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Looking for Directions to One of the Best Coffee? Compass Coffee Menu Prices Guide

Compass coffee is one of the companies that roast and brew coffee. One advantage associated with that is that you always get freshly roasted coffee. When I enter their cafes, I enjoy a cup of coffee and sometimes carry bagged coffee to brew at home. 

Despite the amazing coffee, you might not have tasted it. Are you planning to visit compass coffee? Check this compass coffee menu prices before ordering and get a scope of what you can expect. Still not convinced? Let’s get down to work. 

What is Compass coffee?

Compass coffee is a coffee roasting company that is based in the US. Apart from roasting and selling bagged coffee, the brand has café services where you can enjoy brewed coffee, cappuccino, and other drinks. 

Since the coffee at this company is delicious, you might be asking when Compass coffee was founded. The company traces its establishment in 2014 by Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez. Since then, the company has been making amazing coffee. 

Where was Compass coffee founded? This is one of the questions that keep ringing in people’s minds. The company was founded in Washington DC and is where the headquarters are even today. 

How many Compass Coffee locations are there? 

Since the establishment of the first store, the coffee house has expanded to multiple locations. After the first store, the company quickly established a second store in Virginia. 

As of November 2022, Compass coffee has 14 active locations. The new compass coffee location was opened at Point 50 shopping center at 10400 Fairfax Boulevard. Since the company continues to expand, we can expect it to expand further. 

Does compass coffee have food?

For people who love food, you might be wondering whether Compass coffee offers meals. However, if you enjoy meals at this café, it doesn’t deal with food but offers a few snacks like bagels. They only specialize in coffee which is the reason the beverages are unmatched. 

Apart from coffee, what to order at Compass coffee? There are non-coffee drinks like chocolate and tea. Thus, when you need to change beverages, you can switch to non-coffee

Compass coffee operations

Having great coffee is only possible when you get into the company’s cafes. But can I get coffee any time of the day? You can enjoy your favorite beverage if you get there during operation hours. 

What time does Compass coffee open? The cafes open at 5:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM during the weekdays. On weekends, the cafe opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. 

Although the café doesn’t offer deliveries of brewed coffee, you can order and pick-up in the stores. However, for bagged coffee, you can get your coffee delivered to your home anywhere within the US. 

Does Compass Coffee deal with organic coffee? 

compass coffee

With consumers getting aware of their health and well-being, everyone is now turning to organic coffee. But, can you get organic coffee at Compass coffee? 

According to the company, the coffee is ethically sourced from contracted farmers from the best coffee-producing regions. Mostly, the company sources coffee from Latin America. 

With roasting in their facility, baristas create artisanal coffee that always leaves you salivating for more. 

Where can I buy compass coffee?

Whether you buy brew or bagged coffee, you can get it from the cafes. However, you can order online from the Compass coffee webpage for bulk coffee. Brewed coffee is only available in their drive-thru stores. 

Compass coffee menu prices 

Picked for You

Picked for YouSizePrice 
Sweet Mousses$5.50
Fat T’s Cookies$4.25
Pour Over$4.50


Fat T’s Cookies$4.25
Chocolate Croissant$4.50
Blueberry Lemon Scone$4.00


BeveragesSize Price 
Nelly Cortado$4.75
Peanut Butter Mocha$5.00
Peppermint Mocha$5.00
Campfire Mocha (Marshmallow mocha)$5.75
Sweet Mousses$5.50
Chai Latte$4.80
Pour Over$4.50
Coffee Box10oz$20.00

Featured Items

Featured ItemsPrice 
Chai Latte$3.75
Matcha Latte$3.75
Apple Cider$3.75
Nutella Mocha$4.10
Almond Butter Latte$4.10
Maple Latte$4.10
Turmeric Honey Latte$3.75
Hot Chocolate$2.95

Final Words 

Compass coffee is one of the best coffee houses specializing in amazing drinks. With tracked single-sourced coffee beans, you can always enjoy amazing flavor and a unique experience. With compass coffee menu prices, it’s now easy to buy your favorite coffee, bagged or brewed. 


Does Compass coffee have a loyalty program? 

Yes, the company allows you to earn points once you register online and make an order. The reward program allows you to get up to 10% off per order.

Can you get decaf coffee at Compass coffee? 

Compass offers a range of decaf coffee. You can choose the different packaging weights available at the company. 

Does Compass Coffee have WIFI?

Yes, all their outlets provide free Wi-Fi for all their customers.

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