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Blonde Espresso vs. Regular Espresso: Things You Should Know

Regular espresso and blonde espresso are the two preferred beverages of coffee lovers on the planet. If you are one of them, you must know the difference in their tastes to order the right drink that tickles your taste buds.

If you do not have an idea about it but are curious to get an insight into it, the blonde espresso vs regular espresso comparison in this post will guide you through. In addition, I will also cover the other aspects to give you a 360-degree-view on the topic.

What is blonde espresso?

Blonde espresso is the name of a coffee profile that has a light roast. Starbucks has coined this special name for its coffee bean roast profiles. The name of the coffee is blonde for a good reason. By a mere look at its color, you can tell the duration of its roast. When you look at its color, it appears lighter than dark roasted coffee, which has a dark color.

Blonde espresso is known by many other names. These include light roast, blonde roast, and blonde espresso roast. 

How much caffeine is in a blonde espresso shot?

Each shot of blonde espresso consists of 85 mg caffeine. As a result, you can safely conclude that it has more caffeine than other forms of espresso coffee. Speaking of the other espresso coffee forms, white coffee consists of 80 mg caffeine. On the other hand, authentic Starbucks espresso consists of 75 mg of caffeine.

Blonde espresso has similar levels of caffeine to that of cappuccino and latte. Though both have frothed or steamed milk in distinct amounts, they are just a single shot. Due to this feature, both cappuccino and latte belong to the same league of caffeine as blonde espresso.

Is blonde espresso stronger?

is blonde espresso stronger

Now that you know the level of caffeine in a single shot of espresso, you’d be curious to know more about its strength.

Blonde espresso roast involves a distinctive blend of beans. In many ways, it is unique compared to the blend of beans in the other forms of caffeine. That explains why it has an additional amount of caffeine. But, in my opinion, it is stronger than other caffeine variants.

From my experience of tasting blonde espresso, I can tell you that only a passionate coffee lover can note down the subtle differences between Starbucks light roast and other coffee variants. However, when it comes to the espresso at Starbucks, it boils down to its origins in the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Do you consider the technical details of different beverages? If yes, you might know a thing or two about their roasting techniques. Though the strong flavor of some coffee drinks depends on roasting techniques, the same is not true for blonde espresso. It has a strong flavor due to a different reason. It is primarily due to the places in which it grows. At present, the regions where it grows belong to East Africa and Latin America.

Some people associate a higher concentration of caffeine with lighter roasts. They arrive at this conclusion while comparing lighter and stronger roasts. But in reality, it is nothing more than a myth. The level of caffeine in a hot cup of coffee has nothing to do with the intensity or degree of the roast in it. Instead, it depends on the place the coffee beans have been grown, which is evident in the case of blonde espresso.

What is the difference between blonde espresso and regular espresso?

Blonde espresso and regular espresso may sound similar. But in reality, both coffee types differ due to the concentration of caffeine. You will find a higher concentration of caffeine in a single shot of blonde espresso compared to a shot of the regular version. The former has 85 mg of caffeine against 75 mg of caffeine in the latter. 

Contrary to the common perception, this difference is not due to the method of roasting both beverages. Instead, it boils down to the selection of beans in the case of blonde espresso that grow in the Eastern African and Latin American regions.

How to make blonde espresso at home?

At home, you can make espresso with or without the help of an espresso machine. Knowing the latter will come in handy for you if you do not have a machine or when your machine comes across an issue.

If you decide to use an espresso machine, check its quality and make certain that it is authentic. Alternatively, you can also use a Nespresso.

I will explain both methods in detail in the subsequent sections for your convenience. Read on to get an insight into both methods.


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How to make blonde espresso at home using an express machine?

Before you proceed further, you must know that making a blonde espresso with a machine is more commonplace compared to the other method.

If you can arrange an espresso machine, you would conclude the bulk of the task. After that, you need to make some considerations. If your espresso machine does not have a coffee grinder, you need to arrange for one. It is essential as it can make or break the deal for the taste of your homemade blonde espresso drink.

If you want to match its flavor to Starbucks’, you need a Starbucks blonde roast. To get it right, choose a multinational blend of coffee beans. Don’t forget to check the water quality that you use for preparing blonde espresso at home. For best results, consider using clean and filtered water for this purpose.

Now, follow the steps below to brew blonde espresso at home.

  • Detach the portafilter and allow water to run through the machine. This step will help you clear the existing coffee grounds from the machine.
  • Now, fill the portafilter with 15-18 grams of blonde roast coffee. Make certain that you use only finely ground coffee. Clear the portafilter to remove loose ground coffee from it.
  • Before you start pulling shorts in a cup, place the portafilter under its receiver. 
  • When you finish pulling blonde espresso shots, pull out the portafilter. After that, flush its receiver to clear existing coffee grounds to restore its previous state. 

How to make blonde espresso at home without an express machine?

To me, the best part about making blonde espresso at home is that it doesn’t necessitate you to go for an espresso machine. The latter can cost a hefty amount of money and strain your finances, especially if it is unaffordable to you.

No worries, though, as you can accomplish the task with an alternative method. For this purpose, you can either use a Moka pot or a French press. 

As is the case with brewing a hot cup of blonde espresso at home with an espresso machine, you also need to make certain arrangements before you try doing it with a Moka pot. Get the following items handy:

  • Tablespoon
  • Water
  • Stovetop Moka Pot
  • Mug
  • Finely ground Starbucks coffee beans (buy it from their website to get the item with the authentic quality)

Don’t forget to keep the bear the right water concentration in mind. It should be 5 ½ fl oz water per 1 ½ tablespoon of medium ground coffee.

Now, follow the steps below to brew your preferred coffee drink.

  • Pour boiling water until it reaches the safety valve. Allow 30 seconds for it to cool down.
  • Put medium coffee grounds in the brewing basket until it is full. Use 15 g or 1½ tablespoon of coffee for 180 ml or 6 fl oz of each cup.
  • Next, secure the filter and rubber gasket by screwing on the top.
  • Introduce the Moka pot to medium-low heat. Do it until the water in the bottom compartment of the pot reaches its boiling point. After that, the liquid will drip or start falling in drops into the upper section
  • Now, pay attention to a soft bubbling sound. When you hear it, you can conclude that your hot cup of coffee is ready. But be careful not to overheat your beverage as it can dull the flavor.
  • Serve it to enjoy the brewed cup of coffee.

What does blonde mean at Starbucks?

Starbucks is a popular name among the chain of coffeehouses. Therefore, most people consider the flavor of its coffee drinks as the benchmark for analyzing the actual taste of a caffeine drink.

I know for a fact that the meaning of blonde at Starbucks is different from its definition in the other chain of coffeehouses. Starbucks blonde espresso caffeine resembles a medium roast with a dark color. It is a new addition to the menu of caffeine served at Starbucks. While Starbucks was established in 2018, it took close to 4 decades to come up with blonde for coffee lovers

How to order a blonde roast coffee at Starbucks?

You can order blonde roast coffee online on the website of Starbucks. It is the ultimate option to get authentic blonde roast coffee for brewing Starbucks blonde espresso roast at home.

Final thoughts

Apart from an insight into blonde espresso vs regular espresso comparison, I think you should also know about the other aspects of both these beverages. Whether you order your favorite caffeine at Starbucks or make them at home, it will come in handy for you in both situations. After a detailed insight, it’s about time you tried your hand at making blonde espresso at home. All the best!


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