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10 Best Coffee Shops In Birmingham AL Worth Going

Hey there coffee lover, This is the list of the best coffee shops in Birmingham according to my taste and experience of living in Birmingham. Birmingham Alabama is home to an array of cool coffee shops that offer exciting coffee, delicious tea, and a wonderful overall coffee experience. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like — or have time for — at these coffee shops in Birmingham. 

10 Best coffee shops in Birmingham Al

  1. Revelator Coffee
  2. Seeds Coffee Co
  3. Filter Coffee Parlor 
  4. The Red Cat
  5. Innova Coffee
  6. OHenry’s Coffees
  7. Santos Coffee
  8. Bizzare The Coffee Bar
  9. June Coffee
  10. Caveat Coffee

Revelator Coffee

This is a bright, contemporary cafe with industrial-chic decor selling handmade coffee, regional doughnuts, and other snacks. Revelator Coffee whips up the best espresso in Birmingham AL. Their pour-over coffee wasn’t bad either. 

The cafe is spacious with lots of seating options for customers. It is also a great place to study due to its serenity. 

Location: 1826 3rd Ave N #101, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm

Website: revelatorcoffee

Contact: Email 

Seeds Coffee Co. – Homewood

House-roasted coffee beans are used in pour-overs and espresso drinks at this industrial-retro coffee establishment. The atmosphere was my favorite thing, I love cafes with rustic decor and this one does justice! 

There’s chill music always going on in the background, the cafe is not noisy and ideal for a meeting, study or work. I highly recommend visiting!

Location: 174 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States 

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday 8am-3pm

Website: seedscoffee

Phone: +1 205-259-6405

FILTER-Coffee Parlor

Yet another big name loved by many residents. Filter Coffee Parlor is a local family-owned cafe with mind-blowing coffee served in a welcoming environment. If you’re hungry, they have a huge list of items on their menu to choose from. 

There’s also outside seating available at this establishment. My favorite seating area is the one upstairs, inside the building. 

Location: 1927 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday-8am-3pm

Website: filtercoffeeparlor

Phone: +1 205-202-6422

The Red Cat Coffeehouse @ Pepper Place

Socially aware coffee, breakfast, and lunch are served in a brick-lined cafe called The Red Cat Coffee shop, with live music and local artwork. The coffee shop was quite busy on my first visit and doesn’t seem like a good place for a meeting or study. 

However, their customer service was top notch, I got my order delivered to me speedily and the coffee met my expectations. They also have outdoor seating for customers who would rather enjoy some fresh air. 

Location: 2901 2nd Ave S #120, Birmingham, AL 35233, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm, Sunday(closed)

Website: theredcatcoffeehouse

Phone: +1 205-616-8450

Innova Coffee

This coffee shop is one of the most highly rated cafes on Google Reviews, this is simply because the locals in Birmingham love what they serve. The baristas are well-skilled, and the art they make on the coffee is pretty much outstanding. 

Their Alaga chocolate latte is one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. The place is just so nice, the Atmosphere is 100%, Coffee house vibe is 100% too. You should definitely stop by!

Location: 4700 Colonnade Pl, Birmingham, AL 35243, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-5pm, Saturday 7am-3pm Sunday (closed)

Website: innovacoffee

Phone: +1 205-899-2222

OHenry’s Coffees

Introducing one of my favorites, a local café with a relaxed atmosphere serving espresso drinks, breakfast, sandwiches, and desserts. The lattes served here are smooth and creamy.

I tried the frappe cookies and cheesecake and my taste buds can’t seem to forget the taste, it was heavenly! The cafe has friendly staff and is a great spot for some breakfast or launch.

Location: 2915 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-7pm

Website: ohenryscoffees

Phone: +1 205-250-1195

Santos Coffee & Bar Uptown

Featured as 7th best coffee shop in Birmingham, al is a contemporary coffee shop with Guatemalan coffee, pastries, breakfast, lunch, and a bar with wine and beer. Santos Coffee has it all. There is free easy parking down the road, and the pastries they sell look so good. Outdoor seating isn’t available but it is cozy indoors with a couple of seating options. Is this cafe worth it? Most definitely!

Location: 2221Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Suit B, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday 6:30am-4pm, Friday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm

Website: santos-coffee-farmers

Phone: +1 205-538-5759

Bizarre The Coffee Bar

This is a black owned coffee shop in Birmingham Al. This coffee shop is okay for work and study, there’s even an onsite printer if you don’t have one at home. 

You can have a business meeting here thanks to the somewhat peaceful environment. If you ever run out of options, try the Hennessy margarita, it was so good I had to get another. 

Location: 217 22nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, Saturday 2pm-2am, Sunday 4pm-2am

Website: bizarre-the-coffee-bar

Phone: +1 205-538-7100

June Coffee

Coffee shops in downtown Birmingham AL serve pastries but not like June Coffee, this new coffee shop in Birmingham is known for its mouth watering and tasty pastries. 

The interior space is really nice and cool with very skillful baristas always willing to help you pick something suitable and unique to you. There’s plenty of seating available and music going on as well, the music isn’t too loud, you could bring a book if you want to. 

Location: 213 25th St N Suite C, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-3pm 

Website: junecoffee

Contact: Email

Caveat Coffee

I enjoy drinking coffee, and I really enjoy a good cappuccino. Caveat Coffee was the last coffee shop to make it to this list because of their outstanding Cappuccino. They serve great lattes too. I highly recommend this cafe for studying or meetings. 

Hungry? Don’t worry, their pastries are fresh and quite tasty. They have an outdoor patio too for days when you don’t feel like staying indoors. 

Location: 2832 Linden Ave, Homewood, AL 35209, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-4pm

Website: caveatcoffee

Phone: +1 205-820-7414


Are there dog friendly coffee shops in Birmingham AL? 

The Red Cat Coffeehouse, Gatos and Beans, and Big Bad Breakfast are some of the best dog friendly coffee shops in Birmingham AL. 

Which Birmingham coffee shop opens late?

Not a lot of coffee shops open late in Birmingham. However, we found a few ones; Bizarre: The Coffee Bar, Dunkin’ and Saturn

Where is Birmingham AL? 

Alabama’s north central area contains the city of Birmingham. The most populous county in Alabama, Jefferson County, has its seat in Birmingham.

Which Cafe Offers Outdoor Seating in Birmingham AL?

Not all cafes have an outdoor patio, However, Frothy Monkey, Caveat Coffee, and The Essential offer an outdoor seating area to customers. 


Birmingham is indeed a fabulous city with many rewarding opportunities to offer. Whether you are choosing a destination to invest in or are thinking of visiting, these 10 coffee shops and the suggestions made therein will give you some good ideas about where and how to spend your time. We would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below just in case we missed your favorite cafe. Thank you for reading.

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