culver's menu prices 2022

Culver’s Menu Prices Latest Update

Have you ever enjoyed a meal in Culver’s? They have a fantastic menu with some of the best meals for all ages. From the mouthwatering Butterburgers, frozen custards, fries, fish, and salad, it’s a place to enjoy.

The restaurant is one of the fast-food chains that ensure all meals are fantastic. Serving the meals prepared from scratch, everything is fresh and leaves you yearning for more. 

Having Culver’s menu prices at your disposal ensures easy food selection. Even when planning to head there a few days ahead, it’s easy to choose when to eat. 

Besides the amazing menu, Culver’s competes with other prominent restaurants due to unmatched services.

What is Culver’s?

Looking at what Culver’s is, many people wonder where Culvers started and how many culvers are in the US. 

Culver’s is a fast-food chain restaurant based in the United States. It was founded in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin, by Craig and Lea Culver and George and Ruth Culver. 

Since its founding, the restaurant has been expanding to different states. Mainly, it serves the midwestern US and has 862 as of May 2022. 

The headquarters are currently in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, USA. 

Besides the presence in 30 US territories, the restaurant also has a great signature menu. You might be asking what Culvers is known for. 

One of the most famous meals in the restaurant is Butter burgers. Also, fresh frozen custards and cheese curds are on the top menu, making the restaurant famous. 

Culver’s operating time 

Suppose you wish to get a delicious menu from this restaurant; it’s essential to know how it operates. Especially, the operating time is vital to know when to get your favorite meal. 

What time does culvers open and close?

The operating time is very accommodating, and everyone has a chance to get their favorite meals. 

Unlike some restaurants with varying times depending on the day, Culver’s have fixed operating time. 

Opening time is 10:30 am from Monday to Sunday. On the other hand, the closing time is 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday. 

As for whether the restaurant s is open during holidays, it is mostly open. However, Culver’s doesn’t open on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. 

Culver’s coffee menu 

Does Culver’s have coffee? For coffee lovers, you can have a sigh since you can enjoy coffee here. Culver’s has Culver’s signature Blue Spoon Blend roasted coffee

You can enjoy it sweetened or unsweetened as well as iced. Therefore, whether the season is hot or freezing, a cup of coffee will keep your body refreshed and alert. 

Apart from the coffee, there is tea, juices, and milkshakes

Why is Culver’s so good?

Well, there are many reasons why Culver’s is a good restaurant. They have a broad and diverse menu. Whether it’s adults or kids, there are meals for everyone. Therefore, its top consideration when selecting where to eat. 

What to get at Culver’s which makes it unique? Because there are many restaurants in the US, you might be wondering why choose this one. Their signature menu is the reason you should check them out. 

Culver’s Menu Summarized 

Culver’s ButterBurgers Menu 

ButterBurgersSize Price 
Wisconsin Swiss Melt Single $3.39
Wisconsin Swiss Melt Double $5.09
Wisconsin Swiss Melt Triple $6.59
Sourdough Melt Single $3.39
Sourdough Melt Double $5.09
Sourdough Melt Triple $6.59
Sourdough Melt Single$3.39
Sourdough Melt Double $5.09
Sourdough Melt Triple $6.59
Mushroom And SwissSingle$3.39
Mushroom And SwissDouble $5.09
Mushroom And SwissTriple $6.59
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconSingle$3.59
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconDouble $5.29
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconTriple $6.79
Cheddar ButterBurgerSingle$3.09
Cheddar ButterBurgerDouble $4.79
Cheddar ButterBurgerTriple $6.29
ButterBurger CheeseSingle$2.99
ButterBurger CheeseDouble $4.59
ButterBurger CheeseTriple $6.29
ButterBurger The OriginalSingle$2.79
ButterBurger The OriginalDouble $4.29
ButterBurger The OriginalTriple $5.59
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeSingle$3.49
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeDouble $5.09
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeTriple $6.49
The Culver’s DeluxeSingle$2.99
The Culver’s DeluxeDouble $4.59
The Culver’s DeluxeTriple $5.99

