Best Low Acid Coffee

5 Best Low Acid Coffee on Sale in 2022

If you are a daily consumer of coffee, but the regular acidity and stomach troubles make your days feel erratic, we come bearing the solution to all your problems. Best low acid coffee is the answer to all your acidity-related concerns. This particular type of coffee is prepared in a way that makes your coffee-drinking experience remain phenomenal.

Low acid coffee is prepared from coffee beans that haven’t been overheated and are a light roast coffee compared to regular coffee. The rising popularity of low acid coffee in the market can be attributed to its gentler effect on digestion and high antioxidant content. In addition, these coffees are less acidic, resulting in lower teeth damage.

When it comes to low acid coffee brands, the market is flooded with a plethora of options. From the pretty packaging to the brands celebrities endorse, deciding which coffee to buy can be confusing. So, if you are now confused about which low acid coffee is the best for you, don’t stress yourself out. Here, we bring to you answers to all your doubts.

To narrow down the options for you, we’ve listed the best coffee products in the low acid range, with Fabula being our top recommendation because of its freshly roasted and organic essence.

Crafted using the most delicious and purest coffee beans, Fabula takes our top spot because it is the brand that you can entirely rely on for healthy, organic, and high-grade, low acid coffee. Apart from offering different variations of the coffee, they also allow you to build your customized subscriptions easily and save a huge deal when shopping for their coffees. Thus, they are not only good for your taste buds but also your health. 

Comparison Table

Fabula Low Acid Coffee (Our Top Pick)

best fabula low acid coffee
  • 100% organic and freshly roast

  • Different roasts and coffee types to choose

  • Low acid and mold-free
  • Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

    best lifeboost coffee
  • Non-GMO, Single-origin coffee

  • Shade-grown and sun-dried beans

  • 27.7% less acidic than regular coffee
  • Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Coffee

    Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Coffee
  • Rich taste and fresh roast

  • +25% more coffee in your pod

  • Mold-free, low-acid coffee
  • Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Sampler Pack

    Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Sampler Pack
  • 100% organic coffee in a fully airtight package

  • K-cup made from paper and 100% compostable materials

  • 4 roasts to enjoy
  • Lifeboost Single Serve Coffee Pods

    Lifeboost Single Serve Coffee Pods
  • USDA certified pure organic coffee

  • Pesticide-free and chemical-free product

  • Single-origin antioxidant-rich coffee
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    Fabula Low Acid Coffee: Our Top Pick

    Fabula coffee is single-origin coffee originating from South and Central America. The coffee is sourced in small batches. 

    fabula coffee 50% discount

    Besides, these beans contain high amounts of minerals and other nutrients, preventing many diseases. Also, this coffee is entirely organic and non-GMO with no molds and dirt, making it the best low acid coffee.

    It is available in light, medium, dark, and decaf roasts with packaging available for the choice of whole beans or ground coffee. One bag of Fabula Low Acid Coffee usually yields varied cups of coffee based on one’s brew type and other preferences.

    About the Company

    On a mission to deliver coffee lovers the purest coffee beans, Fabula Coffee results from the research and exploration of the world’s most organic coffee farms. The brand’s primary objective is to manufacture 100% organic coffee and make it accessible to everyone. In addition, Fabula offers freshly roasted coffee beans that are roasted right before shipping. So, when you open the package, you can enjoy the freshness of the coffee’s aroma and flavor. 


    To switch to clean living, switching to clean coffee is necessary too. Organic farming is at the core of Fabula’s manufacturing. Hence, the coffee is sourced by quality organic farmers at high elevations who put their best effort into making it healthy by keeping it free of mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides. Also, as their coffee is produced with low acidity, it prevents digestive system issues. 

    The coffee brand is reckoned to offer Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO coffee beans. They produce smoother and cleaner coffee that is good for you and the environment. Hence, you can enjoy it free of guilt. 

    So now, indulge your senses in the freshness, smoothness, and aromatic flavor with every sip of Fabula low acid coffee. 

    Where to Buy Low Acid Fabula Coffee?

    Many low acid coffee brands have emerged with the increasing demands of low acid coffee. You can purchase a pack for yourself from the brand website or online shopping portals like Amazon.

    When it comes to our top pick, Fabula aces it due to its unmatchable aroma, flavor, and freshness. Besides, the brand is exclusively available online, and you can enjoy a limited-time discount of 50%

    So, buy a combo pack of 3 bags at just $45 and a combo pack of 6 bags at just $90 today! Claim this limited offer now, pay less than $0.50 for one cup of coffee that is friendly to your stomach and supports the environment.

    Fabula Coffee 50% off


    • Item Form: Ground / Whole Beans
    • Roast Level: Dark / Medium / Light / Decaf
    • Composition: 100% Organic Coffee
    • Net Weight: 12oz per Bag

    • Not bitter to taste.
    • Grown through traditional bird-friendly coffee-growing technique, guaranteeing natural and enhanced flavors.
    • Sourced from small coffee farms and traded fairly to support everyone involved in the process.
    • Natural coffee, free from mycotoxin, pesticides, and other synthetic chemicals.

