best coffee for non coffee drink

Best Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee But Want Some

Not everyone enjoys the taste of coffee. This implies that, everyone doesn’t love coffee. Some prefer tea or frozen drinks. However, there are ways to make iced coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee. There is coffee for people who don’t like coffee.

One of the reasons you may not love the taste of coffee is because of how it tastes bitter. However, we are here to help you know how you can love coffee.

At the end of reading this article, you shall find out interesting ways to make coffee if you don’t love it.

Reasons You May Not Like Coffee

Let us consider reasons people don’t like coffee before we explain how to make coffee taste good when you hate it.

The Smell

One major reason some people hate coffee is the smell. Some people think that the caffeine in coffee smells and it nauseates them. When some people smell coffee, it has some side effects on them.

The Taste

We mentioned earlier that some hate coffee because of its taste. No matter the packs of sugar you add to it, they still believe it is bitter. As a result, they prefer hot chocolate or tea

Can’t Make Coffee

There are those who don’t know how to make coffee right. As a result of this, they don’t like it.

Health Factor/ Genetic Factor

For some people, they find it hard to sleep at night when they drink coffee. 

Some argue that they most likely become addicted to it and may not be able to stop it. While it causes second degree burns for others especially when it spills on them. Also, it causes some dizziness for some people.

From the genetic variation conducted on people by scientists, it was discovered that genetic makeup is why some people don’t like coffee. Some are sensitive to caffeine and these results in hating coffee.

How to Like Coffee

If your reason for hating coffee is because of its taste or smell, there are ways to like it. Let us consider ways to like coffee.

How to Start Drinking Coffee When You Hate It?

It is to begin smelling coffee. Yes, this works for some people. If you get used to the smell, it no longer becomes something you hate. It helps stimulate the brain even before you gulp it down your throat.

Customize Your Coffee

For some people, they don’t like black coffee. If you want to enjoy the taste of coffee, you can top or customize it. This implies that you can add honey, flavored creamer, milk or sugar to it. This gives it a better taste. It is by beginning to add some natural flavors to it.

Choose the Right Roast

Also, to love coffee one needs to consider the right roast. Globally, the consumption of coffee is increasing. When you choose the right roast (dark, medium, and light) you would begin to love it. 

The roast contributes to both the taste and smell. With the right roast, the aroma becomes tantalizing. Sometimes, dark roast may have some unpleasant aftertaste. It all has to do with trying out the different roast.

Brands Matter

Another way you can love coffee is to carefully choose the brand you consume. This kind of coffee is produced from a single crop or manufacturer. 

This way, you get used to a particular flavor and smell. How to make coffee taste good when you hate it is to mellow out the flavor by adding milk and sugar.

A good combination of coffee with a snack helps 

There are snacks that mask the unpleasant aftertaste of some coffee. You can start with donuts, burgers, and french fries. Some also go with dark chocolate.

Read more about coffee 

There are different types such as decaf or regular coffee. If you read about its health benefits, this can spur more interest in taking coffee. Don’t assume you know much about coffee. Read about the coffee beans, whipped cream, roasting and vast information about coffee.

Try out new flavors 

Yes, you never can tell how much you love coffee until you try out new flavor. You can begin by trying to make coffee at home. When you brew coffee at home, it can also save cost.

Some choose a coffee routine 

What this does is to accelerate your love for it. When you have a particular time you consume it, you get stuck with coffee.

best coffee for non coffee drinkers

Starbucks Drinks that Don’t Taste like Coffee

There are drinks you can take that don’t have the taste of coffee. The following are from Starbucks without any coffee taste. 

Specialty hot chocolate, pumpkin spice chai latte, pink drink, coffee frappuccino with hazelnut syrup, creme frappuccino, strawberry smoothie, strawberry green tea, and steamers. These beverages are available on the Starbucks menu.

3 Best Coffee For Non Coffee Drinkers

If you are the type of person who says, ” I don’t like coffee but I want to have some coffee,” there are coffees for you. They are coffee beverages but the smell doesn’t nauseate you.

1. Mocha

You can begin with mocha. It is chocolatey and sweet. It is a blend of espresso, chocolate syrup, and milk. It has a flavor just like the white chocolate.

2. Cappuccino

Also, cappuccino is another coffee drink you can buy. This flavored coffee has a lot of varieties that are classical. It also has some syrups that don’t contain sugar.

3. Frappuccino

You can also stick with frappuccino if you don’t like coffee. It has an espresso taste that doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. It is sweet and people think it tastes just like ice cream. This is simply a coffee for coffee haters.


Now that you have read through this article, we are sure you now know that there are ways to love coffee. Coffee for people who don’t like coffee examples are listed above. 

How to make coffee not taste like coffee is by adding natural flavor to it. You may choose whipped cream which gives it a more refreshing taste.