Is Instant Coffee the Easiest to Prepare? Chock o'Nuts Instant Coffee Review 2 Chock o'Nuts Instant Coffee Review

Is Instant Coffee the Easiest to Prepare? Chock o’Nuts Instant Coffee Review

When making coffee requires you to spend the least time, it is essential to go for the most convenient way. Instant coffee remains the best way to make a cup of coffee quickly. 

Although instant coffee is quick, does it offer an authentic coffee flavor? Check out the Chock o’Nuts Instant Coffee review and know whether it’s best for you. 

It’s from a leading company that offers different coffee to ensure you get the best variety. Check whether the Check o’Nuts instant coffee is perfect for total refreshment.

Chock o’Nuts Instant Coffee Review 


  • Simple and quick brewing 
  • Suitable for all makers 
  • 100% arabica extracted 
  • Airtight glass jar packaging

  • A bit bitter than ground coffee 
  • No flavor variation

Chock o’Nuts is a known manufacturer of coffee since 1932. It started as a nut company, then introduced coffee, but nowadays, it only deals with coffee. 

Instant coffee is one of the great products you can get from Chock o’Nuts. It is medium roast and extracted using the latest technology to maintain the premium quality. 


The coffee that Chock o’Nuts use comes from Colombia. Sourced from growing areas, the coffee exceeds standard market quality. 

Since the company embarks on single sourcing, consistency in flavor and aroma are guaranteed. 

Chock o’Nuts instant coffee is manufactured from Arabica coffee beans. Using the medium roasted beans, they come with fantastic essence. Besides, the technology of extraction allows for authentic aroma and flavor. 


In most cases, instant coffee has a similar aroma regardless of whether the beans are medium or dark roasted. 

The aroma of instant coffee is mild and roasty. Unlike ground coffee, the scent isn’t robust and doesn’t last for long. 


Generally, instant coffee flavor is almost uniform, whether extracted from a medium or dark roast. However, medium roast is more bitter than dark roast. 

Chock o’Nuts instant coffee has a strong, roasty, and fresh coffee flavor. It’s a full-bodied coffee with mild acidity, which gives it a superb feel when drinking. 


It’s easy to tell how the Chock o’Nuts coffee looks since it comes in glass jars. It usually has a brown appearance, giving you a perfect dark brown beverage. 

Besides, the coffee is slightly granulated instead of fine powder to keep it aromatic for a long time. 


Chock o’Nuts instant coffee packaging is premium to keep the coffee safe and quality. Unlike the other brands that use plastic sealed bags, the brand uses glass jars

The glass is non-reactive and helps to keep the coffee airtight. Each container has a 7oz capacity; hence ideal for enjoying several coffee cups. 


The pricing is balanced for everyone at Chock o’Nuts. The multiple buying options mean you can enjoy single or multiple jars. 

Usually, a single jar costs $8.99, and a case of 12 jars costs $89.99. 

For subscribe and save, the price is similar to one time buy. However, specify the delivery intervals of 30, 60, and 90 days. Also, subscribe and save offers a 10% discount for every purchase. 

Don’t buy Chock o’Nuts instant coffee IF 

You love defined roast qualities. 

Instant coffee isn’t your thing if you like to enjoy the authentic and original roast flavor and aroma. Therefore, you need ground coffee for a defined aroma and flavor. 

You want more nutrients and antioxidants 

 Instant coffee doesn’t have a lot of nutrients and antioxidants since it’s processed under high heat. Thus, for more nutrients, you need to get ground beans. 


Chock o’Nuts instant coffee is the ultimate way to enjoy a quick cup. While it might taste slightly different from ground coffee, it offers excellent refreshments. Thus, it’s a perfect coffee for everyone looking to enjoy a fantastic beverage. 


Does Chock o’Nuts instant coffee contain other ingredients? 

The coffee is certified Kosher, meaning it doesn’t contain other ingredients. Only instant coffee and is vegan friendly. 

Is the instant coffee flavored? 

This instant coffee isn’t flavored; thus, you enjoy a pure coffee experience. However, you can use your favorite flavoring to give it a customized taste. 

Is this coffee low acid? 

While the coffee doesn’t have high acidity, it is slightly bitter Chock o’Nuts than medium ground coffee.

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