does decaf coffee raise blood pressure

Is drinking decaf coffee safe for hypertension? Does decaf coffee raise blood pressure?

To many people, a day without coffee isn’t complete. But, to some, coffee can be problematic due to spiking blood pressure. That is why there is a rise in the popularity of decaffeinated coffee. However, does decaf coffee raise blood pressure? We are about to find out whether caffeine is the real cause of blood pressure increase or if other chemicals are responsible. 

Coffee and Hypertension 

You need to know that coffee isn’t the cause of hypertension. Other factors cause the development of high blood pressure in people. Actually, drinking coffee in moderation is one way to prevent hypertension. Several researches conclude moderate intake of caffeine improves cardiovascular health. 

Although coffee is good for heart health, it increases arterial hypertension. The blood pressure, however, is short-lived and doesn’t put you at risk. When you don’t have other complications, drinking coffee should cause uncontrollable hypertension. 

For people with blood pressure problems, excessive coffee consumption can lead to a chronic increase in blood pressure

Can caffeine increase blood pressure? 

Caffeine is the main culprit when it comes to an increase in blood pressure. Drinking a standard cup of coffee increases pressure by several points. However, according to health experts, besides caffeine, other coffee compounds can also contribute to increased blood pressure. 

While caffeine is the main compound that causes hypertension, even decafs cause increased pressure in some people. 

can caffeine increase blood pressure

How does caffeine affect your blood pressure?

Caffeine affects blood pressure by increasing adrenalin. Combining the adrenalin and blood vessel constriction causes increased pulse rates. With increased heart activity and smaller vessels, there is an increase in blood pressure

Is decaf coffee an alternative for people with blood pressure? 

Drinking decaf coffee is one of the ultimate ways to deal with temporary blood pressure surges after drinking coffee. According to studies, decaf coffee only raises blood pressure slightly lower than regular coffee. However, drinking decaf doesn’t mean you won’t experience a slight spike. 

What are the benefits of decaf coffee? 

Well, drinking decaf coffee comes with different benefits. Apart from reduced blood pressure, these are some of the other benefits. 

  • Reduced insomnia: caffeine is a compound in coffee that leads to sleep disturbance. Eliminating it means you can enjoy coffee while enjoying undisrupted sleep. 
  • Reduced anxiety: besides undisrupted sleep, decaf doesn’t cause anxiety-like regular coffee. 
  • High in antioxidants: despite the decaffeination process, the coffee offers high antioxidant levels. 

What are the downsides of decaf coffee? 

Although decaf coffee is ideal for reduced pressure, it also has some downsides. Some of the disadvantages you will experience include the following.

  • Presence of residue chemicals: coffee decaffeinated through chemical ways can have traces of residues. This is detrimental since accumulating these chemicals in the body can lead to other problems. 
  • Some studies claim decaf can increase the risk of heart failure. However, other studies also claim that whether you drink decaf or caffeinated, they offer similar cardio benefits. 

Can you drink decaf coffee with high blood pressure? 

When you can’t withstand drinking regular coffee due to the spike in pressure, the best option is to pick decaf. The coffee has very little caffeine: less than 2mg, ensuring the body doesn’t cause a spike in blood pressure. 

As mentioned, removing caffeine significantly reduces the ability to cause hypertension. However, there is still a slight spike due to other chemicals in coffee. 

Besides being safe for hypertension drinkers, decaf is also easy to digest. The caffeine can cause bitterness; once eliminated, the coffee is smooth, sweet, and easy to digest. 

While drinking decaf coffee is famous for eliminating hypertension risks, taking precautions is also essential. Although many people think decaf doesn’t cause raised pressure, it does but on a small level. 

Final words 

Switching to decaf coffee is one of the surest ways to ensure no more spiked blood pressure. With caffeine gone, it means the coffee is superb for everyone. For anyone asking, does decaf coffee raise blood pressure? There are no more questions since it doesn’t cause elevated blood pressure. 

While decaf is excellent and doesn’t raise blood pressure, it is always best to consult before taking action. Although it’s rare, some people can also react to decaf coffee. 


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