Culver’s Sandwiches & Favorites Menu 

Sandwiches & FavoritesSize Price 
Chicken Sandwich CrispyCrispy $4.29
Chicken Sandwich GrilledGrilled $7.29
Chicken Tenders4 Pcs$7.99
Chicken Tenders 2 Pcs$4.99

Culvers Kids’ Meals Menu 

Kids’ MealsSize Price 
Grilled Cheese$4.99
Corn Dog$4.99
Tenders 2 Pcs$4.99
Butter Burger Cheese$4.99
Butter Burger$4.99
culver's burger menu prices
Butter burger

Culver’s Salads & Soups Menu 

Salads & SoupsPrice 
Chili Supreme$3.29
George’s Chili$2.89
Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad Grilled Chicken$6.49
Garden Fresco Salad$4.19
Chicken Cashew Salad$6.49

Culver’s Drinks Menu 

DrinksSize Price 
Bottled Water$1.69
White or Chocolate Milk$1.69
Root Beer Float Medium$2.99
Root Beer Float Small$2.29
Soft Drink Small$1.69
Soft DrinkMedium $1.89
Soft DrinkLarge $2.29
Iced TeaSmall $1.69
Iced TeaMedium $1.89
Iced TeaLarge $2.29
Signature Roast CoffeeMedium$1.39

Culver’s Mixers, Shakes & Malts Menu

Mixers, Shakes & MaltsSize Price 
Malts Short $2.69
Malts Regular $3.79
Malts Tall $4.59
ShakesShort $2.59
ShakesRegular $3.69
ShakesTall $4.49
Concrete MixersMini $2.69
Concrete MixersShort $3.09
Concrete MixersRegular $4.19
Concrete MixersTall $4.99

Culver’s Sundaes Menu 

SundaesSize Price 
Caramel Cashew1 Scoop$3.79
Caramel Cashew2 Scoop$4.59
Caramel Cashew3 Scoop $5.29
Turtle1 Scoop $3.79
Turtle2 Scoop $4.59
Turtle3 Scoop $5.29

Culver’s Sides Menu

Cheese Curds$3.49
Chili Cheddar Fries$3.49
Onion Rings$2.69
Side Salad$1.89
Mashed Potatoes$1.89
Cole Slaw$1.89
Crinkle Cut Fries$1.89

Culver’s Cones & Dishes Menu  

Cones & DishesSize Price 
Waffle Cone1 Scoop $2.79
Waffle Cone2 Scoop $3.49
Waffle Cone3 Scoop $4.09
Cake Cone or Dish1 Scoop $2.29
Cake Cone or Dish2 Scoop $2.99
Cake Cone or Dish3 Scoop $3.59

Culver’s Menu FAQ 

How much is a culver’s kids meal? 

There are different kid’s meals at Culver’s your kids can enjoy. The cost of a kid’s meal is $4.99. 

What states are culvers in? 

The restaurant is available in 30 territories. These are the states where you can find Culver’s restaurants. 

VirginiaNew Jersey
MarylandU.S. Virgin Islands
GuamNew Hampshire
Rhode IslandMassachusetts
NevadaNew York
West VirginiaNew Mexico
American SamoaNorthern Mariana Islands
Puerto RicoLouisiana
District of ColumbiaOregon

Where are culvers located in the US? 

Culver’s has 885 locations in 30 US territories. You can find the nearest location via their locator. 

What is gluten free at culvers?

There are different gluten-free meals like salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, and other wheat-free meals. 

What time does culvers serve lunch? 

If you want to enjoy lunch at Culver’s, it is served from 10:00 am. 

How much is a Culver’s soft drink? 

The cost of soft drinks at Culver’s is $1.69 small, $1.89 Medium, and $2.29 large sizes. 

What does a small drink cost at culvers?

The smallest drink at Culver’s costs $1.69, and it is a soft drink. 

How many ounces in a medium drink at culvers?

A medium drink at Culver’s has approximately 13.4 oz.  


 Having your best meal at Culver’s leaves you enjoying. There are many meals you can choose to make your day. However, it is even more enjoyable to check this Culver’s Menu prices to plan your visit and the type of meal to ask for.