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Costco Food Court Menu Prices | Latest Updates 

Getting meals at your favorite place is fantastic and leaves you satisfied. Costco food court is one popular joint in the US and other countries. 

The food court is famous for different meals and drinks. Although it doesn’t have an extensive menu like some leading chain restaurants, it still has mind-blowing meals. 

If you are willing to try their meals, go through this Costco food court menu prices. You can therefore enjoy a great selection even before leaving the house. 

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are meals for you. Also, a variety of drinks ensures complete refreshment. 

What is Costco?

Costco is a large wholesale store corporation that was founded in the USA. The corporation is one of the largest globally, selling various consumer products. 

The company was founded in 1983 in Seattle, Washington, by Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman. 

The brand operates in over 10 countries where it owns warehouses, stores, and food courts. 

Apart from being one of the largest wholesales globally, you might wonder who owns Costco. Costco food and wholesale are owned by Costco wholesale corporation. 

Most food courts are located near the entrance or outside near the front. Therefore, as you shop, you can also taste their menu. 

Costco Food court operations 

You might be planning to go shopping at Costco and still taste their food. However, the food court has a slightly different operating time. 

What time does Costco open and what time does Costco food court close, remain some of the most asked questions. However, the food department operating times differ slightly from the wholesale section. 

The opening time at the food court is 10:00 am on all days apart from Saturday. On Saturday, the food court opens at 9:00 am. 

The food department closes at 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the closing time is 07:00 pm and 06:00 pm, respectively. 

Costco membership 

It’s worth knowing that you must have a membership for you to enjoy services at Costco. Even for a Costco food court, one needs to have a membership. 

However, the member applies for those food courts located inside the stores. For the courts outside the stores, you can enjoy them without subscribing to a membership. 

If the membership is mandatory, how to get a Costco membership? Joining the membership is simple. You can visit any of the Costco stores to register. 

Instead of physically going there, you can register online or call their customer care. 

Costco food court coffee

Apart from enjoying mouthwatering food, you can enjoy fantastic coffee at Costco. 

Apart from the variety of coffee beans in the store, you can drink different coffee drinks at the food court. 

Costco frozen coffee is available in the form of lattes and mocha freeze. Therefore, when it’s hot, you can enjoy perfect cooling beverages. 

The great-tasting coffee at Costco is one reason that leaves people amazed. They always tend to ask, who makes Costco coffee? 

Surprisingly, some of the Costco Kirkland coffee is made by Starbucks. While it’s the signature product of Costco, it is roasted by Starbucks

Costco hotdog prices

Costco food court menu price summary 

Costco Main food menu Price 

Food Price 
Chicken Caesar Salad$3.99
BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich$4.99
Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich$3.99
Chicken Bake$2.99
All Beef Hot Dog or Polish$1.50

Costco pizza menu 

Food SizePrice 
Pizza Slice $1.99
Pizza Whole $9.95

Costco Drinks Menu 

Drinks Size Price 
Latte/Mocha Freeze$1.45
Berry Smoothie$1.45
Drinks20 oz$0.59

Costco Fresh Made Gelato 

Food Price 
Hand Packed Quart to Go$4.99
3 Scoops Served in a Waffle Cone$1.50

Costco Sweets Menu 

Sweet Price 
Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bar$1.50
Twisted Churro$1.00
Nonfat Yogurt$1.35
Very Berry Sundae$1.65

Costco Food Court Menu FAQ 

How much is a Costco membership?

If you want to become a Costco member, you need to pay a fee. Executive membership costs $120. The $60 is for membership, and the $60 is the upgrade fee. 

The business membership will cost you $60 annually. For affiliate cardholders, you will need to pay an extra $60.

The last membership plan is gold star membership. The subscription for this plan is a $60 annual fee. 

All subscriptions are valid all over the world.

What credit cards does Costco accept?

The good thing about Costco is you can enjoy using multiple cards. You can use Visa, Discover, Costco shop cards, and other pin-based cards.

Where to buy Costco gift cards? 

Suppose you want to buy Costco gift cards; they are available in the brand wholesale stores. Also, the gift cards are available on the Costco website. 

Even to make it easier, gift cards are available in most large retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and others. 

What coffee makers does Costco sell? 

Costco sells different types of coffee makers from various brands. You can get coffee makers like Hamilton beach, Jura, Keurig, etc. 

How much is Folgers coffee at Costco?

Folger coffee at Costco is $11.49 for a 16 oz jar. However, the price might differ from one store to another. 

What is the Costco coffee price?

The signature coffee is Kirkland coffee. It will cost you $19.99 to get 3 pounds of signature Kirkland coffee. 


Costco is an excellent place to enjoy meals mainly due to its membership system. Once you are done shopping, it ensures you can leave the premises with your food. 

With this Costco food court menu price, it’s possible to grab your favorite bite. Even for coffee lovers, the food court offers the best sip. 

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