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The Ultimate Guide On How to Descale Breville Coffee Maker (Step-by-Step)

Scaling is a common problem among cooking appliances due to minerals in the water. Coffee makers tend to suffer from the problem. While the layers of accumulated minerals are not toxic, they may affect the quality of your coffee. 

In this guide, we will show you stepwise how to descale Breville coffee makers. It doesn’t matter the level of mineralization, but you will be able to clean it to loom as new

With frequent clean descale, you can enjoy amazing tasting coffee without flavor adulteration by the minerals. 

What does descale mean on Breville?

Descaling means removing deposited minerals on the coffee makers. The deposition occurs due to dissolved minerals in water (hard water). 

How does scaling happen in Breville coffee makers? 

Dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium in tap water, cause scaling problems. Although the water looks clean, it’s full of dissolved elements. 

The scaling process happens when these minerals are deposited in the pot surfaces and heating elements. In extreme cases, there is great efficiency reduction which affects your coffee-making process. 

Besides, the buildup of minerals can clog the machine hence affecting the flow of the coffee properly. 

How to tell if your Breville coffee maker need descaling? 

If you have a Breville coffee maker, you can easily tell when to descale. When the machine needs descaling, Breville descale lights stay on. Therefore, you know it’s time to give a deep cleaning

How to descale Breville coffee maker? 

Descaling Breville coffee makers is achievable in different ways. There are available descaling solutions, Vinegar and homemade descaling solutions. Some home-prepared solutions are perfect and save a lot of money. 

How to perform Breville dual boiler descale? 

Descaling the Breville dual boiler should not stress you. Whether using Vinegar or descaling solutions, the process is straightforward. 

  • Items you need 
  • Descaling solution /powder
  • Sponge 
  • Flathead Screwdriver (1/8 inch)
  • Tablespoon 

Breville descale instructions 

  1. Ensures the equipment is off. Press the one-cup button and power button simultaneously. 
  2. Press the up button followed by the menu button. A blank screen will appear, and a single cup button will be lit. 
  3. Place the absorptive sponge on the machine drip tray and remove the rubber plugs. 
  4. Take a screwdriver and open the left drain valve to drain the content, followed by the right boiler valve. 
  5. When the boiler is empty, empty the drain tray. 
  6. slide back the drain tray and tighten both drain valves. 
  7. Remove the boiler unit and remove the filter from the water reservoir. 
  8. Add water to about half the tank and add descaling solution and mix well. 
  9. Put the water tank and content back into the boiler 
  10. Push the one cup button to initiate the descaling process, which takes about 20 minutes. 
  11. Drain excess solution by unscrewing both drain valves and screwing them back once completely drained. 
  12. Fill the tank with half water and press the one cup of water to rinse the boiler. Repeat the process once more. 
  13. install the rubber plugs back
  14. Add clean water into the tank and place it in position. 
  15. Your Breville dual boiler is clean and ready for use. 

How to descale Nespresso Breville

  1. Switch on the machine when it prompts the descaling icon on display.
  2. Open and close the lever to emote capsules 
  3. Empty and clean the capsule tray as well as water tank 
  4. Fill the water tank with water to descaling mark 
  5. Add 100ml of descaling liquid and mix 
  6. Ensure the drip tray is in the position and add a 1 liter container under the pouring spout and steam wand. 
  7. Press the start button to initiate the descaling process 
  8. After the process, discard the solution in the tank and drip tray
  9. Rinse the water tank to clean the tank. 
  10. Fill water and press the start button to rinse the machine, discard the remaining water in the drip tray and tank. 
  11. Descaling is now complete 

Descale Breville barista express 

  1. Dissolve the descaling powder into 1-liter water and fill the tank 
  2. Get the machine into descaling mode by simultaneously pressing a 2-cup button and the power button. 
  3. Power button should blink continuously to ensure it’s in descaling mode 
  4. Press one cup button to start the process of coffee component descaling 
  5. Descale steam component by turning steam dial right 
  6. Descale hot water components by turning steal dial left 
  7. Repeat the same components descaling to complete the process. 
  8. When the descaling process is over, add 2 liters of fresh water and repeat procedure 4,5 and 6. 
  9. Press the power button to exit descaling mode. 

Important: Always ensure the filter is detached before beginning the process. 

How to descale Breville barista pro?

  1. Detach the water tank and remove the water filter from the tank.
  2. Fill water to the descale line, add a descaling agent and stir well.
  3. Reattach the water tank into the machine.
  4. Tap the menu button to access the menu. Navigate menu via grind amount dial and select descale. 
  5. Press one cup button to start the process. The cycle involves 3 phases, and the machine will beep when each competes. 
  6. Once descale is complete, the machine will need to complete rinsing. Press one cup button and turn the steam wand when prompted. 
  7. Detach and empty the drip tray and empty any remaining descaling solution in the tank. 
  8. Add fresh water to a MAX mark and press the one cup button to begin the rinse cycles. 
  9. Once the rinse cycles are over, the machine will go back to normal mode. 
  10. Remove the drip tray and tank, dry well before reattaching. 

How to descale Breville bambino?

  1. Empty and reattach drip tray 
  2. Fill water up to descale mark add descaling solution 
  3. Put a large container under the steam wand and group head 
  4. Press the 2 cup button and power buttons at once for 5 seconds; the flashing light persists until the process is over
  5. Wait until the descaling solution is over and add fresh water to the max line
  6. Press the 2 cup button to rinse, the machine will do back to ready mode 
  7. Dry the drip tray and water tank before reattaching them 

How to descale Breville grind control?

  1. Press the cup/carafe button and dial to select water volume 
  2. Set the dial into pre-ground without adding coffee while ensuring the carafe is properly locked
  3. Tap the power button to ensure the cycle is complete 
  4. Add white Vinegar until the display indicates 4 cups
  5. Top up with clean water until the solution reads 12 cups on display
  6. press cup button and turn the dial to 12 cups 
  7. Press strengthen button for 5 seconds to start the descaling process 
  8. When complete, the display will indicate ‘ready’
  9. Discard water in the carafe and rinse well
  10. Press the menu button to return home 

How often should you descale your Breville espresso machine?

Descaling is vital after the coffee maker has serviced you for a while. Breville coffee makers have descaling lights that tell you when to descale. Others have a digital display and will notify you when descaling is needed. 


It is vital to descale Breville coffee makers. This allows it to serve you well without affecting the coffee flavor or performance. Therefore, whether you are a heavy coffee drinker or amateur, you will need to descale your machine at one point. 

There is no more guesswork when deep cleaning your machine with these tips and helpful information. 

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