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121 Fascinating Coffee Puns to Brighten Your Day!

Coffee puns or witty, chuckle-worthy, and sometimes just plain silly phrases can easily be made from coffee-related words, such as brewing and beans. Wordplay is a humorous form of expression that anyone can participate in, and it can even be entertaining while learning a new language.

So, are you an avid coffee drinker? Well, then having an extensive collection of funny coffee cups and coffee puns can come in handy at any time. So, here we present 121 delicious coffee jokes and puns that’ll brighten up your day.

Sugary Coffee Pick Up Lines

coffee pick up lines

Romance can be expressed with a cup of coffee and some adorable coffee and jelly beans jokes. So, if you want some sugar-laced funny coffee puns that will sweeten your coffee, here are the best 11.

  1. I think we have a great CHEMEX-try
  2. You are my faBREWte human bean
  3. My boyfriend is lovely, he’s so Aroma-ntic
  4. There’s no way affogato loves you!
  5. Stephanie: why do you care about me?

Joe: Because I’m in love with you SIPHON-y

  1. It’s never too LATTE to love
  2. Her: I like guys who love coffee

Him: what a faBREWlous choice

  1. You are an ESPRESSO-l person in my life
  2. Are you caffeine? ‘Cause I’m addicted.
  3. In a world full of beverages, be my black mocha
  4. You are my faBREWte person in the entire world.

Sassy Not So Classy Coffee Puns

morning coffee jokes

How do you like your coffee to be served to uplift your mood? What about with a platter of bold brewing morning coffee puns? Well, a drizzle of sass to lovely bean jokes, along with some wacky coffee jokes images, is all we require to lift your spirits.

  1. Your oBEANian doesn’t matter!
  2. Nothing works on her; she’s BREWzen
  3. Don’t SWEET it; it’s CAFFEINETLY alright!
  4. I’ve had BEANoungh of your nonsense!
  5. Are you coffee? Why so bitter?
  6. A coffee pun? BREW! That’s so lame!

Coffee Puns that Enter the Magical Bookish World

marvelous caffeine puns

We strive to bring out the nerd in you with these marvelous caffeine puns integrated with some of the most iconic lines in the literary world.

  1. “You’re a BREWzard, Harry!”
  2. “Percy wouldn’t notice a joke if it danced in front of him wearing one of DOPPIO’s hats.”
  3. “CLOVER-ly POTter, fame isn’t everything, is it?
  5. “I am no bird, and no net ensnares me, I am a BREW humanBEAN with an independent will which I now exert to leave you.”
  6. “BREWare; for I am fearless and therefore powerful.”
  7. LiBREWary is a bookworms faBREWite place
  8. “Not all those who wander are ROAST.”
  9. “Stay gold SIPHON-Y boy, stay gold.”
  10. To bean or not to bean is the question

Entertainment Buzz in the World of Humor and Coffee

interesting films coffee jokes

Who isn’t updated with all the films and series and the whole celebrity gossip? The entertainment industry never fails us with its creativity. Hence, we present clever, funny coffee jokes based on our favorite entertainment world.

  1. BREW Travail
  2. BREWthless
  3. Lord of the BEANS
  4. FoROAST Gump
  5. Life is BREWtiful
  6. It’s a wonDRIPPER life
  7. Avengers BLEND game was a tear-jerking movie
  8. AnBREW Garfield, COFFEE Maguire, and Tom HoBLEND starred in “Spiderman – No way home.”
  9. Why wasn’t Hawkeye able to shoot his arrow? Because he had a REDEYE!
  10. CREMAn Jones
  11. The COFFEEice
  12. What would be the tagline if Kardashians were to launch a coffee brand? It would be “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”
  13. What would a tv show be based on the life story of a depressed coffee bean called? It would be “Naturally, Sadie.”
  14. Nina DoBREW starred in The Vampire Diaries.

Tunes with Coffee Puns

coffee bean jokes

Music sets our souls on fire and takes us into a trance, just like these bean jokes. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these hilarious and intelligent coffee puns.

  1. “Smooth CREMAnal” – Michael Jackson
  2. “Billie BEAN” – Michael Jackson
  3. “Just the way you are” – BREWno Mars
  4. “Yello CAFFEINE” – Beatles
  5. “Day DRIPPER” – Beatles
  6. “Too MOCHA love will kill you” – Freddie Mercury
  7. What would Ariana Grande say to the customer if she was a barista? “Thank you, next!”
  8. If Selena Gomez was the brand ambassador for a coffee campaign, how would she promote the coffee? With “Good for you.”
  9. What did Britney Spears say when she drank her coffee? “Gimme More.”
  10. What was the answer of EMINEM when being asked how long he’ll be drinking coffee? It was “Till I collapse,” “Under the influence.”
  11. Why was the coffee bean singing? Because she was a fan of Ariana GRINDe.
  12. What is singing without instruments called? – aCUPella.

