee shops in Atlanta and its customer service is top-tier. Aside from the list of coffee blends sold at Everythang Nola, their acai bowls and banana pudding are a specialty loved by all. I had a taste and I am definitely going to order those next time I am there. Everythang Nola also has a non-coffee drinks selection on its menu. 

Location: 1699 Sylvan Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Working Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 8am to 6pm; Thursday and Friday from 8am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm


Phone: (470) 355-2228

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Café Fwi

Café Fwi has a lot of coffee options and they are reckoned as one of the best black-owned coffee shops in Atlanta. For me what makes them exceptional is the availability of Italian sodas and the Cafe Blend which is a combination of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee. You cannot afford to not try that. 

If you love coffee adventures like I do Café Fwi would be your first port of call when next you visit Atlanta. My only issue with this coffee shop is that they close quite early. 

Location: First Floor, 24 John Portman Blvd NW Building 1, Atlanta, GA 30303

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm

Website: Café Fwi 

Phone: (760) 900-3807

Social Media: Instagram

Caribou Coffee in Atlanta airport

If you are looking for good coffee shops in Atlanta airport, Caribou Coffee is one of the best options available. They are quite popular if you have been in the coffee business for some time. 

At Caribou Coffee in the Atlanta airport, you can enjoy some sumptuous muffins with nice coffee. The staff are friendly and really do their best to attend to every customer as quickly as they can.  

Location: 6000 North Terminal Parkway Space EF-1, Atlanta, GA 30320

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7am to 1pm; Friday to Sunday from 7am to 6pm

Website: cariboucoffee 

Phone: (404) 209-0065

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Last but not least is the Einstein Bros. Bagels. It is another lovely coffee shop in Atlanta airport. One of the many things that set this coffee shop apart from others is its specialty in making bagels. 

It is a good destination if you want light bites and nice coffee when you land in Atlanta. Together with bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels also serve egg sandwiches. If you have been looking for unique coffee shops in Atlanta, you found one!

Location: Concourse D, 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320

Working Hours: Everyday from 7am to 3pm

Website: einsteinbros 

Phone: (678) 346-6017

Social Media: Facebook


How to open a coffee shop in Atlanta?

Opening a coffee shop in Atlanta is a great idea and if you can come up with a solid plan, you can succeed. To open a coffee shop in Atlanta, you need to research, develop your coffee shop concept, create an actionable plan, register your business, decide a business location, and get the required equipment. 

Are there any late night coffee shops in atlanta?

Yes. There are a couple of late-night coffee shops in Atlanta. Some of my recommendations are Java Lords, Black Coffee ATL, Blue Donkey Coffee Co., ADios Cafe, Biggerstaff Brewing Company, and The James Room.

Are there 24-hour coffee shops in Atlanta?

Yes. The 24-hour coffee shops in Atlanta are Starbucks, Landmark Diner- Downtown, and Waffle. 


Whether you want a place to work or study, a quick caffeine fix, or somewhere to relax or hang out, there is a coffee shop in Atlanta that would meet that need. I am optimistic you found an option or two for when you visit Atlanta again.

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