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10 Cafes in Istanbul with Best Turkish Coffee

Istanbul, Turkey, it’s one of the sprawling cities in Europe with rich culture, architecture, and coffee. You can’t claim to have stepped foot in Turkey if you fail to visit coffee cafes in Istanbul. 

Apart from the coffee, there are instagrammable cafes that are treading and worth making Instagram captions. 

With coffee having a vast history in Turkish culture, the cafes are popular in the country and beyond. The rise of Turkish coffee has spread worldwide and can be found in many parts of the globe. 

If you are touring Turkey, here is a list of cafes and coffee shops in Istanbul.

Where did Turkish coffee originate from?

Ironically, Turkish coffee originated in Yemen. After it was introduced to Kin Suleiman I, it became much loved by the rulers and noble men of the ottoman empire. 

When coffee was allowed to all people, it became a household beverage. This helped popularize beverage and establishment coffee houses that are today cafes. 

How is Turkish coffee prepared? 

You don’t need to be in Turkey to enjoy Turkish coffee. It’s possible to make your brewed coffee at your home and become part of the Turkish coffee lovers. However, you need to have the following. 

  • Coffee beans or grounded (Arabica or Robusta) Arabica is preferable 
  • Sugar (optional) 
  • Turkish coffee pot (ibrik or cezve) 
  • Tablespoon 
  • Measuring cup 

Preparing the coffee isn’t complicated when you have all the necessary items. It entails adding 2 spoonsful of finely grounded coffee

Boil the mixture for 6 to 6 minutes under medium heat until the foam forms at least 1cm. The good thing is that Turkish coffee can be brewed longer than the stated time. 

The coffee is served with or without sweetener, depending on your preference. 

Is sieving necessary for Turkish coffee? How is it served? 

Unlike other types of coffee beverages, Turkish coffee doesn’t need sieving. However, you don’t drink the sludge. 

Interestingly, the sludge in Turkish culture is sometimes used in fortune-telling, Tasseography. Isn’t that fun? 

Serving Turkish coffee is interesting. Elders are served first. 

Before serving, you sip water to clean their palate. Then, coffee is served in copper Turkish coffee cups. Once through, you clean sludge using water. 

After coffee, you can enjoy a bar of chocolate, candy, or Turkish delight. 

10 best cafes in Istanbul 

If you plan to visit Turkey, here is a highlight of Istanbul’s best cafes and coffee shops

1. Peyk Away Coffee

Peyk Away coffee is one of the famous joints you can chill as you enjoy Turkish coffee. The café has exceptional experience since it offers table service, takeout seating, and outdoor seating. 

Located in Binbirdirek Mah. Peykhane Cad, the café, offers a variety of Turkish dishes. Also, it has an excellent rating in Google and trip advisor. 

2. North Art Coffee

To enjoy unique and never tasted Turkish coffee and other delicacies, North Art Coffee is your perfect choice. The café is located in Sultanahmet Square; it brings all the goodness of surroundings and food. 

Relaxing in this café brings exceptional experience. With a variety of beans to choose from, it’s a chance to enjoy your stay in Istanbul. 

3. Drip Coffee Istanbul 

Drip Coffee Istanbul is famous for exceptional customer services and top-notch food and drinks. Whether you are looking for breakfast or dinner, it’s a great place. 

The café has a relaxing atmosphere, and you will enjoy your delicacies while appreciating the divan literature museum. 

4. Old Java Coffee Roasters Galata

After a busy day exploring Istanbul, finding somewhere to relax is exceptional. Old Java Coffee Roasters Galata is the right spot for morning and evening coffee. 

The coffee shop is located 4 minutes from the famous Galata Tower; it offers different types of coffee. Also, checking the rating, it has 4.5 stars in Google and TripAdvisor. 

5. Cafe Note 

Café Note is another coffee shop with a mouthwatering menu and super friendly customers. Being close to the Museum of innocence, you should also pass there as you head to the café for coffee or meals. 

Besides services, the café offers affordable prices and ample space. 

6. Let’s Make Coffee

Yes, it’s called Let’s Make Coffee and is located in Ağa Hamamı Soka. It’s a busy and appealing café. Interactive baristas and exiting menus leaves you fully satisfied 

Whether it’s exceptional coffee, sandwiches, and other vegan food, you get yummy food. The café opens at 7:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm. 

7. Coffee Sapiens 

Coffee Sapiens boasts itself as one of Istanbul’s leading coffee roasters and brewers. Specializing in coffee, you can have different beverages, including Turkish coffee. 

The café has excellent baristas and high-quality beans for top-notch beverages despite its small nature. The perfect location lets you enjoy coffee and scenery. 

8. Poiká Coffee & Breakfast

 If you are a food blogger looking to get the best Turkish dish and coffee, Poiká Coffee & Breakfast is the place. With a variety of coffee beverages, it’s easy to enjoy some of the delightful drinks. 

The convenient location makes this café perfect for anyone near Firuzaga Mosque. When your body is getting refreshed, the soul will be getting soothing from excellent décor. 

9. Fill Coffee Shop

 Although it’s a small cafe, Fill coffee shop is the absolute pick when touring Istanbul. Providing indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy coffee as you watch people in the street. 

The service and food are exceptional, and this coffee shop has over 4.0 in TripAdvisor and Google. 

10. Çeşme Kahve Coffee & Patisserie

Are you looking for fresh coffee and food in Istanbul? You can’t go wrong when you visit Çeşme Kahve Coffee & Patisserie. The café provides a range of menus which is great for everyone. 

Although it’s a bit far from scenic spots, you will never regret giving it a visit. 

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5 best Turkish coffee cafés in the US 

If you reside in the US, here are some great Turkish cafés where you can enjoy great coffee and other Turkish menus. 

1. Istanbul cafe Centereach 

Istanbul cafe Centereach is a Turkish-styled restaurant located in New York City. There are a lot of menus to choose from; hence a great way to enjoy Turkish recipes. 

2. Cafe Istanbul Alpharetta 

 One of the places where you can enjoy Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine is cafe Istanbul Alpharetta. It’s an excellent café with attractive food and other fantastic customer services. 

3. Cafe Istanbul Albuquerque 

cafe Istanbul Albuquerque is a great place where you can enjoy a variety of Turkish and western-style dishes. Located in Integrity plaza 1410 Wyoming Blvd, their services are incomparable to others. 

4. Istanbul cafe new jersey 

The Istanbul cafe in New Jersey prides itself as one of the restaurants in the US that offer authentic Mediterranean cuisines. With immense experience and qualified staff, it’s a café worth considering in New Jersey. 

5. Cafe Istanbul Kennesaw 

It’s best to try cafe Istanbul Kennesaw when you want a Turkish delicacy experience. It’s a café with a variety of delicacies originating from the Mediterranean. Various Turkish entrees are served here in dine-in, takeaway, or delivery. 


Having great Turkish coffee in cafés in Istanbul is a lifetime experience. Many cafés provide different styles of Turkish coffee. 

Besides great beverages, there are also instagrammable wall cafes in Istanbul where you can enjoy taking breathtaking photos. 

Finally, the pink sugar espresso Instagram page provides some great tips and options for enjoying great coffee. 

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