Coffee to Water Ratio

Measuring Coffee: Mastering The Art Of Coffee to Water Ratio

Does your coffee taste-off, and you are not sure why? Most likely, you are not measuring your coffee to water ratio correctly. But how exactly is the perfect coffee/water ratio measured, how much coffee per cup? How tablespoons to cups? How many grams of coffee in a tablespoon. 

We will find out in a bit.

Get a chair, it’s about to get interesting!

The reason why some special people are referred to baristas isn’t just about their certification, one of the major reason is that they have nailed the coffee to water ratio.

Although you might not have a certification as a barista you can still learn to nail the coffee to water ratio. 

Trust me guys, Coffee making just got a whole lot better!

Why It Is Important To Measure

Have you ever wondered why top baristas pay more attention to measuring? To get a cup of coffee that will taste the same at all times, you must know your specific measurements.

Let’s pop the big question. What do these baristas use? It’s nothing fancy guys, it’s good old small kitchen scale. With it, you can measure not only your coffee grounds but water and even beans. 

Here’s what you’ll need to start your coffee to water ratio conquest.

You were expecting more right? Well, this is all you need.

I might not go deeply into how much coffee for 10 cups or how much coffee for 12 cups but at the end of this article you should get the hang of coffee to water ratio.

coffee calculator

Measuring The Beans

I remember once in college, I was terrible at making coffee guys, not so terrible though, but I couldn’t make 5 consistent cups of coffee that’ll have the same taste without one or more being lighter or stronger. 

It all ended when I met a friend called David, he taught me how to nail the coffee to water ratio. The first thing he showed me was how to measure coffee beans. He’s method was kind of unorthodox back in the day. 

So, this is my new and reformed method of measuring coffee beans.

Follow the steps below to measure the coffee beans.

  • Place a bowl on top of your kitchen scale.
  • Reset the scale.
  • Scoop beans into the container and watch the scale.
  • Stop when it gets to 21 grams.

Measuring The Water

Here’s how to measure the water. What you’ll need to do is. 

  • Get a clean kettle and place it on top of the scale.
  • Reset the scale to zero.
  • Slowly add water inside the kettle until it gets to 355 grams.

Note: You must reset the scale to zero. Sometimes we overlook this small detail and end up regretting it. 

After measuring the beans and water in the right manner, you can now start brewing. 

Where most people get it wrong is when they need to determine how much coffee and water is to be used based on the number of servings. 

Remember the goal here is to brew an amazing cup of coffee without losing quality at all.

To get the right measurement, keep your kitchen scale handy, it’s what you’ll use to measure. For optimal functionality make sure you reset the kitchen scale to zero.

Here’s a table below that you can use to determine the amount of coffee, and water to use based on the number of servings. 

Check out this drip coffee ratio table.

Coffee To Water Table

Say hello to my table, now this is how I like my coffee, you can always alter the numbers if you want your coffee lighter or stronger. 

So, for 1 cup of coffee, you’ll need to measure 0.40 ounces of coffee in the scale and also 6 fluid ounces of water. The same goes for the rest. 

Cups Coffee (Ounce) Water (Fluid 


1 cup 0.40 oz 6
2 cups 0.77 oz 12
3 cups 1.15 oz 18
4 cups  1.52 oz 24
5 cups 1.90 oz 30
6 cups 2.27 oz 36
7 cups 2.65 oz 42
8 cups 3.02 oz 48
9 cups 3.40 oz 54
10 cups 3.75 oz 60

How To Use The Table Above

Coffee: Get your kitchen scale ready, a scoop and a mug should also be handy. Place the mug on the scale and reset to zero. Simply scoop ground beans into the mug until it reaches the desired ounce.

Water: With the kitchen scale handy, place a kettle on the kitchen scale you have reset. Pour in water until it gets to the right capacity.

Also, depending on what you what, this table above can be altered. If you use this table to brew you might have a rather strong cup of coffee. You can decide to reduce or increase the values in the table based on how you like your coffee

I like my coffee quite strong and these values are perfect for me, you’re preference might be different from mine, so, feel free to throw in some more ounces.

Final Verdict

Different methods and preferences will require different coffee to water ratio, and how many scoops of coffee you’ll need in getting a tasty coffee. Your journey down the Path of the Coffee Bean will yield a variety of approaches, so feel free to experiment. In the end, only you can decide what is best for your cup.

You can also go for a coffee calculator, it is a web-based application. All you need to do is input specific details and wait for the output. I don’t fancy the idea though, I prefer doing it by myself to master the art. 

Until next time, keep brewing!

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