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List of 21 Healthy Starbucks Drinks For Kids (Caffeine Free)

Can kids drink coffee? Health experts don’t recommend this due to the caffeine. However, Starbucks drinks for kids are part of the menu worth considering. Kids can also enjoy healthy and refreshing drinks as you enjoy your favorite coffee. 

The fantastic thing with the Starbucks kids menu is they are customizable to make sure outstanding refreshments. 

If you want to kickstart your kids’ day with a healthy drink, here is a list of 21 drinks for kids. 

1. Babyccino 

Well, babyccino sounds like a cappuccino for kids. Yes, it is, only that it lacks espresso. Instead, you can add a caramel shot to update its look and taste. 

Do you know babyccino is an off-menu drink? Now you know. Then it’s the time to surprise young ones with this fantastic kid ‘cappuccino.’ 

2. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

You are wondering what to add to your kids’ menu? It’s time to try peppermint white chocolate from Starbuck. Especially if your kids have a special attraction to peppermint, the drink will leave them yearning for more. 

The drink has milk plus white chocolate mocha sauce and 4 pumps of peppermint syrup. Starbucks kids’ size cup ensures the correct quantity. 

3. Hot chocolate 

If it were for adults, you would get it steaming hot. But since it’s for your kids, hot chocolate is available in warm servings. 

Consisting of low-fat milk, 2 pumps of mocha sauce, and whipped cream, every sip leaves the mouth watery. A variety of toppings and flavors are available. 

4. White Hot Chocolate 

Kids and chocolate are inseparable. That is why white chocolate is a good Starbucks drink for kids. It’s a hybrid of steamed milk and white chocolate mocha sauce with whipped cream and sweetener of your choice.

Being a low fat, caffeine-free, and kid-sized cup, it’s one of the best menus for any kid. 

5. Steamers 

There is nothing as moving as Starbuck steamers. Specifically, ones designed for kids are healthy and captivating. 

Steamers are simple but refreshing drinks consisting of steamed milk and sweetener syrup. And, with a variety of sweeteners available, you can choose the best for your baby. 

But, wait,  what is the kids temperature for Starbucks drinks? There is no need for an alarm; kid drinks are available at safe temperatures of 130F.

6. Milk 

People only think that coffee is the only drink available in Starbuck. However, milk is a great drink especially for kids to consider on your menu. 

The milk is always low fat and available as a whole, soy, oat, and breve. You order it minus customization or add chocolate mocha Sauce for more taste. 

7. Lemonade 

Lemonade drinks are not only healthy. They are refreshing, especially during summers. Lemonade is one of the best Starbucks drinks for kids without any additives. 

The drink only consists of lemon juice and sweetener syrup which offers the best refreshment. Adding a few ice cubes helps to beat the summer heat. 

8. Strawberry lemonade drink 

The best way to explore the Starbucks kid’s menu is to try new drinks. Strawberry lemonade drink is nutrient packed. Blended from strawberry syrup and lemonade, it’s worth ordering frequently. 

With a 12 oz cup, kids enjoy a great dose of sweetness and vitamin C. It’s evident nothing beats this blended drink. 

9. Coconut strawberry lemonade 

What tastes better than blended fruit juices? This is what your kids get when you order this drink. 

The drink consists of strawberry with lemonade and 2 pumps of coconut syrup. It’s a perfect bet that kids will live to cherish and remember. Adding coconut flakes will take the experience to heaven. 

10. Coconut lime refresher drink 

One of the best things about Starbucks drinks is they are easy to customize. Coconut lime refresher drink is one off-menu option. However, it’s an amazing one with a natural taste. 

Made from coconut milk and lime slices, and classic syrup, you will never leave ordering it. 

11. Horizon organic milk chocolate 

Trying a new menu should be your habit. This horizon organic chocolate is the best Starbucks drink for kids that should top your list. 

Usually chilled at Starbuck refrigerators to maintain freshness, it’s an excellent and tasty drink when warmed up for kids. 

12. Pink drink 

Colors never lie. Pink drink is the perfect definition of refreshment. Being one of the popular options, it has coconut milk and strawberry puree. 

Besides the fancy color, its nutrients powerhouse. The drink is available on the menu, and it’s worth trying. 

13. Purple drink 

If you love exploring secret recipes in Starbucks, Purple drink is the next big thing to try. Loved by lids, it offers mouthwatering flavor and substantial health benefits. 

The drink is a blend of passion iced tea, vanilla syrup, soy milk, and raspberries. Results are purple-looking, eye-catching kids drink. 

14. Pistachio Crème Frappuccino 

Wondering whether there are kid-friendly Starbucks Frappuccino? A short answer is. Pistachio crème Frappuccino is an excellent and satisfying drink you will always want to order. 

Blended from ice, crème Frappuccino syrup, whipped crème, and pistachio sauce. Optional toppings ensure the drink delivers perfect body restoration. 

15. Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino 

 Having the best chocolate drinks at Starbucks isn’t rocket science. The menu allows you to play around with ingredients and get your uplifting soul drinks for your children. 

This chocolate cookie crumbles crème Frappuccino always meets your expectations. Chocolate cookie grind topping leaves kids salivating when they think about the drink. 

16. Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino 

 Another yummy drink your kids can’t get enough is Double chocolaty chip crème Frappuccino. Despite its look, it has no espresso shots. Instead, it boasts chocolate chips and mocha sauce. 

Even without customization, the drink is already refreshing. Since it’s super appealing, the drink comes in 3 sizes. 

17. Vanilla Frappuccino 

Of all flavors, which can beat vanilla? Starbuck vanilla crème vanilla is probably the best taste your kids will never forget. It’s not a complicated drink and is available on the menu. 

The compositions include milk, ice, Frappuccino syrup, and whipped cream. Powder vanilla gives it a heaven on earth feeling. 

18. Iced Passion Tango Tea 

 You might be wondering, does Starbucks have boba tea? The good thing is they have Iced passion tango tea, which offers refreshment and exceptional body benefits. 

Suitable for kids, it doesn’t have caffeine. The tea is made from hibiscus infusion and ice. It’s a perfect way to boost baby health. 

19. Iced brown sugar oat milk 

 For lactose intolerant kids, you can offer them an iced brown sugar oat milk drink. This lip-licking drink is cool and smooth, having simple ingredients. 

The combination of oat milk, brown sugar syrup, and flavor make it a jaw-dropping kids choice. 

20. Blended bottle juice 

 Many people do not know that you can have bottled juice blended for kids at Starbuck. Many blending options make them more nutritious and appealing to kids. 

Next time ordering a drink for babies try a blended bottled juice. You might be asking what Starbucks bottle drinks for kids.They are available in kid sizes, around 11fl oz.    

21. Steamed vanilla milk 

Do you get confused about what to order for kids when in a coffee shop? One easy-to-remember steamed vanilla milk. With unforgettable taste, kids seem never to get enough of it. Therefore, you can order tall, grande, or venti. 

What are the top 10 best Starbucks drinks for kids? 

  • Babyccino
  • Hot chocolate
  • Peppermint White Hot Chocolate
  • Steamers
  • Lemonade
  • Pink drink
  • Vanilla Frappuccino
  • Iced Passion Tango Tea 
  • Pistachio Crème Frappuccino
  • Iced brown sugar oat milk


If you are tired of giving your kid the same drink repeatedly, it’s time to explore the unlimited Starbucks kids’ menu. With numerous drinks, you can always get simple ones or customized drinks. Specifically, the featured starbucks drinks for kids are spectacular.

Next time you get into a coffee shop, it’s time to unleash your prowess in ordering kids Starbuck drinks without any hassle.

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