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Best Coffee Shops In Costa Mesa: 10 Hidden Gems To See

Costa Mesa was formerly a rural farming area in the Orange County of California but it has blossomed into one of the urban areas constituting a significant part of the region’s largest commercial clusters. A lot of people moving to Costa Mesa are usually gainfully employed folks and if you are one or not, you most likely want to know where to get the best coffee in Costa Mesa. This article presents ten of the best options I tried.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Costa Mesa

  1. Six Beans Coffee 
  2. The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea
  3. Coffee Nature
  4. 602 Coffee & Acai
  5. MoonGoat Coffee
  6. Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters
  7. Nook Coffee Bar
  8. Buenas Coffee
  9. In-sīt Coffee
  10. Hola Adios Coffeeshop

Six Beans Coffee

Six Beans Coffee is a drive-thru and walk-up coffee shop on Newport Blvd. The coffee shop has a specialty for Horchata Espresso Frappe. If you want it at its best, let it be served with whip cream and topped with cinnamon. Six Beans Coffee is a cool spot if you want to just pick up breakfast and coffee as you go to work. You can dine in too. 

Location: 1914 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6am to 3pm; Sunday from 7am to 3pm

Website: Six Beans Coffee Co. 

Phone:  (949) 877-0077

Social Media: Instagram

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea is located in an office area. It is a helpful resource for the workers in the offices close to where it is located. They offer some specialty lattes like the Tumeric latte, Honey Sage latte, and Taro Milk latte. There are other coffee blends to buy at this coffee shop including pastries, bagels, and sandwiches. The staff is prompt and friendly. 

Location: 3335 Susan St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm; Saturday from 8am to 2pm

Website: The Lost Bean 

Phone: (714) 884-3180

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Coffee Nature

Coffee Nature offers quite an adventure for coffee enthusiasts. The coffee shop’s interior has wooden accents and a stylish atmosphere topped by tantalizing espresso drinks, tea, baked delights, and tasty bites on the menu. It doesn’t have a lot of seating but you will typically find people working with their laptops and the WiFi connection is good. 

Location: 355 Bristol St #J, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Working Hours: Everyday from 7am to 5pm

Website: coffee-nature.square

Phone: (714) 545-2274

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

602 Coffee & Acai

This is quite a gem of a coffee shop. They’ve got all the goodness of coffee mixed with acai. Here’s what you’d find on the menu: a section for traditional coffee blends and another for signature coffees and other drinks. There are three main types of Acai bowls sold at 602 each offering a dimension of taste and satisfaction. If you like bagels too, 602 features an amazing selection as well. 

Location: 1652 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 3pm; Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 3pm

Website: 602 Coffee 

Phone: (949) 287-6308

Social Media: Facebook 

MoonGoat Coffee

MoonGoat Coffee was created with the digital nomad in mind. It is a coffee shop that seemed to be established out of empathy for people who would love a coworking space in a coffee shop where they can work with their laptops and enjoy their favorite beverages. Parking spaces are very limited here so do not expect to find some on busy days of the week. 

Location: 1985 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 6am to 9pm; Friday and Saturday from 6am to 10pm


Phone: (949) 612-2875

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  

Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters

The Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters is a cafe and roastery. The interior is well-lit and modern, and they’ve got a cozy seating arrangement. They roast their coffee in-house and offer unique coffee blends such as the Pumpkin Chai, Salted Toffee Latte, Spiced Blondie, and others. Every known coffee blend available at regular coffee shops can be found here and the experience is superb and delightful. 

Location: 3186 Pullman St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7am to 6pm; Friday from 7am to 4pm; Saturday from 8am to 4pm; Sunday from 8am to 1pm

Website: Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters 

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

Nook Coffee Bar

At the Nook Coffee Bar, I found the most comprehensive selection of coffee blends and brews. Nook Coffee is a coffee bar in every sense of the word and they have everything from regular coffee blends to specialty and signature brews. Even their pastries are unlike any other in Costa Mesa. The baristas at Nook Coffee Bar are experts in the coffee business and it is evident from the quality of their offerings. 

Location: 2930 Bristol St #B105, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm; Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am top 6pm

Website: my-site-108060.square 

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Buenas Coffee

Buenas Coffee would pass as one of the most relaxing places to visit in Costa Mesa. The coffee shop is in a laid-back environment and the patio space is lovely. Among many things, Buenas Coffee has a decent selection of pastries. It is somewhere you can go to get a hearty meal with good coffee. If you are ever in need of a place to relax and unwind, the Buenas Coffee patio is ideal. 

Location: 150 Paularino Ave Building B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

Working Hours: Everyday from 7am to 4pm

Website: Buenas Coffee 

Social Media: Instagram

In-sīt Coffee

In drafting this list, I looked out for something that made each coffee shop different from others. The underlying similarity here is that they all offer good coffee. In-sīt Coffee has the best croissant sandwiches, a very good chop for breakfast, and a light lunch. Aside from the croissant, In-sīt Coffee offers pastries and other light chops that are incredible follow-ups for coffee. 

Location: 891 Baker St B19, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7am to 8pm; Friday and Saturday from 7am to 9pm; Sunday from 8am to 8pm

Phone: (714) 852-3040

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Hola Adios Coffeeshop

What makes Hola Adios Coffeeshop unique and one of the best places to get coffee. One of the things that makes it unique is the variety of coffee blends that are not the regular stuff you get from the average coffee shop. For instance, on the menu, you’d find Korean coffee and other Mexican signature drinks too. There are drinks for kids too including vanilla steamer, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk. 

Location: 120 Virginia Pl Unit 101, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Working Hours: Everyday from 7am to 3pm

Website: holaadioscoffeeshop 

Phone: (949) 329-8987

Social Media: Instagram 


Where is Costa Mesa?

Costa Mesa is a semi-urban area in Orange County in California that forms part of the region’s largest commercial clusters. The economical activities that the community involves are retail, commerce, and light manufacturing.

Which cafe serves the best espresso in Costa Mesa?

Coffee Nature and In-sīt Coffee make some of the best espresso in Costa Mesa. Other coffee shops with a pretty cool espresso offer include Neat Coffee, Coffee Dose, and MoonGoat. 

Which cafes offer free wifi in Costa Mesa?

If you’re looking to work while at a coffee shop, the following are some of the cafes in Costa Mesa that offers free wifi:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Coffee Dose
  3. Nook Coffee Bar
  4. In-sīt Coffee
  5. Peet’s Coffee
  6. The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea
  7. Coffee Nature
  8. 602 Acai & Coffee

Is there a 24 hour coffee shop in Costa Mesa?

Yes, The Donuttery is a coffee and donut shop in Costa Mesa that is open 24 hours all day and all night. 


Whether you are looking to get coffee on your way to work or need somewhere to rejuvenate during lunch breaks, there is a coffee shop in Costa Mesa to meet your needs . Which would you be patronizing? And just in case we missed it, let us know your favorite costa mesa café. 

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