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Super Delicious 21 Best Dairy Free Starbucks Drinks

What do you think about Starbucks? Coffee, I guess. The great thing about this coffee chain shop is that you can get many drinks. You can drink milk, coffee, juices, and other coffee-based beverages.

If you are a vegetarian or lactose intolerant, the ideal way to go is dairy-free drinks. Best dairy free Starbucks drinks are in plenty, which I will cover. They are healthy and delicious to ensure you taste the finest life.

What are Starbucks ingredients that contain dairy?

Well, cow milk is an automatic dairy product. However, other ingredients have milk or butter. These are some of the ingredients that contain dairy products.

  • Caramel Brulee Sauce
  • 125 Ped Cream
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Caramel Drizzle
  • Cinnamon Dolce Topping
  • Dark Caramel Sauce
  • Frappuccino Chips
  • Whipped Cream
  • White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
  • Eggnog
  • Pistachio Sauce

Amazingly, any drink that uses cow milk is easy to substitute and add plant-based milk. The Starbucks non dairy options include coconut, almond, soy, and oat milk.

It is also essential to know some milk like oat has gluten which is also a concern.

Tips when ordering non-dairy Starbucks drinks.

  • If you don’t consume cow milk, remember to change the milk on the menu to plant-based milk.
  • There are different plant milk options as well as sauces. Know when to add your favorite milk or sauce.
  • If you are allergic to gluten, skip oat milk.
  • When you are into Frappuccinos, skip milk and cream, they are still yummy
  • For your favorite drink with milk and whip, substitute with soy, oat, coconut, or almond milk.
  • Honey-based drinks and smoothies aren’t vegan-free but are non-dairy.

Which are the 21 best dairy free Starbucks drinks?

This list provides some of the best non-dairy drinks you should add to your order. They are fulfilling and healthy with low-fat plant milk.

1. Coconut Milk Latte

Just like your regular latte, you can also enjoy a tasty one without animal milk. The drink boasts espresso shots, coconut milk, and sweetener, making it remarkable.

2. Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

The iced chocolate almond milkshake espresso is tasty and refreshing. This drink boasts espresso shots; add chocolate malt powder and ice. Results from the shaken drink are not explainable due to flavor and texture, especially when served with ice cubes.

3. Honey Almond Milk Flat White

Almond milk tastes lovely. Honey almond milk flat white is a drink you will drink with a big smile. The milk makes a perfect match with the blonde roast from ristretto shots. It’s one of the gluten and dairy free Starbucks drinks.

4. Flat white

If you love flat whites, this drink is easily customizable. You can choose either of the four steamed plant milk, resulting in your best tasting flat white.

5. Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato is super easy to customize. Instead of animal milk, you need to switch to coconut, almond, or soy milk. The drink still tastes fantastic.

6. Golden Ginger Drink

Usually, this drink is made using coconut milk, pineapple, ginger, and turmeric. The combination of different flavors ensures you will consume this drink repeatedly.

7. Iced Pineapple Matcha

Are you a fan of tropical drinks? Iced pineapple matcha is the right deal. Comprising green tea matcha, pineapple, coconut milk, and ginger, it’s a perfect vegan-based drink for summers

8. Pink Drinks

The next lactose-free Starbucks drink is pink drinks. This drink has low caffeine, making it superb for kids and adults. Also, the coconut milk, acai, strawberries, and passion fruit flavors add a new mouthwatering taste.

9. Violet Drink

This drink from Starbucks is incredible and worth sipping. The healthy ingredients ensure unmatched benefits. A combination of coconut milk, berry hibiscus refresher, and then swirled together. As a result, the drink attains blackberry and tart hibiscus flavor.

10. Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

Tropical juices are amazing. Iced guava passion fruit drink. It’s icy and features coconut, pineapple, guava juice ginger blended to achieve a smooth and consistent texture.

11. Steamed Milk

Shocked? You don’t need to be. Steamed milk is available in the non-dairy option. The available milk can be coconut, almond, oat, and soy. You can drink it with or without sweetener and other additives.

12. London Fog Tea Latte

The London fog tea latte lets you enjoy great flavor. Once you order the drink, it has early gray tea, plant milk, and vanilla syrup. Even with these simple ingredients, the drink is unmatched.

13. Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino

Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino is a dairy free Frappuccino Starbucks drink that refreshes and boosts your body. The drink combines milk, brewed espresso, and cinnamon dolce syrup. The drink doesn’t need another topping to maintain its non-dairy goodness.

14. Americano (Low-calorie)

Coffee lover, this is your perfect low-calorie dairy free Starbucks drink. It’s a simple yet refreshing drink that contains a shot of espresso and hot water. With low calories and high caffeine, it helps to keep the body and mind relaxed.

15. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate drinks are constantly refreshing regardless of the season. Making this drink with non-dairy ingredients includes plant-based milk and mocha sauce. Even without whipped cream, the drink is breathtaking.

16. Iced Coffee with Milk

The simplest way to enjoy refreshing a drink is to go for the easiest one. That is what happens when you think of iced coffee with milk. Its straightforward menu whereby brewed coffee is added to plant-based milk and ice cubes. It results in a smooth and rich flavor coffee drink.

17. Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Frappuccino

Sugar cookie almond milk Frappuccino remains one of the best Starbucks drinks with almond milk. It resembles a regular milk-based Frappuccino but no whipped cream and dairy milk.

Instead, it has ice and almond milk, coffee Frappuccino syrup, sugar syrup, and red, green toppings. You are going to enjoy each sip with a different experience.

18. Apple Crisp Macchiato

Apple crisp macchiato is a refreshing drink made from a layer of apple combined with brown sugar and a filling of gummy apple pie. Mixed with espresso and nondairy milk, it leaves you enjoying every sip with a strong apple taste.

19. Strawberry acai lemonade drink

One of the fruity Starbucks drinks is strawberry acai lemonade. The juicy drink is made from lemonade, acai strawberry flavors, and caffeine extract from green coffee. The drink is sweet and also boosts your body’s energy.

starbucks non dairy options

20. Iced Chai Latte Tea

Iced Chai latte tastes fantastic. But, what about non-dairy daily chai taste? It’s one of the drinks you should enjoy since it features infused black tea with cinnamon, cloves, and other spices. Instead of regular milk, you add soy or oat milk and enjoy the taste.

21. Dragon Drink

Dragon drink is another drink you can order from Starbucks dairy free food menu. Of course, the drink won’t make you feel like a dragon; it refreshes and raises your mood. It is made by combining mango with dragon fruit flavors and ice, then hand-shaken with coconut milk and freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces.

My take on non dairy drinks at Starbucks

Well, you can find different dairy free drinks at Starbucks. But, you also order customized drinks and still enjoy the experience.

Even as you enjoy these lactose-free Starbucks drinks, it’s good to check on the topping and sauces as they might contain dairy. For instance, does Starbucks caramel have dairy? Well, not all caramel-based sauces contain dairy.

Caramel sugar topping and caramel syrup have no dairy. But, caramel sauce and caramel drizzle have dairy products.

When it comes to juices and coffee, some don’t need milk, making them perfect for veganism. For instance, does pink drink have dairy? It doesn’t have dairy and is available on the Starbucks menu.


It’s possible to get the best dairy free Starbucks drinks without hassle. Whether it’s Frappuccino, latte, or coffee drink with milk, substituting dairy is easy while maintaining great taste.

Apart from coffee and juices, there are other drinks you can get dairy free. However, there are dozens of customized dairy free drinks at Starbucks waiting for you.

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