Best Coffee Shops in Lincoln Park

The Ultimate Guide to Best Coffee Shops in Lincoln Park

It’s that time of year again!! You know, when you just need to get out of the office, find a nice coffee shop, grab a few hours of work, and start preparing for upcoming projects! Now the question is…where should you go? Here are a few suggestions from our team on where to sit, sip, and enjoy amazing coffee in Lincoln Park. 

Here’s a list of best coffee shops in Lincoln Park

  1. La Colombe Coffee Roasters
  2. Philz Coffee
  3. Printer’s Row Coffee Co
  4. The Bagelers Coffeehouse 
  5. Bourgeois Pig Cafe
  6. Elaine’s Coffee Call
  7. Olor Coffee Bar
  8. Ludlow Chalingtons Coffee Shop
  9. Herb & Alchemy 
  10. Colectivo Coffee Of Lincoln Park

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Here’s a contemporary café with house-brand handcrafted coffee, pastries, and snacks. I had an excellent cappuccino with oat milk while I was at this cafe. Be rest assured of cozy surroundings during your visit and the best seating is by the window where you can overlook the street view. Everything is perfect here except for the lack of WiFi.

Location: 858 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-6pm

Website: lacolombe

Phone: +1 773-572-9685

Philz Coffee

A fantastic coffee shop with a welcoming atmosphere, incredibly helpful personnel, and amazing coffee. Although I adore that they provide a vegan sausage breakfast sandwich, what I find most admirable about them is their commitment to treating everyone with respect. 

This particular cafe offers a wide selection of interesting speciality lattes and drinks. They are well known for their excellent mint mojitos. Make sure to give it a go.

Location: 2323 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Wednesday 6:00am-4:30pm, Thursday-Friday 6am-5pm, Sunday(closed)

Website: philzcoffee

Phone: +1 773-666-5220

Printer’s Row Coffee Co

A small-batch coffee roaster in the area has a minimal-chic shop where it sells beverages, beans, cups, and T-shirts. In this cafe, an espresso would still taste fantastic if you paid less than $3 for it. The staff is really welcoming, and I appreciate that pets are welcome. To die for is their iced espresso with oat milk and a dash of amaretto syrup.

Location: 2482 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-1pm

Website: printersrowcoffeeco

Phone: +1 773-666-5394

The Bagelers Coffeehouse

The Bagelers Coffeehouse is a hip coffee shop with modern art and diverse decor. This coffee shop, which serves hand-rolled croissants and Chicago kettle-boiled bagels, is located in the center of Lincoln Park. 

They have great cream cheese and bagels. I advise against drinking drip coffee, Americano, or cafe au lait if you’re drinking coffee and pick something stronger than these. Except for when they are really busy, the service is always polite and prompt.

Location: 2461 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-3pm

Website: thebagelers

Phone: +1 872-802-0347

Bourgeois Pig Cafe

The very same founder, Mason Green, has been running Bourgeois Pig, an independent, family-owned cafe in the center of Lincoln Park, nonstop since May 1993. The Pig is an incredibly historic and unique location, complete with antiques, wood flooring, tin ceilings, oriental carpets, crystal chandeliers, slate blackboard menus, and an atmosphere and level of service that you simply cannot find at a chain store. 

Their food is handmade, generous, and distinctively fresh. In addition to a wide variety of standard coffee & espresso-based drinks, they also serve a huge variety of loose leaf teas brewed to order having originated as a coffeehouse.

Location: 738 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday (closed)

Website: bourgeoispigcafetogo

Phone: +1 773-883-5282

Elaine’s Coffee Call

Small store with excellent coffee and a limited yet delectable food menu. I ended up visiting twice, and both times, I had a wonderful meal. My tea and latte were both expertly brewed. The service is excellent, and the personnel are really kind. 

Small facilities and employees mean that there may be a delay if they are busy. If you ever have the chance to come, you must sample their amazing latte.

Location: 1816 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-5pm

Website: elaines-coffee-call
Phone: +1 312-254-4665

Olor Coffee Bar

Olor Coffee Bar

Nothing compares to a decent cup of coffee that tastes as wonderful as it smells. Olor denotes smell and also signifies Aróma. Perhaps one of my favorite coffee places in Chicago is unquestionably this one. Although there isn’t much seating in this cute and quiet place, you can probably find a spot when there isn’t a rush. 

The environment is calm and ideal for completing work. The smoothness of the coffee is really noticeable and distinguishes them from other coffees. I ordered a mocha with oat milk and didn’t regret it. 

Location: 1013 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 8am-12pm, Sunday 7am-5pm

Phone: +1 773-799-8246

Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop

The family-owned Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop is a dog-themed coffee shop with made-to-order specialty coffee, tea, baked goods, and gold-framed photographs of vintage dogs dressed in fashionable attire.

It is dedicated to supporting Chicago’s protected dog community. The shop’s interior is quite tidy and features entertaining décor with dog images on display.

Location: 2425 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-4pm, Friday 7am-2pm, Saturday-Sunday (Closed)

Website: ludlowcharlingtons
Phone: +1 773-697-7984

Herb & Alchemy

Plenty of seating, good coffee, and a spotless atmosphere. Just being in this area will make you feel like the main character. The speciality drinks are creative, and the coffee is wonderful. The rosemary goat cheese croissant on the menu is my particular fave! 

Additionally, the setting is pleasant, comfortable, and beautifully designed. Herb & Alchemy is a neighborhood tradition because of its cozy atmosphere and kind personnel.

Location: 1165 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm

Website: herbandalchemy

Phone: +1 773-904-7731

Colectivo Coffee of Lincoln Park

At this informal cafe, handcrafted coffee drinks go well with sandwiches and baked products. This Chicago cafe is situated close to North Pond in the center of the famed Lincoln Park. 

This place has a great patio with a fire pit outside. Espresso, coffee, and tea are available, along with a full cafe menu, Colectivo Keg Co. beers, and Nitro Cold Brew on tap.

Location: 2530 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30am-6pm

Website: colectivocoffee

Phone: +1 773-687-8078


Which coffee shops in Lincoln Park have good wifi? 

Based on user reviews these are some of the best coffee shops in Lincoln Park that have good wifi; The Bagelers Coffeehouse, Philz Coffee, Olor Coffee Bar.

Are there dog friendly coffee shops in Lincoln Park? 

Yes, there are! Colectivo Coffee of Lincoln Park, and Printer’s Row Coffee Co. are amazing dog friendly coffee shops, but the overall best is Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop, they even have beautiful dog portraits on the walls.

Which Cafes in Lincoln Park have outdoor seating? 

Bourgeois Pig Cafe, Colectivo Coffee of Lincoln Park, French Quiche, and Printer’s Row Coffee Co are some of the cafes in Lincoln Park that offer outdoor seating to customers. 


Coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants are perfect for brainstorming and getting creative. Whether you’re freelance or on a team, they’re a great place to work and be productive. If you’re in the Chicago area, make sure that you check out some of these spots, especially if you live or work in Lincoln Park.

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