black ivory elephant poop coffee

Is Black Ivory Elephant Poop Coffee Worth It? Rarest and Most Expensive Coffee Explained

How much can you pay for a cup of coffee? Well, if you can pay any amount, Black ivory elephant poop coffee is perfect. It’s a luxurious coffee that ensures everyone enjoys a sense of luxury. 

With Civet cat coffee attracting criticism due to caging of the cats, elephant poop coffee is looking to change that. I thought the civet coffee was the most expensive until I watched ABC news talking about elephant dung coffee. 

If you feel confused about this coffee, I was at the beginning also. But let’s talk about it and see what it is and its production. 

What is elephant poop coffee?

Black ivory coffee is produced by feeding elephants with ripe Arabica coffee beans collected in the dung. 

When the elephants feed on coffee beans, they are acted on by enzymes and bacteria in the gut, improving the coffee profile. The Black Ivory Coffee Company exclusively produces coffee and is located in Northern Thailand. 

How is black ivory coffee made? 

Well, looking at the elephant dung coffee, it is a bit different from the other Kopi Luwak coffee. In this case, coffee production differs since elephants feed on harvested beans instead of picking them in the coffee bushes. 

The coffee is picked from Arabica bushes while ripe and dried. Afterward, the beans are mixed with mash and fruits to encourage elephants to consume them. After about 3 days, the elephants poop the coffee where it’s recovered from the dung. 

The enzymes in the elephant gut act on the coffee beans, but the hard parchment doesn’t allow physical digestion. Thus, the coffee comes out with improved flavor and overall qualities. 

After collection, cleaning and rinsing follow as well as drying. The cleaning removes dirt, while drying and roasting help kill any organism and give it more flavor. 

What does black ivory coffee taste like?

Black ivory coffee tastes different from regular and other animal poop coffee. According to the black ivory coffee company, the coffee presents a complex flavor of malt, chocolate, spices, and grass. Perfect roasting ensures a smooth taste without a burnt taste. 

Black ivory elephant poop coffee

Benefits of elephant dung coffee

Drinking elephant dung coffee isn’t only sweet but has incredible benefits. According to NPR, coffee offers excellent benefits. Some of these benefits to experience include; 

  • Lower caffeine levels 
  • Smooth sweet, and fruity flavor 
  • Easy to digest due to low acidity 

How to brew black ivory coffee?

If you buy elephant poop coffee, the best thing is to ensure the brewing process is best to offer a classic brew. The good thing is that no unique way is needed to brew coffee. 

You can brew your elephant dung coffee using your favorite method. Whether using a coffee making machine, cold brewing, or AeroPress, any technique can deliver a great brew.

How much is elephant poop coffee?

Black ivory is the most expensive coffee from elephant poop. This is because it’s scarce, and the production process is super slow and cumbersome. To make 1 kilo of this coffee, you need 33kg of fresh coffee beans. That is the reason 1 kilo costs $2500

Where to buy elephant poop coffee?

The best place to buy black ivory coffee with a guarantee of authenticity is from the Black Ivory coffee company. It’s the only company that makes the coffee and only sells to selected high-end restaurants. The easiest way is to order from their webpage. 

Final words 

Undoubtedly, the world’s most expensive and rarest coffee is black ivory elephant poop coffee. The challenging nature of the production process makes it hard to get into regular stores. However, it’s one of the most unique and naturally refined coffee you can get. Since it’s not easy to get it, you should try to get a chance to taste the coffee.