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15 Best Refreshers at Starbucks & Do Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Are you heading to Starbucks to grab a coffee? Wait a minute; you can also grab a refresher drink and beat the hot weather. Yes, there are a lot of fruity drinks available in all Starbucks locations loaded with great benefits.

To keep your body refreshed, let me take you through the best refreshers at Starbucks that are super healthy.

Before we proceed, we need to understand some facts about these refresher drinks.

What is a refresher drink at Starbucks?

Refreshers are drinks with low caffeine made of fruit juice, water sugar and extract of green coffee. Besides, the drinks are o pickled with freeze dried fruits.

What is in a Starbucks refresher?

Usually, the ingredients in refresher drinks depend on the drink. However, the most common ingredients are fruit juice base, water, green coffee extracts and freeze-dried fruits.

What are the available flavors for Starbucks refreshers?

There are several flavors available for refresher drinks. Some of the flavors you will experience include.

  • Mango dragon fruit
  • Kiwi starfruit
  • Strawberry acai
  • Lemonade/ lime

Do Starbucks refreshers have caffeine?

Refresher drinks are incredible and provide a pinch of caffeine. A standard Grande cup comes with a caffeine content of 45mg. For large cups like Trenta, it contains 90 mg.

 If you compare refresher drinks caffeine with other drinks at Starbucks, you realize they have some of the lowest content.

This chart summarizes the caffeine in some popular Starbucks beverages.

DrinkCaffeine in mg (Grande)
Refresher drinks45
Caffè Americano225
Caffe Mocha175
Caramel Macchiato150
Molten Chocolate Latte      185
Hot Chocolate         25
Cold Foam Cold Brew        205
Salted Cream Nitro270
Caramel Frappuccino100
Mocha Frappuccino110
Iced Latte150
Iced Caramel Macchiato150
Iced Coffee  165

As you can see from the table, only hot chocolate has lower caffeine than refresher drinks. However, for drinks without caffeine, lemonade has zero caffeine.

How to order refresher drinks?

Ordering refresher drinks at Starbucks should not be complicated. Once you know how to order your drink, it will be easy to get your best drink.

Plain drink

Plain drinks don’t have a lot of additives. They have a base drink as the main ingredient. The base drink is diluted by super filtered water, and you can top with fruit inclusion of your choice. Pieces of ice ensure the drink is chilled.

Refresher with lemonade

Just like other drinks, refreshers are also customizable to your preference. One of the ways to enjoy it is by adding a lemonade pinch. Lemonade blends well with a variety of drinks like strawberry iced tea. There are many Starbucks lemonade refresher drinks you can order.

Coconut milk blended refreshers

If you want to experience tropical refreshments, adding coconut milk to your refresher drink is superb. Some of the drinks you can get with coconut milk are coconut lime, pink drink and others.

15 most refreshing Starbucks drinks

When you want to have an easy time when at Starbucks, I’m going to list and describe some of the drinks. They are pretty simple to order as some are on the menu and others easy to customize.

1. Star drink

Star drink is one of the refreshing options you can get at Starbucks. The drink is on the menu and features ice cubes, Kiwi Starfruit base and coconut milk and shaken together. Besides, the drink is topped with freeze dried Kiwi fruit pickles.

With Kiwi flavoring, it’s a drink that ensures your day is super refreshed.

2. Rose gold refresher

You can’t get a rose gold refresher Starbucks menu. However, you can still request the drink easily. The rose gold drink is not only tasty but healthy and worth a summer refresher.

To get this drink, order mango dragon fruit, add a peach juice, and raspberry and vanilla pump each. Enjoy the drink.

3. Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Are you willing to try a new drink at Starbucks? Raspberry peach lemonade is an excellent drink with outstanding flavor. The blended peach, like, and peach flavors are heavenly.

 To order the drink, get lemonade and add 3 pumps of raspberry. Then, add peach juice, and you can try a scoop of strawberries. Tell the world how that drink tastes.

4. Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers

This drink is ready and waiting for you, it’s just ordering, and you are good to go. It comprises ice, Kiwi Starfruit refresher base and lemonade.

In the shaken drink, you can add a scoop of strawberries. Chilly and fresh lime flavor leaves your mouth yearning for more sip.

5. Pink drink

A visually appealing drink is always winning people’s hearts. Pink drink with its funny-looking pink color is more than you expect. The drink is a result of the mixing of great-tasting ingredients.

Available on the Starbucks refreshers menu, it contains sweet-flavored iced Strawberry acai refreshers. The refresher base offers a passion accent. To the base drink, add coconut milk and freeze dried strawberries. Finish the drink by mixing with coconut cream. The feeling is just incredible.

6. Starbucks Dragonfruit Drink

Dragon drink is one of the best fruity Starbucks drinks available on the menu. You can get it in all cups hence ideal for cooling your appetite.

The drink is impressive since it is composed of refreshing mango and dragon fruit flavors. The mixture is hand-shaken with coconut cream and ice, topped with dragon fruit pieces. It packs a perfect sense of a tropical drink experience.

7. Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers Drink

Mango Dragonfruit refresher with lemonade is an ingenious drink that offers a great experience of flavors and refreshment. The good thing is you can order it at Starbucks; hence no hassles.

The ingredients that make this drink include a lemonade mixed with sweet mango plus dragon fruit tang. The mixture is added with some ice and hand shaken with coconut milk and freeze dried dragon fruit pieces.

8. Gummy Bear Refresher

Are you thinking of trying an off the menu refresher drink? The gummy bear drink is a perfect pick. The creative drink offers a thrilling taste, and level refreshment is astonishing.

On the menu, order a strawberry acai refresher, add peach juice and two pumps of raspberry syrup. Enjoy your new super tasty drink. For best taste, don’t add water or inclusions.

9. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

Lemonade is one of the tasteful drinks that always thrill regardless of the season. Starbucks blended strawberry lemonade is a super appealing refresher drink.

To have the drink, lemonade, ice and strawberry puree are blended. The resulting mixture is super refreshing and offers an excellent body boost. With smooth and slushy nature, make the drink one of the best for summers.

10. Violet Drink

If you have tried the pink drink, why not taste the violet drink too? Apart from the refreshing nature, the glass also has a significant energy boost.

To achieve the drink, its ingredients are very berry hibiscus refreshers shaken with creamy coconut milk. Ice is introduced, mixed and finished with freeze dried blackberries. Results are lovely, and you get a blackberry-flavored violet-looking drink.

11. Orange drink

The great thing about the Starbucks menu is you can play around with it to create your unique drinks. Orange drink is one of the creative results of Starbucks customers.

Unlike the orange drink from the orange fruits, Starbucks orange drink has black tea lemonade as the base drink. Then add peach tea and a splash of soy milk. Results are unexplainable; the refresher can only be described as incredibly awesome.

12. Kiwi Starfruit Refresher Drink

Another drink that is top ranking at Starbucks is Kiwi Starfruit refresher. The real kiwi fruit and starfruit flavors combine to ensure a fulfilling drink.

Starbucks mixes Kiwi starfruits refresher base, ice water, and freeze-dried kiwi pieces to get this drink. When the drink is handshaken, it results in a mouth-watering beverage. Check my complete kiwi Starfruit refresher review.

13. Fuzzy Peach Refresher

As you think about what drink to order at Starbucks, it’s time to try Fuzzy Peach Refresher. It’s a drink you won’t find on the menu, but all ingredients needed are present. To make the drink, you need to order a mango dragon refresher, the base. Don’t add water nor inclusion; instead, add half-pinch juice, a double pump of vanilla syrup and a splash of coconut milk. There you have your never drunk fuzzy peach drink.

14. Firecracker Ombré Drink

 The name of this drink sounds funny. Forget about the name; the drink is exceptional and provides the best experience you can think of.

The drink mixing involves mango Dragonfruit lemonade refresher. Don’t add any inclusion into the base drink. Next is a pump of raspberry syrup followed by lemonade.

Raspberry syrup and lemonade and premixed the poured over the ice. Mix the iced mixture and base refresher, then top up with iced passion tango tea. The drink is ready to cool and refresh your throat.

15. Sour Patch Kids Refresher

It’s time to surprise your kids with a new refresher drink they have never heard of at Starbucks. Well, here comes Sour Patch Kids Refresher, which is easy to formulate but highly refreshing.

The drink mixing involves strawberries, acai lemonade mixed with raspberry and classic syrup 3 pumps each. Top your drink with iced passion tango tea. Let the drink drain down the throat smoothly.

does strawberry acai have caffeine

Starbucks refresher drinks fun facts

As you enjoy the refresher drinks, there are some facts you should know. Some of these fun facts are summarized below.

All Starbucks refresher drinks are hand shaken. Unlike other drinks that require blending, these only need handshaking. However, lemonade strawberry drink is the only blended drink.

  • Most refresher drinks contain caffeine. However, the caffeine is extracted from green coffee. Therefore, you won’t notice any coffee flavor in the drinks.
  • All the refresher drinks are sweetened; you can’t order unsweetened. However, you can choose your sweeter from cane sugar, stevia, honey and Splenda.
  • Inclusions are natural freeze-dried fruits. Every drink has 1 or 2 scoops of inclusion, but you can request more in your taste. Like syrup, additional scoops will be paid for.
  • Water used for making refresher drinks at Starbucks is triple filtered.
  • Starbucks’ most popular refresher drinks are Pink drink and Strawberry Açaí Refresher.

 Are refresher drinks suitable for kids?

One of the key concerns when ordering a drink is the presence of caffeine.

Most people think that refresher drinks are the perfect choices and have no caffeine. But the reality of the matter is they contain some caffeine, although not as much in other drinks.

Looking at things from a broad perspective, kids consuming caffeine isn’t against the law. However, from a health perspective, caffeine isn’t recommended for kids.

Before you buy a refresher drink, remember that every refresher drink has about 45mg of caffeine for a Grande cup. According to experts, a kid aged 4-6 years has recommended caffeine intake of 45mg daily.

Therefore, refresher drinks seem to be for kids’ consumption.

Emerging questions

How much caffeine is in a refresher?
Well, it’s a fact that refresher drinks contain caffeine. However, the level of caffeine differs depending on the cup. This is caffeine content across the Starbucks cups.
● Tall 35 mg
● Grande 45mg
● Venti 70mg
● Trenta 90 mg
Secret Starbucks refresher drinks might have a different level of caffeine than official drinks.
Does strawberry acai have caffeine?
Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, all refresher drinks have caffeine, and strawberry acai isn’t an exception. The drink has standard caffeine per cup, as indicated in the question above.
Is there caffeine in Starbucks refreshers?
Starbucks refreshers have caffeine but not as much as coffee beverages. Surprisingly, they have more caffeine than chocolate and tea beverages.
How does Starbucks refresher drinks taste?
Typically, the taste is diverse, but they have natural tastes due to using real fruit inclusion. The flavor differs and corresponds to the main refresher base.
Sometimes, the flavor is a combination of different ingredients.


In summary, we have seen several of the best refresher drinks at Starbucks. You can order the official drinks or customize ingredients to achieve a satisfying tropical drink.

The presence of caffeine in these drinks makes them great for refreshing. Also, due to the low level of caffeine, they are great for everyone.

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