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Everyone loves great meals. But, people are always confused about where to get cheap and quality meals. Buffalo wild wings is the house of chicken wings, appetizers and other tasty delicacies.

Being a casual dining chain restaurant, it is one of the brands with locations across all 50 states. Besides, it offers services outside the US. You can find the brand in Vietnam, Canada, Mexico and other countries. 

If you want to enjoy signature buffalo wings, it’s worth having Buffalo wild wings menu prices. Therefore, you can plan even before setting foot at the restaurant. 

What is Buffalo Wild Wings? 

Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as Bdubs, is a chain restaurant founded in 1982. Founded by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, it started in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. 

According to the hotel’s history, the founders were craving chicken wings, and the idea came. Instead of traveling to New York, the duo decided to open a restaurant in the area. 

Since its establishment, the restaurant has expanded to all US states and internationally. BWW is present in 10 countries. 

Besides the expansion, the restaurant has also improved its menu niche. However, the signature menu is buffalo wings, Shareables, burgers and drinks. 

Buffalo wild wings operating hours 

Knowing their operating time is essential for anyone looking to enjoy meals at BWW. The common question that bothers people is when does Buffalo Wild Wings open. 

The opening time is usually 11:00 am every day from Sunday to Saturday. 

Apart from the opening time, you might also wonder, when does buffalo wild wings close. The closing usually is 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. However, on Sundays, the restaurant closes at 8:00 pm. 

Not only is operation time essential, but you might also be interested in what time does buffalo wild wings stop serving food.

Of course, the food is served within the operating time. Buffalo Wild Wings usually serves food from the opening to closing time. 

Does BWW serve coffee?

When it comes to coffee, people love the beverage. Thus, it can be one of the first questions when entering the restaurant. 

One thing to note is that Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t offer a coffee menu. However, there are other drinks you can enjoy. 

What kind of drinks does Buffalo Wild Wings have? 

Without coffee, you can get various drinks like bottled water, RedBull, Ice Sparkling and beer

Buffalo Wild Wings Summarized 

buffalo wild wings special menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Wings and Tenders Menu

Wings and TendersSize Price 
Cripsy Tenders4 Pcs $8.99
Cripsy Tenders6 Pcs $10.49
Naked Tenders4 Pcs $8.99
Naked Tenders6 Pcs $10.49
Traditional and Boneless Combo$15.99
Boneless WingsSnack $6.79
Boneless WingsSmall $10.99
Boneless WingsMedium $15.99
Boneless WingsLarge $19.99
Traditional WingsSnack $6.79
Traditional WingsSmall $10.99
Traditional WingsMedium $15.99
Traditional WingsLarge $19.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Sandwiches Menu 

Sandwiches Price 
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$9.79
BBQ Chicken Sandwich$9.79
Bayou Po’boy$8.79
Southwest Philly Cheesesteak$10.79

Buffalo Wild Wings Burgers Menu 

Southwestern Black Bean Burger$9.79
Buffalo Bleu Burger$9.99
Cheese Curd Bacon Burger$10.99
All American Cheeseburger$11.29

Buffalo Wild Wings Wraps Menu 

Grilled Chicken Buffalito$8.99
Classic Chicken Wrap$8.99
Pepperjack Steak Wrap$9.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap$9.29

Buffalo Wild Wings Salads Menu 

Salad Price 
Side Salad$4.29
Buffalo Chicken Salad$10.79
Garden Chicken Salad$9.79
Santa Fe Salad$11.29
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.29
Honey BBQ Chicken Salad$10.29

Buffalo Wild Wings Bar Food Menu 

Wings Bar Price 
Buffalo Mac and Cheese$10.29
Chicken Quesadilla$8.29
Street Tacos$5.49
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp$10.49
Cheddar Cheese Curds$9.49
Big Twist Pretzel$8.49
Beer Battered Onion Rings$7.99
Buffalo Chips$5.79
Potato Wedges$5.79
French Fries$5.29
Fried Pickles$6.99
Mini Corn Dogs$6.49
Hatch Chilli Con Queso$7.49
Mozzarella Sticks$7.29
House Sampler$13.79
Chips and Salsa$4.49
Ultimate Nachos$8.79

Buffalo Wild Wings Kids Menu  

Mini Corn Dogs$4.79
Mac and Cheese$4.79
Naked Tenders$5.39
Chicken Tenders$5.39
Traditional Wings$4.79
Traditional Wings$5.39

Buffalo Wild Wings Sides and Extras Menu 

Sides and Extras Price 
Southwestern Ranch$0.60
Sour Cream$0.60
Queso Sauce$0.60
Pico de Gallo$0.60
Jalepeno Peppers$0.60
Carrots and Celery$0.60
Veggie Slaw$3.99
Cheddar Cheese Curds$5.69
Chips and Salsa$4.49
Buffalo Chips$3.79
Mac and Cheese$3.49
Beer Battered Onion Rings$5.39
French Fries$3.49

buffalo wild wings drink menu and prices

Drink Price 
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.79
Bottled Water$1.69
Izze Sparkling Juice$2.49
Red Bull$3.75
Fountain Soda$2.79

Buffalo Wild Wings Desserts Menu 

Loaded Ice Cream$2.29
Cheesecake Bites$4.49
Chocolate Fudge Cake$5.79

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces /side Menu 

Sauces /sidePrice 
Mango Habanero$0.60
Hot BBQ$0.60
Caribbean Jerk$0.60
Thai Curry$0.60
Jammin Jalepeno$0.60
Desert Heat Seasoning$0.60
Asian Zing$0.60
Spicy Garlic$0.60
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning$0.60
Honey BBQ$0.60
Parmesean Garlic$0.60
Lemon Pepper Seasoning$0.60
Bourbon Honey Mustard$0.60
Salt and Vinegar Seasoning$0.60
Sweet BBQ$0.60

Buffalo Wild Wings FAQ 

Why is buffalo wild wings so expensive? 

The reasons why Buffalo Wild Wings is due to the increased cost of production. Also, the quality of the food at the restaurant is the reason prices are a bit higher. 

What are buffalo wild wings specials?

If you want to enjoy buffalo wild wings specials, they are amazing. The special wings are BOGO boneless chicken, traditional and naked wings. 

Where to find my birthday gift buffalo wild wings app?

Buffalo Wild Wings offers birthday gifts to their customers. To qualify, you need to download the app or register online, and you are eligible for a gift. During the birthday month, you get a free snack coupon valid for one month. 

Why is buffalo wild wings called bdubs?

The reason is simpler than most people think. It is an abbreviation of restaurant initials BWW pronounced as ‘Bee-double-you.’ 

When do kids eat free at buffalo wild wings?

Usually, on Mondays, 5 pm-8 pm, kids below 12 years get a free meal for every adult paying for an entrée. Kids can get one of the kid’s meals like cheeseburger slammer and others.

How much is Buffalo wild wings? 

The cost of Buffalo wings depends on the pieces you order. The cheapest wings will cost you around $6.79, while the largest pieces go for $19.99. 

How many ounces are the cups at Buffalo Wild Wings?

The regular cups have 20 Ounces sizes. Mainly, they are used for soft drinks and beer.


Buffalo wild wings is one of the restaurants that provide delicious delicacies. Despite their expensive menu, it’s easy to enjoy their signature meals. Also, with Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices, it’s easy to spot your meal.