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Cali Coffee, Where the Premium Coffee Reign; Cali Coffee Menu Prices

Every year, a number of coffee bars and shops keep popping up. Drinking coffee from each of the brands gives you a unique way of appreciating the beverage. Recently, I had an opportunity to enjoy coffee from Cali coffee and I have a lot to share with you. 

The coffee shop is amazing when it comes to services and beverages. Be it coffee or non-coffee, there is a reason why you should try one of their drinks. Before you even get there, I have the latest Cali Coffee Menu Prices. The listing ensures easy and quick spotting of your desired drink and expected cost for planning. 

What is Cali Coffee?

 Well, Cali Coffee might not be as famous as the big names in the coffee industry, But, it’s one of the amazing and pretty new establishments based in Hollywood, Florida. The coffee shop was started by Craig Avera and Rose White in 2018. 

After spending many years in the industries, the duo moved from California and established a restaurant in Florida. Driven by passion and the urge to interact with people, it is how Cali Coffee was born. 

Since its founding up to date, the establishment is still owned by the duo. 

How many Cali Coffee locations are there? 

Establishing and expanding a small business sometimes can take time. In the case of Cali Coffee, it still has 3 locations. Amazingly, the coffee shop also has 5 other upcoming locations. One is scheduled to open in January 2023, two in mid-2023, and another two in late 2023. 

According to the owners, the brand aims to expand more especially in SouthEastern Florida. Therefore, you can keep checking whether they are opening within your locality to enjoy great drinks. However, if you love burritos and tacos, Cali Coffee doesn’t have them; thus, Cali tacos menu is also great to check.

Cali Coffee operations 

 When does Cali Coffee open? What does Cali Coffee close? These are some of the questions running through your mind. Especially, when eager to get to the coffee shop, time is important. 

Normally, the coffee shop opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 10:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. What about holidays, does the coffee shop open? Well, being a holiday doesn’t mean you stop drinking your favorite drink. For most of the holidays, Cali Coffee is always open. 

 How to buy coffee at Cali Coffee? 

Buying coffee at Cali Coffee is simple. The coffee shop offers drive-through or walk-in services. Thus, you can just hop in and order your coffee or non-coffee drink while inside. 

Apart from going to the store, the coffee shop has a mobile app. You can make your order and have it delivered to your home. Through UberEats, it’s easy to place your order and have it delivered. 

Apart from ordering coffee online, Cali Coffee has a royalty reward program. Once you download and sign in through the apps, you earn redeemable points. 

If you don’t have an app, you can log into the web and sign-up. Once you are signed in, you can place your orders. 

Where does Cali Coffee get coffee? 

The secret behind delicious coffee is the use of high-quality beans by Cali Coffee. Normally, the coffee shop only sources the highest quality coffee. Although they don’t have a roasting facility, the coffee comes from certified roasters to ensure the quality and safety of their customers. 

Can I get Cali Coffee secret menu? 

If you love trying new recipes besides the available ones, you have a chance to taste the secret menu at Cali Coffee. Normally, the most popular one is the Peppermint bark breve.  It is usually a combination of peppermint, black chocolate, and white chocolate. The drink is available in hot, cold, or frozen. 

Cali coffee menu prices


Coffee Size Price 
Iced coffee Small $4.75
Iced coffee Medium $5.50
Iced coffee Large $6.25
Hot coffeeSmall$4.75
Hot coffeeMedium $5.50
Hot coffeeLarge $6.25
Frozen coffee Small$ 5.75
Frozen coffeeMedium $ 6.75
Frozen coffeeLarge $7.75


Simple SizePrice 
Chai Small $4.75
ChaiMedium $5.50
Chai Large $6.25
Latte Small $4.75
Latte Medium $5.50
Latte Large $6.25
Americano Small $3.75
AmericanoMedium $4.25
AmericanoLarge $4.75
Hot CocoaSmall$3.75
Hot CocoaMedium $4.25
Hot CocoaLarge $4.75
Cortado $4.50
Cuban $3.25

Fruity (Iced/Frozen)

Fruity SizePrice 
Hero Energy Medium $6.75
Hero Energy Large $7.75
Green Tea Small $3.75
Green Tea Medium $4.25
Green Tea Large $4.75
Black TeaSmall$3.75
Black TeaMedium $4.25
Black TeaLarge $4.75
Soda Small$3.75
Soda Medium $4.25
Soda Large $4.75


Shakes Size Price 
banana foster, birthday cake, CANDY BAR,cookies n cream, SWIRL,And ValentineSmall $6.00
banana foster, birthday cake, CANDY BAR,cookies n cream, SWIRL,And ValentineMedium $7.00
banana foster, birthday cake, CANDY BAR,cookies n cream, SWIRL,And ValentineLarge $8:00

Cali Kids 

Cali kids Price 
Kids Shake $4.25
Warm Cola$3.00
Cold Milk $3.00

Energy Drink 

Energy drink Size Price 
Hero Energy Drink 12oz$3.50

Final Words 

Cali coffee never disappoints when it comes to amazing coffee and other beverages. With the expanding chain of coffee shops, it is proof that the qualities and products are great and catching customers by storm. With Cali Coffee menu prices listed here, it’s now possible to compare with others and see which one is cheaper. Through the Cali coffee reviews on Google, it’s also evident that it’s a great coffeeshop.