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19 Best Starbucks Syrup Flavors Available in All Stores Worldwide Explained.

One thing I have observed in Starbucks is the wide range of syrups. These ingredients are excellent and enable drink customizations to offer the best experience. 

Every syrup flavor is unique and offers drinks their spectacular characteristics. Whether it is vanilla, raspberry, or caramel syrup, you can choose suitable for your beverage. 

This guide will share the best Starbucks syrup flavors currently available. Some are available in stores. Therefore, you can purchase syrups for Starbucks copycat drinks

General information about Starbucks syrup flavors 

Starbucks relies on syrups to sweeten drinks. Most syrups and sauces contain sweeteners; hence they flavor and sweeten the beverage. 

Some of the syrups, like pumpkin, are seasonal. You can only get them during specific times of the year. Therefore, some drinks like pumpkin sauce lattes are only limited to some seasons. 

Although some syrups are available for customers, it’s possible to recreate yours at home. There are tons of information available on how to create different syrups. 

Apart from the sweetened syrups and sauces, some are non-sweetened. For instance, you can get regular vanilla syrup or opt for sugar-free vanilla syrups.

The number of syrups at Starbucks isn’t intact. Depending on many factors, the company can introduce or remove certain syrups from the store. 

If you want to buy Starbucks syrups in stores, only selected flavors are available. However, premium ones like pumpkin and cinnamon are not available for sale.  

A list of Starbucks syrups

19. Apple brown sugar

 Apple brown sugar is a seasonal syrup. Therefore, you can only get it at specific times. 

The syrup forms the base for people who love apple crisp macchiato. However, it has a mild and not so sweet flavor. 

Besides the noticeable apple essence, it comes with undernotes of caramel. Being a relatively new syrup, it’s not as popular as others. 

18. Pineapple Ginger Syrup

When you order a pineapple matcha drink, this syrup is used to sweeten it. The syrup is also used for making other fruity drinks due to its strong pineapple flavor. 

Besides, the syrup is great for teas and cocktails. Although it’s not as popular as others, you can try it in various drinks. 

17. Funnel cake syrup 

If you love Frappuccinos, this is one of the syrups you can flavor your drinks with. It’s a sweet syrup that is less popular than the most used ones. 

The main drink known is funnel cake Frappuccino and others. Despite its low popularity, the syrup is perfect for frozen drinks

16. Raspberry syrup 

This fruity-tasting syrup is not as famous as other big names. But, it’s ideal for use in different drinks. It’s refreshing whether you want it to flavor your coffee or your lemonade

Since it contains no artificial coloring, there are no more messy stains encountered. It’s not restricted to drinks and is excellent for coffee and tea. A perfect choice when making Starbucks copycat drinks. 

15. Brown sugar syrup 

Brown sugar syrup is a great way it sweetens your coffee or tea drink. It is a simple syrup made from brown sugar and water, ideal for sweetening different drinks. 

Starbucks brown sugar syrup is a bit new and is now used to flavor many drinks. Whether it’s chai lattes or iced espressos, it’s a promising syrup. 

14. Irish cream syrup 

Perfect for cold drinks, Starbucks Irish cream syrup is seasonal. Made from powerful ingredients, it’s perfect for making Irish cream cold brews. 

Besides, you can also enjoy hot coffees with Irish cream syrup. It is seasonal but worth trying on your beverage. 

13. Dark caramel sauce 

 Like other seasonal syrups, this one is rare and only available seasonally. Starbucks dark caramel sauce is deep and offers sweeter results than regular caramel syrup

Due to its seasonal availability, it’s not used in many drinks. Mainly, it’s used in Dark caramel coffee Frappuccino. 

12. Toffee Nut Syrup

Toffee nut syrup is another not so popular syrup. Available in some seasons of the year, it’s not always available. 

Also, the drinks made from this syrup are seasonal hence the reason it’s not widely popular. Notable drinks you can make from Starbucks toffee nut syrup include Toffee mocha macchiato and vanilla pumpkin nut latte. 

11. Peppermint syrup 

The slightly spicy peppermint syrup is excellent for refreshing and cooling effects. It’s one of the Starbucks syrups for sale, although seasonal. 

With its great taste, you can always enjoy adding it to your drinks. Whether home or from Starbucks, the resulting taste is heavenly. There are numerous drinks like Peppermint mocha and iced peppermint chocolate mocha you can enjoy. 

10. Honey blend 

Honey blend is one of the alternatives to other syrups. Especially for people who love to switch from sugar and other syrups containing dairy products. 

Since the syrup consists of diluted honey with water, it’s a great way to sweeten your drink. However, honey isn’t vegan, although people believe it’s a vegan option. 

9. Sugar-free vanilla syrup 

When you want to enjoy a strong vanilla flavor and taste without sugar, this is the suitable syrup to pick. Although it has a sweet taste, it contains non-nutritional sugar; hence won’t lead to sugar spikes. 

Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is just versatile as regular syrup. It’s great for various drinks. 

8. Cinnamon Dolce Syrup 

Cinnamon dolce syrup is fantastic and one of the popular flavorings at Starbucks. Usually overlooked, the syrup has an excellent use for sweetening drinks like lemonades. 

You can also enjoy cinnamon dolce latte as well as other tasty drinks. The syrup is available in all seasons. 