    • Discounted offer is a one-time first customer opportunity. 

    Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

    Lifeboost coffee is one of the USA’s highest-rated low acid coffee brands, with a broad base of regular consumers. It has a pH of 6.0, which is 27.7% less acidic than regular coffee. 

    The coffee is highly healthy made using only clean and pure organic coffee beans. Moreover, the coffee is single-origin shade-dried coffee, guaranteeing health and goodness away from the mix of chemicals and pesticides in the coffee.

    lifeboost best low acid coffee

    Lifeboost’s low acid coffee beans are free of mycotoxins and other chemicals. Hence, they are highly stomach-friendly, causing no harm to your health and saving you from distress.


    • Item Form: Ground / Whole Beans
    • Roast Level: Dark / Medium / Light / Decaf
    • Composition: 100% Organic Coffee
    • Net Weight: 12oz per Bag

    • Pure, clean, and organic ingredients give a rich and smooth flavor.
    • Non-GMO, pesticide, and chemical-free coffee beans.
    • Fairly traded from small farms
    • Highly rated by customers worldwide.

    • Discount of 50% only for first-time customers.
    • The taste might not be palatable to all.

    Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Coffee

    Now, the single-origin Fabula coffee comes in special pods for Keurig machines. Hence, the aromatic coffee is packed in compostable paper K-cups that contribute to eco-friendly ideas. Also, being 100% airtight, the shelf life of each pod is about 3 months.

    Available in 2 roast variations of Medium and Decaf coffee, these pods are exclusively designed to store 25% more coffee when compared to standard k-cups.

    5 Best Low Acid Coffee on Sale in 2022 1 best low acid coffee

    The authentic flavor with the lowest acid levels of this coffee from Fabula reduces stomach cramps and boosts the body’s natural response in resisting various diseases. Presently, the brand offers a 30% discount and free shipping on all K-cup coffee orders for first-time users. So, hurry up and grab the offer today!


    • Item Form: K-Cup Pods
    • Roast Level: Medium / Decaf
    • Composition: 100% Organic Coffee
    • Quantity: 24 Pods per Bag

    • Single-origin, USDA certified natural coffee.
    • Shade-grown and sun-dried ultra-low acid coffee.
    • Compatible with all standard K-cup machines.
    • Environmental-friendly and biodegradable packaging material.

    • Only for single-time use.
    • No subscription-based model is available for this product.

    Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Sampler Pack: Best Value

    This sampler pack from Fabula is a collection of the best hits of K-cup pods containing 4 versions of coffee roasts, namely Dark, Medium, Light, and Decaf, in relatively distinct flavors and aromas. These are sourced from small-scale farmers in an old-fashioned, bird-friendly method, where the best coffee beans are grown in a chemical-free way under the canopy of trees.

    After that, each of these K-cup coffee pods is processed by following the fully-washed and Swiss water method. Also, these cups are entirely airtight to keep your coffee fresh for about 1-year.

    Fabula Low Acid K-Cup Sampler Pack

    These best low acid coffee pods are currently available at 20% or 30% discounts on one-time buying or subscription offers. So, take advantage of these exclusive offers and let the unique flavors of this organic coffee come alive in paper pods, rendering you a flavorful authentic taste.


    • Item Form: K-Cup Pods
    • Roast Level: Light / Medium / Dark / Decaf
    • Composition: 100% Organic Coffee
    • Quantity: 24 Pods per Bag

    • Toxin and chemical-free freshly roasted 4 coffee varieties.
    • Environment-friendly paper packaging of K-cup pods with 13g coffee inside.
    • Keurig-compatible coffee pods.
    • Dirt-free coffee pods are available in customizable quantities.

    • Discount is offered only for subscription-based and new users.
    • Free shipping is available only on orders over $35 for non-subscribers.

    Lifeboost Single Serve Coffee Pods (Buy 4 Get 2 Free)

    This Keurig machines-compatible, compostable coffee pods render a rich blend of taste and health. Grown using non-GMO, traditional methods at elevated areas, this coffee from Lifeboost is tested for mycotoxins, molds, and other heavy metals to prevent health hazards.

    Available in medium, dark, and decaf roasts, the pH value of the coffee in these K-cup pods is proven to be 27.7% less acidic than other regular commercial coffees. Thus, this single-origin coffee is one of the healthiest options that boost the immune system efficiently without triggering your stomach.

    Lifeboost Single Serve Coffee Pods

    These single-serve coffee pods are presently available in a limited-time special offer, where you can buy 4 boxes and get 2 free. So, avail yourself of this offer and get direct delivery of your order right to your doorstep.


    • Item Form: K-Cup Pods
    • Roast Level: Medium / Dark / Decaffeinated
    • Composition: 100% Organic Coffee
    • Quantity: 10 Pods per Box

    • Single-origin USDA certified low acid organic coffee.
    • Has a longer shelf life of 2-years.
    • Enriched with antioxidants, you can enjoy a smooth and fresh cup of coffee.
    • This chemical and pesticide-free coffee is fairly traded for financial aid to farmers.

