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Get Hold of the Perfect Dunkin Free Birthday Drink

Everyone enjoys a free drink, and if it is on your birthday, it makes the celebration even more joyous. The dunkin free birthday drink opportunity is one of the best coffee treats you can avail of on your birthday and feel refreshed.

Many places offer a free birthday drink, but availing these rewards is a hassle. But at Dunkin’, it is a smooth and easy process for all the people with their birthdays.

Dunkin Rewards

You are surely living under the rock if you haven’t heard of the DD perks rewards. All you need is a Dunkin’ card. This card can be used when you buy beverages at Dunkin’, and the reward points are added to the card after every purchase.

You can redeem these points once you have 200 points and use them to buy yourself any drink. However, these points will get expired if you do not use your DD Card for more than 6 months.

How to Scan Dunkin Cup?

how to get a free dunkin drink on your birthday

A Dunkin’ cup has QR Code privilege for all DD Perks Royalty members. You can utilize this scanning feature if you pay through cash in a drive-thru or in-store for your Dunkin’ purchase. Just scan the QR code while check-out to avail the reward points for your purchase which can be used for a free drink later.

If you wonder how many DD points per dollar you get, we bring you all the answers. According to the Dunkin’ Perks policy, any member would get five points for every $1 you spend.

How to Earn Dunkin Points?

You may accumulate points by paying for eligible purchases with your registered Dunkin’ Card at restaurants that partner with the DD Perks program. Every $1 you spend earns you 5 points, and every 200 points earn you a free beverage Reward Coupon.

Several other regular DD Perks offerings also feature additional point incentives, usually for purchasing a specific item. In addition, you may join the DD Perks scheme by downloading the app or visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts website.

How Many Points is an Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts?

A small iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts costs around $1.99, and thus, you will get to avail yourself of around 5 points.

So, for a medium cup or large cup of iced coffee, you will get around 10-12 points.

How to Get a Free Dunkin Drink on Your Birthday?

One of the most common questions we get is – does Dunkin do birthday rewards.

Dunkin’ Donuts offers its DD Perks customers a free drink on their birthday. It is one of the additional benefits of becoming a member other than getting a free drink on getting 200 points.

Dunkin Donuts Birthday Deal

There is no specific Dunkin birthday promo code for its customers. Instead, you get privileges for being a royalty customer through DD perks. By being a DD Perks member, you are eligible to avail a free drink on your birthday.

The options include iced coffee, hot coffee, tea, latte, hot chocolate, and coolatta. The birthday deal opportunity is available from your birthday till 30 days from it. First, however, ensure that you are signed up as a member, and you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered mostly everything about a Dunkin free birthday drink, we come bearing the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why didn't I get my Dunkin birthday drink?
The first and the most apparent reason for not getting a free Dunkin’ drink on your birthday is that you are not registered as a DD Perks reward member. Secondly, it is also possible that you have not entered your birthday information while signing up for the membership and thus, cannot avail of the birthday drink.
When do you get your free birthday drink from Dunkin?
As the name suggests, any Dunkin’ royalty customer can get a free birthday drink as per the DD perks rewards policy. Two days before your birthday, you will get a notification via e-mail or a message stating that you are eligible for a free drink at Dunkin’s. Then, go to the nearest Dunkin’ store on your birthday or within 30 days of your birthday, and you will get yourself an amazingly delicious Dunkin’ beverage for no cost at all!
What free drink do you get from Dunkin donuts on your birthday?
You can choose from an iced coffee or a hot one, and you have the option to select a latte or a tea. Moreover, if you are not a caffeine-head, you can surely get yourself a hot chocolate or coolatta and celebrate your birthday with Dunkin’.

Final Thoughts

Everyone enjoys having something special on their birthday, and the Dunkin free birthday drink is the perfect gift you give to yourself. So, enjoy all the perks of being a royalty member at Dunkin’s and show off the refreshing gift to one and all. We hope that this article was helpful to you and wish you a very happy birthday!

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