how much caffeine is in a starbucks refresher

Finding what’s in a cup of Starbucks refresher 

Starbucks always understands the importance of innovation and the requirements of the consumer. This is why the company has come up with a unique drink called Starbucks refresher.

The drink consists of sparkling juices of fruits mixed with water and just the right amount of green coffee extracts to activate your mind and keep you fresh and running throughout the burning heat in summer.

Caffeine is an ingredient that keeps you active by increasing your energy metabolism. This is why people who consume coffee stay active and energetic.

If you think that coffee is the only way to consume caffeine, then I bet you haven’t heard of this interesting beverage yet. You no longer have to drink hot coffee in the summer to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Starbucks promotes coffee in novel ways for both coffee and non-coffee lovers. If you are on the hunt to get your dose of caffeine, read more about an interesting beverage, the Starbucks Refresher.

What is a Starbucks refresher?

If you are a coffee lover, even the aroma of freshly roasted coffee will give your tastebuds a tinge. But for people who aren’t fanatics of the aroma, Starbucks has developed a unique beverage. The drink contains green coffee extract.

Normally to brew coffee, the coffee beans are dried and roasted to enhance the flavor. But the Starbucks refresher contains extracts from the green coffee beans, i.e., just out of the plant. The mild and refreshing flavor will kick start your brain cells and keep you fresh even on a summer afternoon.

This is a perfect pick-up drink when you are exhausted and at the peak of the day looking out for some refreshment. Apart from this, the refresher also has frozen dried fruits and comes with a fruity flavor and taste. 

Do all Starbucks refreshers have caffeine?

Currently, there are four Starbucks refresher flavors available in the outlets. Kiwi Starfruit, Mango dragon fruit, Strawberry Açai, and Very Berry Hibiscus. All of these drinks have one element in common, green coffee extract.

You can customize the drink in terms of flavor deepening on your choice. For people who wish to enjoy the fruity taste, you can order a basic Starbucks refresher made from triple-filtered water.

The other drinks’ other elements include ice, frozen dried fruits, and fruit extract or juice. If you wish to add a tinge of refreshment to the plain drink, you can make your drink out of lemonade instead of triple-filtered water. This will enhance the refreshing element in your drink.

For people who wish to enjoy a taste twist, the drink is also served with coconut milk. For example, when you order a pink drink, you get a cup of strawberry acai refresher caffeine with coconut cream. 

How much caffeine is in a Starbucks refresher?

As mentioned above, all Starbucks refresher drinks have caffeine in them, irrespective of the flavor. For example, when you order a Tall Starbucks refresher, the drink contains approximately 35 mg of caffeine. The Grande drink contains 45 milligrams of caffeine. The venti and Trenta Starbucks refresher caffeine content are about 70 and 90 milligrams of caffeine each. The amount of caffeine in Starbucks refreshers is appropriate enough to rejuvenate and replenish your exhausted body.

Does the mango dragonfruit refresher have caffeine? 

The mango dragon fruit refresher is made from sweet mango juice and tiny dragonfruit bits. The freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces in the mango dragon fruit refresher base, wilted with lemonade or water, are the perfect drink you will need every day. The mango dragon fruit refresher, in addition to this, also contains green coffee extract with a caffeine content just enough to give you a zing.

Does the dragon drink have caffeine?

The dragon drink is unique in taste because of the coconut cream used in making the drink. The creamy coconut milk, along with the mango dragonfruit refresher base and bits of frozen dragon fruit, is a treat to the eyes and your tastebuds. Grab the drink to supplement your health and caffeine requirements, as this drink also contains 35 mg of caffeine in a Tall drink and 90 mg of caffeine in a Trenta.

Does the kiwi starfruit refresher have caffeine?

Kiwi star fruit refresher is an all-time favorite for people who love the flavors of kiwi and starfruit. The slightly acidic tart and tangy flavor will give your tastebuds a refreshing feeling. This drink is indeed wholesome combined with triple-filtered water, bits of the zingy flavored kiwi, topped with ice. Of course, for a more crispy taste, you can always make a lemonade refresher for enhanced taste and flavor. And yes, don’t forget our key ingredient, the green coffee extract, without which the drink is incomplete.

Does the acai refresher have caffeine?

There are two açai flavored refreshers currently available in Starbucks. The strawberry açai refresher is shaken, blended, and made according to the consumer’s requirements. The blueberry açai refresher comes in a package containing real blueberry and açai extract, along with Vitamin B and Ginseng.

This is a grab-and-go drink for people who are in a whizz. The 12 fluid ounce drink contains about 50 mg of caffeine and is indeed very refreshing. 

Final words

There was also a very, very hibiscus refresher that is currently discontinued. However, all the other refresher flavors are packed with the goodness of fruit extracts. The strawberry açai refresher continues to be the top seller. However, all the flavors have a unique taste and are preferred by consumers of different criteria. 

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