    • Suitable for single usage only.
    • Free shipping and discount are available only for selected regions.

    What is Low Acid Coffee?

    Low acid coffee is a type of coffee that is less acidic than the regular ones available in the market. 

    When coffee beans are roasted, acids and sugar are formed due to heat absorption. Moreover, other factors like climate, bean variety, level of roast, and processing styles affect the acidic nature of the coffee. 

    Low acid coffee is thus prepared to be a little less acidic by growing them in controlled conditions and managing their pH levels alongside. In addition, the best low acid coffee is grown in small farms and sun-dried, not in any factory machinery, making it natural and organic.

    Coffee Acidity

    There exists a scientific base to the hype over low acid coffee. A regular cup of coffee has a pH of 5, making it highly acidic. On the other hand, a low acid coffee goes a point down and is usually around pH 6. 

    What Types of Coffee are Low Acid?

    Many types of coffees are available that are low acid in nature. 

    Firstly, there is dark roast coffee which is usually shade-dried or sun-dried and roasted at high temperatures to minimize the acidity in the coffee. 

    Secondly, there is the option of brewing espresso beans as it also helps reduce the acid through filtering. 

    Lastly, you can opt for a cold brew that reduces the bitterness of the coffee alongside reducing the acidic nature of coffee. 

    where to buy low acid coffee

    Factors to Consider Before Buying

    Consider the following factors before choosing an affordable organic mold free coffee.

    Location of Plantation

    The location where the coffee beans have been grown plays a vital role in determining the beverage’s acidity. Thus, choosing coffee from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Guatemala, and Sumatra is recommended.

    Type of Roast

    Ensure that the coffee is either medium-roasted or dark-roasted; otherwise, the acidic nature would not be reduced.

    Type of Coffee Beans

    Keep an eye out for the type of coffee beans being used. Robusta coffee is commonly used due to its adaptive flavor, but it is mixed with many acids. Thus, it is advisable to opt for Arabica coffee beans.

    How to Make Low Acid Coffee?

    If you wonder how to brew the perfect cup of low acid coffee, here is a guide for you.

    Cold Brew

    For opting for a cold brew method, prepare a food-grade fine mesh bag and add to it the coffee. Secure it tightly and place it in a pitcher full of water. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and extract the mesh bag in the morning. Then, enjoy the cold brew by pouring it into a glass filled with ice.

    Hot Cup of Coffee

    To prepare a perfect cup of hot low acid coffee, you need to prepare a coffee concentrate similar to how you would brew it with a regular coffee. Once it’s done, mix one part of coffee concentrate with one part of boiled water. Finally, mix well and add sugar or honey as per your taste.


    It is usual for people trying out the new variety of low acid coffee to have plenty of doubts. Thus, we’ve come to answer the most common doubts.

    Is light roast coffee less acidic?
    No. Lighter roasted coffees are not less acidic, as opposed to popular beliefs. Coffee is naturally acidic, and light roasting coffee beans does not affect their acidic properties. Thus, medium roast or dark roast methods are used to bring down the acidity of coffee.
    What is the best low acid coffee?
    The coffee brands mentioned above, including Fabula Coffee, Puroast Coffee, Java Planet Coffee, and Lifeboost Coffee, are some of the best low acid coffees to try.
    Is low acid coffee healthy for regular consumption?
    Sure. Any good brand of low acid coffee is healthy for regular consumption as it is safer for you in terms of digestion, antioxidant properties, and tooth health.
    Is Fabula coffee legit?
    Yes, Fabula coffee is a legit option for coffee lovers. The brand offers good quality, Certified USDA Organic, and Non-GMO coffee beans while promising Fair Trade. The anticipated taste, fantastic aroma, natural flavor, and health values of Fabula coffee renders the best coffee experience.

    The Verdict

    Low acid coffee is a must-have for everyone with its high nutritional values and lower health risks. However, even though low acid coffee is a way to go for those who struggle with the consequences of having coffee every day through distress and deteriorated health, there is no questioning that Fabula Low Acid Coffee is the best choice from the list mentioned. 

    It is a good option for everyone and caters to the needs of various consumers. The awareness for the consumption of low acid coffee is increasing day by day through multiple studies and research of this product, and the range served by Fabula is a promising one. 

    Our Top Pick

    Fabula Low Acid Coffee

    Fabula low acid coffee is, without a doubt, the best choice for those looking for a perfect low acid coffee brand. Its goodness of nutrition and flavor of caffeine will keep you craving for more.

    fabula coffee 50% discount
    • It can be prepared without milk, sugar, or creamer due to its intrinsic rich and sweet flavor.
    • It is a mycotoxin free coffee that saves you from immunity and inflammatory problems.
    • It can be used in almost every coffee preparation, like cold brew and cappuccino.