dirty truth about cat cafes

The Dirty Truth about cat café, are they worth it? 

With cat cafes gaining popularity across North America and Europe, there has been serious concern about these facilities. Although they are meant to offer refuge to cats, some animal charities have criticized these cafes. 

However, are these cafes suitable for cats? We will cover the dirty truth about cat cafes to shed more light on these cafes. 

Whether you plan to visit these cafes, it’s good to have all the information. It will save you from inconveniences and ensure your visit meets your expectations.  

What is a cat café?

Cat cafes are establishments where people visit and pay to interact with cats. They are just like regular cafes but here, you pay to spend time with cats, and you can also order food

The cats live in these cafes where their welfare is taken care of. 

These cat cafes started in n 1998 in Taiwan. It became a global tourist phenomenon where people could spend time with cats. 

Apart from their origin being in Taiwan, cat cafes became popular in Japan. The first café was in Osaka, and it became a popular trend. This was due to the small living area in japan which restricted people from living with pets. 

Currently, many cat cafes are available across several countries, especially in North America and Europe. 

Are cat cafes ethical? 

Whether cat cafes are ethical or not is subject to discussion. Some organizations like RSPCA and Celia Hammond Animal Trust don’t agree with keeping the cats in these cafes.

The organizations argue that keeping a large number of cats in one place with revolving people doesn’t make the environment unideal. 

On the other hand, the same organization like international cat care views these facilities as a challenging environment. But, the atmosphere isn’t impossible to improve. 

Despite the variation in opinions regarding feline cafes, they are ethical as long as the standards are maintained. 

It is worth noting that cats need more care and consideration than dogs. Therefore, to maintain their ethics, a lot is necessary. 

Based on the views of animal campaigners, you might be left wondering, are cat cafes cruel? The truth is if the café serves the purpose of keeping cats happy and healthy, it can be a good place. 

On the other hand, when these establishments prioritize profit at the expense of the welfare of cats, they can be deemed cruel. 

Also, there have been numerous cases of abuse in different cafes. This has tainted these establishments and left people wondering about their essence. 

Besides the abuse, most cafes are after profit instead of animal welfare. 

Like other animal cafes, cat cafes aren’t an exception when it comes to caging of animals. They are only allowed to live in a small space which isn’t comfortable for their lives. 

Some of the main issues with these cafes is that; 

  • Uncontrolled movement of people, the management doesn’t control the number of people that visit these cafes daily. 
  • The cafes are unsuitable for some breeds of cats used to an open world. 
  • There is always a space problem. The cafes have many animals yet space which keeps them in confinement. 
  • Cats and animals, in general, don’t like playing with visitors. Probably, the lack of playfulness is due to stress subjected to the conditions of the cafes. 
  • Animals don’t look healthy. In some of the cafes, animals look pathetic due to a combination of factors. 
  •  Most of the cat cafes have bad ratings. The low rating is due to the condition of animals and other factors that leave people dissatisfied. 
  • Most cafes are profit-oriented; they don’t care about the animal’s welfare. 
  • Due to the small nature of the cafes and cages, animals rarely get private spaces or time. 

Are cat cafes profitable? 

Apart from caring for cats, cafes make money by charging people to spend time with pets. Typically, the charges depend on the hours you spend with the cats. 

Not only do you pay to spend time with pets, but you can also buy food. 

In general, due to the popularity of these cafes, they are profitable. Looking at the rate at which the cafes spring up, there is good profit. 

For instance, if a cat café charges $8 per hour, it can make $80 in a single hour if it has a sitting capacity for 10 people. The more sitting capacity your café has, the more revenue it generates. 

How do cat cafes work? 

Usually, cat cafes aren’t complicated in how they operate. Most of the cafes have different activities. 

When you get into the café, most charges hourly. Therefore, you will pay depending on the number of hours you will spend. 

Besides, the main activity is spending time with cats. Petting and feeding cats are the main activities you will experience in feline cafes. 

As you spend time with a cat, cafes offer different food and drinks for cats and humans. 

Since the cafes are full of people, cats often get little time to spend on their own. This can lead to stress in cats since they love to stay in groups. 

Cat cafe regulations 

Even though a lot is said about these cafes, it’s worth noting that they are excellent if you provide the best conditions for your cats. However, you must know the regulations governing the cafes. 

  1. Suppose you want to visit a cat café; these are some general regulations. 
  2. Always be gentle to cats. They are different and asking the attendant when you want to pet or hold a cat is vital. 
  3. Don’t wake the cats when you get into the café since they love sleeping. 
  4. Avoid running or jumping to avoid scaring the cats; always be calm. 
  5. Don’t leave with a cat; they are always supposed to remain in the lounge. 
  6. Always sanitize before getting into the lounge. This prevents the introduction of pathogens 
  7. Avoid using flash to make sure cats aren’t scared when taking pictures. 

How do cat cafes pass health inspections?

If starting a cat café is in your mind, you need certification from different departments. You will generally undergo certification to ensure your premise can house cats and other functions without risking people and animals. 

Since some are coffee shops with cats, they will need approval from different departments. They need a different set of regulations. 

The first thing is obtaining the operating license. It is vital to obtain operating licenses that will give you the ability to run your café.

Apart from the regular permits, you will also get special licenses to enable this type of café. It will involve public health on food matters and the vet department. 

The certificates ensure there is a high level of operating safety.  


Why are there no dog cafes? 

Contrary to many people that there are no dog cafes, they exist, although not popular. However, running a dog café is expensive and requires more space. 

Are there cat cafes in America? 

Cat cafes are getting more and more popular in Northern America. In the US, there are more than 130 cafes. 

Do cat cafes smell?

Most of the cat cafes don’t have an awful pet smell. Therefore, the air is fresh and welcoming as you spend your time there. The staff ensures there is a clean environment. 


While cat cafes are great ideas, there are a lot of controversies. The criticism from the animal rights organization has seen some of the cafes improve their operations. While many claim to care for cats, the dirty truth about cat cafés is mostly after profit. 

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