Local Coffee Shop Guide: The 10  Best Coffee Shops In Tampa

I love Tampa, Florida. It’s a fun city with plenty of fun things to do. I’ve been here for a few years and like the environment so much that I bought a house and am planning on staying a while. As I was exploring this city and its surroundings, I discovered several coffee shops spread out across different locations in the city. 

Of course, if you’re visiting or new to Tampa there are probably plenty of places where you can grab a cup of joe; however, these ten spots caught my attention as being worth trying!

10 Best Coffee Shops In Tampa

  1. The Lab Coffee
  2. Cafe Con Leche Ybor City
  3. Caffeine Roasters
  4. DI Coffee Bar
  5. HotWax Coffee Shop, Kava Bar & Tap House
  6. Buddy Brew Coffee
  7. Zeal Coffee Roasters
  8. Victory Coffee
  9. Ginger Beard Coffee
  10. Coffee Speaks N Tea Talks

The Lab Coffee

The interior is roomy and provides several seating options for people as well as a work bar and group seating at tables. The decor is relaxed and comfortable. 

They have a fantastic coffee menu with a variety of options. You could also restock using their food selection if you get hungry. The Lab Coffee is one of the cool coffee shops in tampa. 

Location: 1703 W State St, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-2pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-2pm 

Website: thelabcoffee

Cafe Con Leche Ybor City

Are you looking for coffee shops near Tampa airport? Cafe Con Leche Ybor City is close to the Tampa airport, feel free to stop by for a great cup that would make you want more. Yes, this is a great place to get coffee. You can make it to your flight on time because the line is typically short. I highly recommend this cafe.

Location: Tampa International Airport, Airside C, 4201 Bessie Coleman Blvd #31, Tampa, FL 33607, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 4:30am-7:30pm

Caffeine Roasters

Although the car park is small, the drive-through moves quite quickly. Without a doubt, this place is fantastic. It has a pleasant ambiance and is adorable and welcoming. 

In my opinion, this type of setting is much more conducive to working or relaxing than a noisy coffee shop. The food is delicious and of excellent quality.

Location: 2420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-6pm

Website: https://caffeineroasters.com/

Phone: +1 813-644-7625

DI Coffee Bar

This cafe is an excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you are in Tampa. The staff is really welcoming. When it comes to coffee and pastries, they have several options. 

Inside, there is lots of space, and there is also outside dining. Additionally, they sell gifts, alcohol, and other items. DI Coffee Bar is one of those local coffee shops Tampa has to offer. 

Location: 214 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Thursday 7 am-8 pm, Friday-Saturday 7 am-10 pm, Sunday 8 am-6 pm

Phone: +1 813-915-5998

HotWax Coffee Shop, Kava Bar & Tap House

If you are looking for late night coffee shops Tampa has to offer, this is one of them. Hotwax Coffee Shop opens its doors at 10am and closes by 12am, they even go as far as 2am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. 

The cafe is pleasant, and the people who create the delicious drinks are energetic, full of personality, and constantly upbeat. There are numerous entertaining, engaging theme nights, including karaoke on Sundays and trivia on Wednesdays. 

A Tampa 24 hour coffee shop doesn’t exist, Hotwax is the closest you would find if you’re looking for a late night coffee shop. 

Location: 1522 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, United States

Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-12am, Friday-Saturday 10am-2am

Website: hotwaxcoffeeshop

Phone: +1 813-442-4210

Buddy Brew Coffee

Tampa Bay’s classic coffee roaster is Buddy Brew, a family-owned coffee shop firm that has eight well-known cafés spread out over several locales; it was founded in 2011. In accordance with their motto, “Brew Good, Do Good,” they always obtain top specialty grade coffees fairly and sustainably by developing close bonds with growers. 

Their baristas carefully handcraft your espresso beverages and prepare your drip coffee using cutting-edge machinery. Fresh pastry, vegan doughnuts, sandwiches, herbal teas, and craft beer are also available. This is one of the top coffee shops in Tampa.

Location: Buddy Brew Coffee, 2020 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:00pm

Website: buddybrew

Phone: +1 813-258-2739

Zeal Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops In Tampa

Here’s one of the new coffee shops Tampa has to offer.  Zeal Coffee roasts its beans without oven roasting them like so many other Brewers, which results in exceptional coffee quality. Every cup of coffee retains the distinctive flavor of the beans as a result. 

The staff members who work behind the counter are amazing, amiable, and fun to talk to. You will truly appreciate the calm environment and friendly individuals.

Location: 1703 W State St, Tampa, FL 33603, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-2pm

Website: zealcoffeeroasters

Phone: +1 813-602-1652

Victory Coffee

Tampa, Florida’s Channel District is home to the Victory Coffee & Tea Bar. Freshly roasted coffee, espresso drinks, specialty teas, gourmet sandwiches, and baked goodies are available at this neighborhood cafe. 

The shop is located in an area with few options for morning breakfast, so it’s a win-win for the neighborhood. 

Location: 101 N 12th St, Tampa, FL 33602, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-2pm

Website: victorycoffeetampa

Phone: +1 813-223-9539

Ginger Beard Coffee

A genuine gem in the area is Ginger Beard. The two local owners are constantly available and serve the greatest coffee, cold brew, and some of the best lattes and cappuccinos in the area. They offer locally sourced snacks on particular days. 

Many residents work or catch up with pals at the café in the morning. Ginger Beard has a fantastic neighborhood vibe.

Location: 1208 E Kennedy Blvd #112, Tampa, FL 33602, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-2pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-12pm

Website: gingerbeardcoffee

Phone: +1 813-434-0795

Coffee Speaks N Tea Talks

One of the best black owned coffee shops tampa fl has to offer! The restaurant boasts a relaxing ambiance, lovely furnishings, and mouthwatering cocktails! Employees are kind and offer top-notch support

You also get to listen to soothing jazz music while enjoying your cup of coffee. I would highly recommend visiting Coffee Speaks N Tea Talks. 

Location: 19651 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647, United States

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-2pm, Saturday 9am-12pm, Sunday (Closed)

Website: coffeespeaksnteatalks

Phone: +1 813-528-8863


Where is Arco Iris coffee shop in Tampa?

The best Cuban restaurant in Tampa, Florida, is definitely Arco Iris. It is located at 4001 N Habana Ave, Tampa, FL 33607, USA.

Is there a bikini coffee shop in tampa?

I have had many friends ask me for directions to the bikini coffee shop tampa, here’s an answer for all; There isn’t a bikini coffee shop in Tampa, however, there’s one in Tempe, mesa, peoria, and Good year in Arizona. 

Are there any coffee shops for sale in tampa?

Yes, there are a few listings available for coffee shops available for sale in Tampa, you can check them out if you want to own a business in Tampa. 


So, there you have it—the best coffee shops in Tampa. The one thing these places have in common is that they’re all pretty damn good. I know that conflicts with the headline a little bit, but we wanted to be upfront about our bias. Even so, I think everyone can agree that Tampa has a great selection of coffee shops from which to choose—and this is just scratching the surface. Whether you love pour overs or lattes (or probably even flat whites), there’s a shop here for you.

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