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Where Do You Enjoy Hearty Southern Dishes and Delicious Coffee? Dot Coffee Shop Menu Prices

Walking anytime in a restaurant and getting your favorite meal is thrilling. However, it’s not common to find your favorite restaurant operating at midnight. Dot coffee shop is a restaurant that gives you 24 hours of operations. Whether you walk in in the morning or late, your coffee or food is always ready. 

If you are around Houston, Texas, this is the latest Dot Coffee Shop menu prices. It offers amazing homemade meals which you can enjoy. Whether it’s breakfast or late-night dinner, you can hop into the café and enjoy. 

What is Dot Coffee Shop? 

Dot coffee shop is a restaurant established in 1967 in Houston, Texas. It’s a full restaurant dealing with a variety of food and beverages. Founded by the Pappas brothers, it is one of the first restaurants still operating in Houston. 

Besides being one of the earliest restaurants, it is unique in that the operations are 254 hours. Currently, the restaurant is owned by the Pappas family, Harris and Chris. 

Apart from the Dot Coffee Shop, the Pappas family owns other establishments. Some restaurants include Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Pappasito’s Cantina, and Pappas Bros Steakhouse, among others. 

What is popular at Dot Coffee shop? 

The restaurant is famous for its variety of dishes and beverages. Especially the Chicken fried steak, French toast, pork chop, Huevos Rancheros, and other tasty meals. On the beverages side, some of the popular ones include regular coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. 

Does Dot Coffee Shop offer franchising Services? 

The coffee shop is a private family business and isn’t a franchise. Owned by the Pappas family, the restaurant doesn’t run a franchising business model. 

How many Dot Coffee Shop locations are there? 

where is Dot coffee shop

Although the restaurant has been operating for 5 decades, it still maintains a single location. Located at South Woodridge Houston, TX, it has no other location. However, you can enjoy their tasty homemade meals through the delivery services. 

Dot Coffee Shop Menu Prices


Item Price 
Fried Cheese$9.95
Fried Mushrooms$8.95
Fried Pickles$7.95
Dinner Rolls$1.95
Buffalo Wings$13.95
Chicken & Rice Soup$2.95

Famous (Served with French fries & one side)

Item Price
Chicken Fried Steak$17.95
Country Fried Chicken Breast$17.95


Item Price 
House Salad$4.95
Bowl of Soup & Salad$8.95
Chopped Salad$9.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$12.95
Fried Chicken Tenderloin Salad$12.95

Gulf Coast Seafood 

Item Price 
Fried Shrimp$17.95
Fried Catfish$17.95
Fried Shrimp & Catfish$19.95


Item Price 
Ribeye Steak (12 oz.) $22.95
Chopped Steak (12 oz.)$15.95


Item Price 
Buffalo Wings$13.95
Fried Chicken Strip Dinner$.14.95
Fried Chicken Strips & Fried Cheese$.16.95

From the Fountain

Item Price 
Old Fashioned Shakes$3.95
Coke or Root Beer Float$3.95
Ice Cream (1 Scoop)$1.55
Ice Cream (2Scoops)$2.85

Jumbo Burgers

(All burgers include mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles. Served with chips. Substitute French fries $2.50. Double Dot Burger add $2.95. Add a House Salad $2.50.)

Cheeseburger $12.95
Bacon Cheeseburger$13.95
Patty Melt$12.95

Classic Sandwiches

(Sandwiches served with chips. Substitute French fries $2.50. Add a House Salad or Homemade Soup $2.50. Add bacon 95¢.)

Item Price 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Super Chicken)$12.95
Grilled Chicken Club (Super Chicken)$12.95
Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich (Super Chicken)$12.95
Dot BLT$11.95
Grilled Ham & Cheese Melt$9.95
Turkey Melt $10.95
Dot Club$12.95
Philly Steak & Cheese Sandwich$14.95
Grilled Cheese $7.95

Homemade Desserts

Item Size Price 
Pecan PieSlice$5.95
Pecan PieWhole $29.00
Apple PieSlice $5.95
Apple PieWhole $23.00
Apple Pie a la Mode Slice$6.75
Vanilla CheesecakeSlice$6.95
Vanilla CheesecakeWhole$44.95
Key Lime PieSlice $5.95
Key Lime PieWhole $23.00
Banana Cream PieSlice$5.95
Banana Cream PieWhole$23.00
Strawberry Cream PieSlice$5.95
Strawberry Cream PieWhole$23.00
Chocolate Cream PieSlice$5.95
Chocolate Cream PieWhole$23.00
Coconut Cream PieSlice$5.95
Coconut Cream PieWhole$23.00
Lemon MeringueSlice$5.95
Lemon Meringue Whole$23.00
Carrot Cake Slice$5.95
Carrot Cake Whole$23.00
Mudslide CakeSlice$5.95
Mudslide CakeWhole$23.00
Chocolate or Strawberry SundaeSlice$5.95
Chocolate or Strawberry SundaeWhole$23.00
Banana SplitSlice$5.95
Banana SplitWhole$23.00


