Chock O'nuts Single-Serve Coffee Pods Review

Original and Delicious Single Serve K-Cups Coffee Review: Chock O’nuts Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Do you love coffee pods due to their simplicity when brewing? If the answer is yes, there is no more struggle looking for the right options. The Chock o’Nuts Single-Serve Coffee Pods are ideal when you want original-tasting coffee. 

As with other coffee brands, people have questions, especially new customers. But, this review has all the qualities and features of Chock o’Nuts unflavored single-use coffee pods. 

Are they worth getting? Check the qualities and be the judge.

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  • Rich original aroma and flavor 
  • Low acid and less bitter 
  • Free from leaching plastic 
  • Full-bodied and smooth 

  • Unflavored coffee 
  • The pods aren’t reusable

Chock o’Nuts heavenly original coffee is romantic and provides an authentic flavor. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert coffee drinker or a beginner; it delivers a fantastic experience. 

With a resealable eco-friendly box, the coffee is always safe and fresh. The pods come with low-acid coffee with an intense aroma. 


One of the many qualities that people look for is the coffee origin. For Chock o’Nuts, this medium roast coffee comes from Colombia. 

The region of coffee sourcing has a perfect climate and other conditions that enable the best coffee production. 

To ensure the coffee attains the best qualities, only arabica coffee is selected from dedicated farmers. 


The aroma is the first thing to hit your nose when drinking coffee. The good thing is Chock o’Nuts single serve pods are aromatic and always create something to celebrate. 

The coffee aroma is pleasant. It is rich, full-bodied, and smooth. With a touch of fruity scent, the coffee is fulfilling. 


On the flavor, the coffee is inviting, and every cup leads to satisfaction. Usually, the Chock o’Nuts unflavored pods have the original taste synonymous with Colombian coffee

Usually, the coffee has a combination of roasty, fruity and low acid citrusy. Also, it’s low acidity and leaves a fantastic aftertaste. 


Besides tasting great, the medium roasted Chock o’Nuts unflavored coffee looks appealing. The beans are deep brown, which delivers a rich brown beverage. 

Due to careful roasting and single sourcing, the coffee appearance is always consistent. 

Original and Delicious Single Serve K-Cups Coffee Review: Chock O'nuts Single-Serve Coffee Pods 1 Chock o'Nuts Single-Serve Coffee Pods Review


The packaging of these coffee pods is superb. Pouches are made from mesh, and plastic is significantly reduced to 35%. 

Apart from the compostable pods, the box has fancy imprints. The printing is appealing, while the box is resealable to keep coffee pods fresh. 

With compostable boxes, the packaging materials are eco-friendly and professional. 


Buying Chock o’Nuts single-serve coffee is now convenient. You can always select your ideal buying option. 

Usually, you can get a single box with 32 pods for $21.99 or 2 boxes for $39.99. This applies to a single purchase without the need to subscribe. 

Besides, you can utilize subscribe & save and enjoy a great coffee supply. Usually, the price is the same as single, but you get free shipping, scheduled delivery, and a 10% discount. 

For first-time orders, you are eligible for a 15% discount. 

Don’t buy Chock o’Nuts Single-Serve Coffee if 

You like reusable coffee pods 

 For the consciousness of the environment, some people love buying reusable coffee pods. These from Chock o’Nuts are single-use, and plastic made. 

Your best preference is flavored coffee

Chock o’Nuts single-use coffee pods come with unflavored coffee. Thus, you can check another type from the brand for flavored versions. 


Having a premium quality coffee is the beginning of a great beverage. Chock o’Nuts single-use coffee pods offer everything you need to enjoy flavorful and delicious coffee. Despite being unideal for the environment due to plastic pods, they contain the best coffee. 


Can you use the pod just in a cup of hot water? 

You can’t use these pods in hot water. For the best results, you will have to use a Keurig machine. 

Does Chock o’Nuts single-use medium coffee have Nuts? 

The coffee doesn’t have nuts but an original medium roast arabica flavor. It’s unflavored coffee. 

How many grams of coffee in each K-cup? 

Chock o’Nuts coffee pods are 9 grams. Despite the small size, they give ultimate flavorful coffee. 

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