Cleverly Made Coffee Puns

coffee mug puns

Developing innovative coffee mug puns alongside brilliant espresso puns take some wittiness. So, here are a few of the best funny coffee jokes. Have a look!

  1. Without MACCHIATO, let’s look at the coffee puns!
  2. What do you call a selfie taken with a coffee mug? – A MUG shot!
  3. What happened to the coffee bean who partied till late night? – He was GROUNDED!
  4. What’s a vegetarian coffee called? – A GREEN COFFEE!
  5. How do you store coffee? In a CUP-board!
  6. Why did the cafe owner scold the barista? Because he was LATTE.
  7. Why did the doctor ask his patient to put on a mask? -Because he was COFFEE-ing!
  8. Never peep on your neighbours fighting. It’s their BREWate matter.
  9. It was prohibited to enter the area ’cause it was a CREMAtory.
  10. What’s common between programming and coffee? It’s JAVA!
  11. How would a barista feel after his breakup? He was DEPRESSOed.
  12. How does a barista warn his opponent in a fight? He says, “Don’t mess with me; I’m good at ROASTing.”
  13. Why is coffee called a protector? – Because it prevents nightmares.
  14. What cartoon would a barista’s kid watch? Mr. BEAN’s animated series.
  15. What do you call an albino coffee? – A cappuccino!
  16. What’s the dress code of a barista? – It’s not a TEA shirt!
  17. Why are married couples afraid of drinking coffee together? Because it can lead to GROUNDS for divorce.
  18. Why was the coffee cup taken to the hospital? Because it was FOAMing at the mouth.
  19. Why was the sad Tin suddenly happy? Because it saw an AMERICANO!
  20. What do you call an elderly coffee bean? An AGED COFFEE.

Fluffy Coffee Puns That’ll Make You Melt

romantic coffee puns

Not all coffee puns have to be sassy or funny; some of them can be adorable latte and brewing puns, too. Here are some of the best ones. Check them out!

  1. Hasta brewsta baby!
  2. Have a happy hauLATTE.
  3. I’m fine, and BREW?
  4. I love her ESPRESSONs.
  5. She owns a pet dog; it’s a PUCK.

Classic English Meets Modern Puns

Tunes with Coffee Puns

We have all heard idioms since we were kids but never mixed them with the puns. So, here are a few belly-tickling coffee jokes and puns.

  1. Once upon a BREW moon
  2. A piece of CAPPUCCINO
  3. spilling the BEANS
  4. Its better Latte than never
  5. We’ll cross that BREWidge When we come to it
  6. Don’t count your CAFFEINES before they hatch
  7. Every CLOVER has a silver lining
  8. BREWk a leg
  9. A CAPPUCCINO a day keeps the worries away
  10. FRAPPE as a lark

Plain, Simple, and Lovely Coffee Puns


Espresso puns, Latte puns, and what not! So, to lift your spirits like all these variations of coffee, we have brought forth some punny morning coffee jokes.

  1. They are a perfect BLEND
  2. she was MOCHAless happy in her life
  3. Stay away, you silly MUGgle.
  4. The TRIFECTAs of motivation are Equity, Achievement, and CREMAdarie.
  5. You warm my heart with your filter coffee
  6. The coffee beans BREWsided to KETTLE down.
  7. Why was the customer arrested? Because he ordered a CARAMEL SHOT!
  8. Put FROTH your worries.
  9. You’re so slow! Make it QUAKER!
  10. No one can be arrested without any GROUNDS.
  11. You do what you CORTADO do.
  12. Make sure to ESPRESSO your brewlings
  13. Valentine’s week starts with the ROAST DAY 
  14. What do you call a baby cow? Decaf!
  15. What do you call the French media? French press!
  16. Meeting you seems like a Deja brew.
  17. You make my morning brewtiful.
  18. Why was the barista shouting? Because he was making an sCREAMY coffee.
  19. You’ve been SIPing the work.
  20. The human beans were drenching in the rain, ’cause there was no UMBERella
  21. The city was MUGnificiant
  22. My CREMA was a SWEET lady
  23. She’s brewing nonsense.
  24. PROCAFFEINATION is a DARK habit.
  25. He has a BEANormous cafe
  26. Don’t buy whatever BEANS unnecessary.
  27. JAVA BREWk? JAVA coffee!
  28. He refused her FLAT WHITE.
  29. BREW needs to live a BEANingful life.
  30. she seems worried. What’s Sumatra?
  31. Always been a CAFFECTIONATE person.
  32. It’s BEAN quite some time now.

Well, coffee puns can make anyone’s day. After all, coffee is something that everyone enjoys. Nevertheless, we hope you liked our enlisted morning coffee jokes. Also, feel free to share your views and stock of more brilliant coffee puns with us.

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