Item Price 
French Fries$2.50
Mashed Potatoes$2.50
Rice & GravyCornbread Dressing$2.50
Early Peas$2.50
Green Beans$2.50
Buttered Carrots$2.50
Buttered Corn$2.50
Black Eyed Peas$2.50
Mac & Cheese$2.50
Raisin Salad$2.50

Original Breakfast 

(Served with a choice of golden hash browns or grits & white or wheat toast. Substitute biscuits for toast 95¢)

Item Price 
Ribeye Steak$17.95
Two Eggs$13.95
Smoked Sausage or Chopped Steak$13.95
One Egg$9.95
Chicken Fried Steak$16.95
Pork Chop$13.95
Chicken Fried Chicken$16.95
Fried Catfish$.16.95

Signature Breakfasts

Item Price 
Breakfast Sandwich$10.95
Country Breakfast$10.95
Huevos Rancheros$13.95
Grand Prix$14.95
Paris Grand Prix$14.95
Breakfast Feast$16.95

Hearty Pancakes & French Toast

Item $Price 
Buttermilk Pancakes [short stack (2)]$8.95
Two Buttermilk Pancakes$10.95
Three Buttermilk Pancakes$12.95
Pecan Nut Pancakes$11.95
Banana Nut Pancakes$11.95
Strawberry Pancakes$11.95
French Toast$9.95
French Toast with Meat$12.95
French Toast & Strawberries$11.95
French Toast & Bananas$11.95

Giant Omelettes

(Served with a choice of golden hash browns or grits &white or wheat toast. Substitute biscuits for toast 95¢)

Cheese Omelette$10.95
Ham & Cheese Omelette$13.95
Sausage, Bacon & Cheese Omelette$.15.95
Veggie Omelette$11.95
Chicken Fajita Omelette$14.95
Denver Omelette $13.95
Houston Omelette$.15.95


Coffee (regular or decaffeinated)$2.95
Hot Chocolate$2.95
Iced or Hot Tea$2.95
Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade)$2.95
Juice (apple, orange, tomato, cranberry juice)$3.75
Chocolate Milk$3.25

A La Carte

Item Price
Breakfast Fruit Cup$3.95
Two Eggs$5.95
Hash Browns$3.95
Biscuits (2)$3.75
Two Biscuits & Gravy$5.95
Bacon (4 slices)$5.95
Sausage Links (2)$4.95
Sausage Patties (2)$4.95
Smoked Sausage$4.95

Lunch and Diner options 

Item Price 
Country Meatloaf$12.95 -$14.95
Smothered Pork Chops$13.95 -$15.95
Chopped Steak$13.95 -$15.95
Blackened or Fried Catfish$15.95 -$17.95
Chicken Fried Chicken or Steak $15.95 -$17.95
Grilled or Fried Pork Chops $13.95- $15.95
Pot Roast$13.95 -$15.95
Turkey & Dressing$13.95- $15.95
Beef Tips & Rice $14.95- $16.95

How to order from Dot Coffee Shop?

Dot coffee shop offers dine-in and curbside pickups. Therefore, when you don’t want to queue or wait, you can improve convenience by ordering online. Although the online order is available, the restaurant doesn’t deliver. To beat queuing, this is how to pre-order online. 

1. Get into the Dot Coffee Shop webpage and check ‘order online’ on the top section and click it. 

order Dot coffee shop online 1

2. When you click on ‘Order Online,’ you will be redirected to a new tab Pappas ordering page

order Dot coffee shop online 2

3. Scroll down to see the menu and choose your favorite item. Click on your favorite m menu item and customize using available options. Once done, click ‘add to cart.’ Your order is now ready for collection at the restaurant. 

order Dot coffee shop online 3

Dot Coffee Shop contact information & Operating hours 

Postal address: 7006 I-45 South at Woodridge Houston, TX 77087

Operating Time: Mon-Sun 24 hours operations 

Telephone: +1 (713) 644-7669 

Contact Form: 

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Final words 

Dot coffee shop is the ultimate restaurant where meals never run out. It’s always available, and meals are ready for customers. With huge Dot Coffee Shop menu prices, you can always hop in and enjoy delicious treats and beverages prepared from scratch. 


Is there breakfast at night? 

Yes, the restaurant serves breakfast at all times, day and night. 

Does Dot coffee have Wi-Fi? 

The restaurant has a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you can enjoy browsing as you dine. 

Is the place good for kids? 

Dot coffee shop is good for kids as it has a family-friendly menu and environment. 

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