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Best Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee But Want Some

I was appalled when some friends told me they didn’t like drinking coffee. I was like, how can one dislike coffee? But, the funny thing is the coffee was not the issue, but they hated its taste. My next step was to check if I prepared an alternative coffee it could be palatable. 

Although they hate the coffee flavor, we usually enjoy latte or Frappe. From this experience, I concluded that many people can’t tolerate the coffee taste. I have listed the best coffee for people who don’t like coffee flavor. It’s my hope after going through this list, you can now enjoy your drink in peace. 

How to make coffee not taste like coffee? 8 coffee drinks

When it comes to ‘eliminating’ the coffee flavor, it’s not complicated. It usually involves adding other ingredients like milk, flavoring ingredients, and others. This is how to prepare coffee for non-coffee drinkers. 

1. Make a frappe 

Frappe is tasty and is one of the alternatives for anyone who doesn’t like the coffee flavor. Usually, Frappuccino features a coffee base, ice, whipped cream, and flavored cream. Due to these ingredients and spices, you won’t notice any coffee flavor. 

The icy and sweet drink is always the right beverage with a fantastic taste 

Frappe pros 

  • It doesn’t have a coffee flavor 
  • Great for relieving muscle pains 
  • Perfect for instant energy 

Frappe Cons 

  • Requires a lot of time to prepare 
  • Not ideal for cold seasons 

 3. Try Mocha 

Ever tried mocha? It’s time to make this drink home and escape the coffee taste. Usually, it’s a coffee variant containing espresso shots, chocolate, and milk. Adding these ingredients ensures a new and fantastic flavor. What an excellent way to get rid of the coffee taste and still enjoy the caffeine stimulation. 

Mocha pros 

  • Perfect for reducing anxiety 
  • Powerful antioxidants 
  • Amazing chocolaty flavor 

Mocha cons 

  • Not ideal for caffeine-sensitive people 
  • It can add a lot of calories 

3. Green coffee refreshers 

Green coffee is another viable way to enjoy the beverage without suffering the taste or smell. Since roasting increases the coffee taste, consuming green coffee reduces this. Besides getting refresher drinks from Starbucks, it’s easy to make delicious ones at home. Although the drink has coffee, it doesn’t have the taste. You will enjoy caffeine kicks without noticing any coffee flavor. 

Green coffee beans

Green coffee refreshers pros 

  • High in nutrients content 
  • Highly hydrating in summers 
  • Variety of flavors 

Green coffee refreshers Cons 

  • Contains added sugars 
  • Lemon drinks can trigger acid reflux 

 4. Cold brewed coffee is a great option 

Really? Yes, cold brewed could be your solution for anyone who loves the drink but hates the taste of coffee. Cold brew preparation is different from regular brewed coffee. Due to the slow preparation, the flavor is not intense. 

To make it even taste better, adding cream and other flavored syrups will give it an even more satisfying experience. The good thing is its coffee isn’t bitter. 

Cold brew coffee pros 

  • Sweet and doesn’t taste bitter 
  • Fewer calories than sweetened coffee 
  • Lower caffeine levels 

Cold brewed coffee cons 

  • It takes a longer time to prepare 
  • Not best to add milk 

 5. Flavored coffee tastes better 

 Having tried different flavored coffee, it’s true you can always enjoy a drink minus the coffee taste in it. The good thing is that many flavors transform your drink into a more delicious form. 

Whether making the drink at home or buying it, you can enjoy some flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon, and others. With these flavors prominent in the drink, forget about the coffee flavor. 

Flavored coffee pros 

  • Some spices in flavor promote weight loss. 
  • Flexibility when choosing the flavors. 
  • Easy to make at home. 

Flavored coffee cons 

  • Artificial flavors might contain propylene glycol
  • Some flavors can leave a bad aftertaste 

6. Yummy pumpkin spice coffee 

When it’s pumpkin season, it’s time to celebrate excellent-tasting coffee. Whether buying in stores or making the drink at home, pumpkin has a robust flavor that neutralizes coffee taste. This ensures your coffee delivers a fantastic taste. 

Since the flavored pumpkin coffee contains other spices, it is a great way to ensure no trace of coffee taste. Therefore, you enjoy a delicious drink with excellent unnoticed coffee. 

Pumpkin spice coffee pros

  • Pumpkin is highly nutritious 
  • Loaded with tons of vitamins and antioxidants 
  • Improves the body circulation 

Pumpkin spice coffee cons 

  • Pumpkins are only available seasonally 
  • It takes time to prepare homemade puree 

7. Dirty chai latte never disappoints 

A dirty chai latte is an ideal alternative for anyone who feels uncomfortable with coffee flavor. The combination of tea and milk helps in smothering coffee flavor. Therefore, even when the coffee taste makes you dislike it, it’s a chance to enjoy your drink. To make it even more appealing, adding cream improves the overall flavor. 

Dirty chai latte

Dirty chain latte pros 

  • Sweet blended flavor of chai and milk 
  • More caffeine from tea 
  • Improvement of the gut environment 

Dirty chai latte cons 

  • High caffeine might increase blood pressure
  • This can lead to disruption in sleep pattern 

8. Cappuccino isn’t bad also 

Although cappuccino is a bit stronger than a latte, it’s also an excellent option for anyone who can’t stand pure coffee. The drink involves a shot of espresso and steaming milk. 

If pure coffee is what you can’t withstand, it’s best to try cappuccino since it is diluted by adding milk. However, it’s best to try other options if the cappuccino still exhibits some coffee taste. 

best coffee for non coffee drinkers

Cappuccino pros 

  • Mind stimulation and increased alertness
  • Ideal to use dairy-free milk 
  • Lowers cardiovascular diseases 

Cappuccino cons 

  • Mild coffee taste 
  • Dairy milk can cause acne 

Final Words 

Coffee is sweet, but when you can’t handle its flavor in its pure form, trying other means is always the best option. In this case, trying different coffee variations is fantastic since it’s enjoyable without feeling the undesired coffee taste. 

These featured coffees for people who don’t like coffee are the ultimate solution. However, I can guarantee there are other options you can make at home.


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