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Coffee Grounds Garbage Disposal: Right Or Wrong?

Quick question, is the art of coffee grounds garbage disposal right or wrong? Let’s discuss a little, shall we?

When coffee is brewed, there are certain particles that are left behind after the entire process and there are called coffee grounds. The waste products from brewing coffee are called coffee grounds. These are seen in the final lap of the coffee brewing process. 

So this question pops up: can you put coffee grounds in a garbage disposal? Actually there are a lot of things that could be done with coffee grinds instead of putting coffee grinds in garbage disposal.

Did you know?

Coffee grounds contain 1.45% of nitrogen. They have other contents such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and trace minerals. They are very good to make compost materials.

So, let’s get back to how to dispose of coffee grounds.

Throwing them away in the trash can is the quickest and stress-free step to do away with coffee grounds. But trust me, there can be more worthwhile ways of letting these beauties go. 

Do a survey of people around you who are preoccupied with farming. Or is there any composting service you can easily get across to? They will surely need these from you. 

Personally, you could use them to make compost for yourself. Even more, these disposable coffee grounds could even be reused for a number of things. 

There are several household projects that will indeed change the notion that you are meant to put coffee grinds in a garbage disposal. 

All the same. However you wish to dispose of your coffee grinds is up to you. But I must warn, keep them away from your sink. 

Do you know why? These coffee grinds are actually toxic to sink and septic tanks. They get in there and clog the entire environment avoiding smooth drainage. This is why coffee grounds in sink disposal is not recommended.

Watch out for that!

 coffee grounds in sink disposal

What methods can you routinely use when you want to dispose of coffee grinds?

Method 1

If you want this to be easy for you then try throwing the coffee grinds in the garbage bin. Are coffee grounds bad for garbage disposal? I don’t think so. In fact, coffee grounds have the ability to absorb odor so you may wish to keep the smell coming from your garbage bin trapped by the coffee grinds. It does not seem to pose any threat to these disposable methods. 

In other news, if you want to reuse these coffee grounds then you may not be making a bad move after all. Coffee grounds can be reused in a lot of ways to help the environment. Truth is, if you decide to reuse a coffee ground instead of disposing of it in the garbage bin then you are doing the environment a lot of good.

Method 2

When you want to dispose of coffee grounds, it is important to take them away from sinks and toilets. Coffee grounds are not flushable. If you decide to dispose of them in the toilet or your sink then you are putting these at risk of being clogged up. These clogs will interrupt free and easy drainage. Also, septic tank issues can be a result of putting coffee grinds in the sink disposal.

Method 3

Coffee grinds can easily be used for composting. If you know of any farmer who loves to make their compost themselves then you might as well love to give them these coffee grinds. They are actually beneficial to the making of compost and have the necessary content for crops. On the other hand, you can also make this compost yourself.

Extra Tip: How To Reuse Coffee Grounds

  • Coffee grounds can be used to prevent mold growth. Get a newspaper or a flat surface and scatter the grounds in there for drying. As they are put in there make sure they are evenly spread. Perhaps 5.1 cm thickness can do the magic. The more you spread them thin the more they are able to get dry fast. If this process seems to be a lot slower for you then you can make a resolve to using a faster method. For the faster method, you can equally spread them in a baking sheet and put them in an oven. Try to make sure that the oven is at about 200 degrees F. In about 20 to 30 minutes your coffee grounds should be fully ready. Don’t forget to rotate them while they are in the oven. You could take 10 minutes per rotation. This will make them evenly spread and dry faster. 
  • These coffee grounds when they are wet, they could easily grow molds so it is important to keep them dry for reuse.
  • You can use a small number of coffee grounds to scrub off buildups that refuse to go out. Your pots and pans can stay clean and fresh if you decide to reuse coffee grounds. They have abrasive and acidic content which is used for removing long-lasting stains. Be sure to use them on stain-resistant materials if not they could easily stain the items.
  • Coffee grounds can be a perfect exfoliator. A mixture of coffee grounds and olive oil can be used for removing skin residue. When you are done massaging your face with this mixture, do well to rinse off with warm water for better effect.
  • You can make a dye with coffee grounds. Soak the coffee grounds 470 ml of water and steep for 10 minutes. If you want the color to be a lot deeper then you can soak it for a longer period. To make the die to be usable, mix a tablespoon of vinegar to it and you are good to go.


Coffee grounds need not be wasted when there is a whole lot to do with it, so, I can boldly say the art of coffee grounds garbage disposal is wrong.. When next you feel you feel you should put coffee grinds in a garbage disposal, come back and read this article all over again.

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