7. Caramel syrup 

Caramel syrup

Caramel syrup is one of the big names at Starbucks. Found in most drinks, it has excellent taste and creates a unique feeling in a drink. 

The syrup is great for vegans since it’s dairy-free. From iced caramel macchiato to caramel apple spice, there are tons of beverages you can order. 

6. Hazelnut syrup 

The hazelnut syrup from Starbucks is one of the signature syrups that make your drink taste heavenly. The formulation features naturally inspired ingredients for the best experience. 

With nutty essence, hazelnut syrup is perfect for drinks like iced hazelnut coffee. 

5. White Chocolate Mocha Sauce

One of the top-ranked ingredients at Starbucks is the white chocolate mocha sauce. It’s great when you want to get a variety of drinks. 

The most famous Starbucks white mocha sauce-based drink is white chocolate mocha. There are other drinks you can also customize to include this sauce. 

4. Classic Syrup 

 Used to sweeten cold drinks, Starbucks classic syrup is commonly used. Due to its sweet nature, it’s a great alternative to others like cane sugar syrup. 

Also, the unflavored nature means no adulteration of your drink flavor. Made from white sugar, it’s a clear and great sweetener option for most drinks. 

3. Caramel sauce 

Caramel sauce is thicker than caramel syrup. However, it’s one of the great ingredients that make multiple drinks at Starbucks. It is handy, especially when you want iced caramel ribbon macchiato, salted caramel cream cold brew, and others. 

2. Cane syrup 

A lot of people confuse this syrup with classic syrup. They are almost similar but have a slight difference. Starbucks cane syrup is made from pure cane juice. 

The syrup is perfect for sweetening a variety of beverages. Cane liquid syrup is mostly used to sweeten iced teas, although it’s also ideal for other drinks. 

1. Vanilla syrup 

Vanilla syrup is the king when it comes to ingredients at Starbucks. It’s the most commonly used and offers great flavors to drinks. 

Besides being great syrup for sale at Starbucks, you can easily prepare yours at home. It is great for hot and cold drinks as well as other desserts. 

Does Starbucks sell Syrups?

Yes, you can buy different syrups at Starbucks. Most of the syrups available for sale include vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. However, pumpkin, cinnamon, and other premium flavors aren’t available for sale. 

There are different places where you can buy Starbucks syrups. You can always get your favorite syrup in; 

  • Starbucks store
  • Grocery stores
  • Online stores 

What is classic syrup at Starbucks?

Some syrups like classic usually confuse people with cane syrup. But, what is classic syrup? It’s a simple and clear syrup made from white sugar and water. 

On the other hand, liquid cane syrup is made from pure sugar cane juice without water. 

Starbucks sauce vs. syrup 

It’s common to find people confusing Starbucks sauce and syrups. Although they are closely related, they are used for different purposes. 

Starbuck sauces are great ingredients that give drinks bodies. Also, they are great for topping up drinks. In most cases, they are perfect for adding to hot drinks. 

Starbucks syrups are for flavoring drinks. Syrups are essential since they also sweeten drinks. Since they are thinner than sauces, they are great for iced and hot drinks since they are readily distributed. 

Does Starbucks manufacture Syrup? 

Well, the issue of Starbucks manufacturing syrups has been an issue for many customers. However, syrups that Starbucks uses are manufactured by Fontana

Therefore, as for what brand of syrup does Starbucks use, now you can be sure of the actual manufacturer. 

Apart from making these syrups for Starbucks, some are available for home use. 

How much is a pump of syrup at Starbucks? 

 When you are ordering a drink, there is a section where you need to add pump(s) of syrup or sauce. But, if you are making a drink at home, how do you measure a pump of syrup? 

Usually, a pump is equivalent to one fluid ounce or 2/3 of a US tablespoon. 

Starbucks syrup flavors FAQ

what kind of caramel does Starbucks use 

Starbucks has caramel syrup made of sugar, water, natural flavors, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. 

The kind of caramel in use at Starbucks is made by Fontana. 

Does Starbucks have raspberry syrup?

Starbucks does have raspberry syrup. Also, the syrup is available for customers to purchase in different online stores and groceries. 

Does Starbucks have strawberry syrup?

Strawberry syrup isn’t available at Starbucks. However, you can get a strawberry drink by adding strawberry sauce puree and strawberry fruits inclusions. 

Does Starbucks have coconut syrup?

 If you want your drink to have coconut flavors, Starbucks has no straight coconut syrup. However, there are coconut flavored drinks made from coconut milk. 

What brown sugar syrup does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses simple brown sugar made from brown sugar. The caramel and toffee essence is due to molasses traces in the brown sugar. 

Does Starbucks sell cinnamon dolce syrup?

You can get Starbucks cinnamon dolce syrup in stores. The syrup is available for purchase in Starbucks for your favorite cinnamon drink. Also, you can get a sugar free version. 

What chocolate syrup does Starbucks use? 

Starbucks uses mocha sauce which is made from cocoa, sugar and water processed in alkali and natural flavor. However, the sauce differs depending on the drink. 


Having the best Starbucks syrup flavor is a great way to enjoy great drinks at home. Although not all syrups are available for sale, you can prepare copycat syrups at home. 

Whether you want to order a drink with your preferred syrup or make one at home, they make beverages complete. 

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