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Tired of ordinary coffee? Discover what’s new in the latest Coffee revolution menu prices

Coffee Revolution might not be as big and famous as Starbucks and Dunkin. But, there is uniqueness when enjoying coffee from this coffee house. I decided to hop into the coffee house and taste the coffee and other beverages. The experience is worth some, and you need to try their coffee. 

Before hopping into the café, check the latest coffee revolution menu prices. It has a lot to explore and will leave you enjoying every sip. Whether you like hot or cold, it’s time to experience the real coffee revolution. 

What is Coffee Revolution? 

The coffee revolution is one of the cafes based in Davenport, IA, USA. Dealing with various beverages, the coffee shop is known for its hospitality which is on another level. Offering takeout and outdoor services, the coffee shop provided exceptional convenience. 

The coffee shop was established by Paige A in 2017 through rebranding. However, the café was initially founded in 1999 and was known as Davenport Coffee Hound. After purchasing the location in 2010, Paige Allender rebranded the establishment and renamed it The Coffee Revolution in 2017. 

Where is Coffee Revolution Location? 

As stated, the Coffee Revolution is in Davenport, Iowa. Unlike the other brands, the café has not yet expanded to multiple locations. As of January 2023, the café had two locations. One café is at 2225 W. 53rd St. Davenport, and the other is at 2642 Brady St. Davenport. 

What is popular in Coffee Revolution? 

One of the reasons why The Coffee Revolution is famous within its locality is its ability to serve outstanding drinks. Some popular beverages include hot coffee, lattes, frappes, smoothies, and energy drinks. 

The uniquely crafted beverages like Don’t Poke The Bear Latte, The Uprising, and others beverages are superb. 

Does Coffee revolution have food? 

Well, many people will love to have coffee and a bite. But doesn’t the coffee revolution have food? A short answer is the café has light food, especially the pastries. Therefore, if you like adding a snack to your coffee order, you can have a bite in this café. 

Coffee Revolution Menu Prices

Coffee revolution list

 Signature coffee 

Coffee SizePrice 
Drip coffee 12oz$2.20
Drip coffee 16oz$2.50
Drip coffee 24oz$3.30
Pot of coffee 24oz $4.30
Mocha /White Mocha 12oz$3.80
Mocha /White Mocha 16oz$4.40
Mocha /White Mocha 24oz$5.30
Caramel Revolution 12oz$3.80
Caramel Revolution 16oz$4.40
Caramel Revolution 24oz$5.30
The Conan O’Brien12oz$3.80
The Conan O’Brien16oz$4.40
The Conan O’Brien24oz$5.30
Don’t Poke The Bear 12oz$3.80
Don’t Poke The Bear16oz$4.40
Don’t Poke The Bear24oz$5.30
Peanut Butter Takeover12oz$3.80
Peanut Butter Takeover16oz$4.40
Peanut Butter Takeover24oz$5.30
The Uprising (Iced)24oz$6.00
Cold Brew (Iced)16oz$4.40
Cold Brew (Iced)24oz$5.30

Signature Frozen 

Latte Frappe 16oz$4.35
Latte Frappe 24oz$5.30
Java Chip Frappe 16oz$4.35
Java Chip Frappe 24oz$5.30
Radical Toffee Frappe 16oz$4.35
Radical Toffee Frappe 24oz$5.30
Vanilla Bean Frappe 16oz$4.35
Vanilla Bean Frappe24oz$5.30
Chai Tea Latte 16oz$4.35
Chai Tea Latte24oz$5.30
Matcha Green Tea Frappe 16oz$4.35
Matcha Green Tea Frappe24oz$5.30
Crushed Fruit Tea Frappe 16oz$4.35
Crushed Fruit Tea Frappe 24oz$5.30

Seasonal Special 

Drink Size Price 
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappe 16oz$5.45
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappe 24oz$6.45
Samoa Latte Frappe 16oz$5.45
Samoa Latte Frappe 24oz$6.45

Revolutionary Tea 

Drink Size Price 
Dirty Chai 12oz$4.60
Dirty Chai16oz$5.20
Dirty Chai24oz$6.30
Matcha Latte 12oz$3.80
Matcha Latte 16oz$4.40
Matcha Latte 24oz$5.30
Traditional Matcha 12oz$3.80
Traditional Matcha 16oz$4.40
Traditional Matcha 24oz$5.30
Brewed Tea 12oz$3.80
Brewed Tea 16oz$4.40
Brewed Tea 24oz$5.30
Pot Of Tea 24oz$2.50

Black Radish Tea 

Drink Size Price 
Chamomile Paradise 12oz$2.20
Chamomile Paradise16oz$2.50
Chamomile Paradise24oz$3.10
Ginger Mint Cleanse 12oz$2.20
Ginger Mint Cleanse 16oz$2.50
Ginger Mint Cleanse 24oz$3.10
Immunity Boost 12oz$2.20
Immunity Boost 16oz$2.50
Immunity Boost 24oz$3.10

Monster Energy 

Drink SizePrice 
Monster Cooler-Bumberry Bomb Flamingo FrankensteinFruit Fusion Island Breese Jelly Belly Purple Rain, Peacock,Pink Lady Poison Apple Mimosa MargaritaZelda Triforce 16oz$3.25
Monster Cooler-Bumberry Bomb Flamingo FrankensteinFruit Fusion Island Breese Jelly Belly Purple Rain, Peacock,Pink Lady Poison Apple Mimosa Margarita Zelda Triforce 24oz$3.70
Fruity Pebble Frappe 160z $5.35
Fruity Pebble Frappe24oz$6.30
Monster Fruit Smoothie 16oz$5.35
Monster Fruit Smoothie 24oz$6.30

Seasonal Special 

Drink SizePrice 
Watermelon Pop Rock Frappe 16oz$5.35
Watermelon Pop Rock Frappe 24oz$6.30

How to order from The Coffee Revolution?

Ordering from Coffee Revolution is easy. The café allows for dine-in and drive-thus and takeout. However, the cafe doesn’t have an online ordering system. 

Coffee Revolution Contact Information 

Postal address: 2642 N Brady St, Davenport, IA 52803, United States

Location: Google Map 

Operating Time: Mon- Fri 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sat 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Sun 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Telephone: (563) 676-1104

Email: [email protected] 



Final words 

When uniqueness in coffee beverages is unexplainable, Coffee Revolution is the perfect example of where to get it. The dedicated baristas and delicious beverages mean a lot to drinkers. With fun-filled Coffee Revolution menu prices, it’s a moment to enjoy the real sweetness. 


Does Coffee Revolution accept credit cards? 

Yes, the café allows you to pay using major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and others. 

Is Coffee Revolution good for kids? 

The café is excellent for kids since it has non-coffee beverages like smoothies. 

Can I get a low-calorie drink at Coffee Revolution?

Yes, there are amazing low-calorie and sugar-free drinks you can get by asking for recommendations from baristas. 

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