dunn brothers coffee menu prices

Where can you get specialty coffee? Dunn Brothers coffee menu prices

Specialty coffee is one of the best I like drinking nowadays. Since not every coffee labeled specialty coffee meets the highest quality, Dunn Brothers coffee is one of the roasters that offers authentic coffee. Having been in the coffee business for a long time, the beverages and bagged coffee taste great and unique. 

Although I can brew coffee at home, I enjoy coffee and other beverages in Dunn Brothers cafés. The variety of choices from hot and cold iced drinks and baked products make visiting the coffee house unforgettable. Before we continue with what you can get, let’s see the Dunn Brothers coffee menu prices. Find out whether it’s more affordable than your current coffee shop. 

What is Dunn Brothers?

Dunn Brothers is a coffee franchising company that owns coffee houses and roasting facilities. Established in 1987, the company has a fantastic menu and superb services. 

Besides being 30+ years in service, the coffee house has also established different stores. The company primarily serves the Midwest US, with most coffee shops located in Minnesota. 

Established in St. Paul, Minnesota, US, by Ed and Dan Dunn, the company has maintained a solid customer base. 

Who owns Dunn Brothers coffee?

According to QSRMagazine, Dunn Brothers was acquired by Gala Capital partner in 2022. The company acquired 57 locations hence making it the new owner. 

Besides Dunn Brothers, the company also owns Cisc, MOOYAH Burgers, Dillas Quesadillas, among others. 

How many Dunn Brothers locations?

Since its establishment, Dunn Brothers has expanded significantly to other locations. As of 2022, the company had 57 stores. However, this was after scaling down its operations, where it had 78 locations in 2019, to cut the operation cost. 

What time does Dunn Brothers open?

The opening time for Dunn Brothers coffee houses is impressive and will cater to everyone. The regular opening time is 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. However, during the holiday times, the coffeehouse has varying opening times, 

 Some holidays you will not enjoy coffee at Dunn Brothers include Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Staff event day, and New Year’s Day. Checking whether your nearest location opens on holiday is ideal to ensure convenience. 

Does Dun Brothers have Decaf coffee? 

Suppose you like decaf; enjoying the coffee from Dunn Brothers is impressive. The decaf coffee from the company is naturally processed. However, how does Dunn Brothers decaffeinate their coffee? Does Dunn Brothers coffee use water decaffeination? 

According to the company, the decaffeination process is natural and certified by the FDA. The water-based Swiss water decaffeination process ensures no chemicals, and coffee remains natural and flavorful. 

Dunn Brothers coffee menu prices 

dunn brothers coffee

Coffee & Specialty Drinks 

Coffee & Specialty DrinksPrice 
Loose Leaf Tea$2.90
Vanilla Iced Nirvana$3.90
Chocolate Steamed Nirvana$3.96
Creamy Coconut Nirvana$4.58
Brewed Coffee$2.37
Vanilla Latte$4.32
Caramel Latte$4.38

Infinite Black Cold Press – Iced Beverages 

Infinite Black Cold Press – Iced Price 
Infinite Black Cold Press$3.13


Ultimate Club Sandwich$10.81


Fruit Smoothie$4.83
Classic Latte$3.60

Seasonal Drinks

Seasonal DrinksPrice 
Red Bull Infusion Orangesicle$6.93
FruiTea Infusion Orangesicle Dream$6.93

Non-Coffee Drinks

Non-Coffee DrinksPrice 
Hot Chocolate$3.45
Red Bull Wild Peach Infusion$8.07
FruiTea Infusion Dragonfruit Berry$6.81
Red Bull Berry Blast Infusion$8.07
FruiTea Infusion Watermelon Strawberry$6.81

Sandwiches & Wraps

Sandwiches & WrapsPrice 
Sherwood Forest Ham$8.50

Lighter Options

Lighter OptionsPrice 
Avocado Toast$5.00
Bacon, Tomato & Egg Toast$4.50


Turkey Sausage and Swiss English Muffin$7.85
Build Your Own Egg Sandwich$7.24
Philly Cheesesteak Breakfast Burrito$8.78
Bacon and Cheddar Burrito$7.78
Sausage and Cheddar Biscuit$7.78
Ham and Swiss Croissant$8.98


Wrap Philly Cheesesteak$11.16
Avocado Grain Veggie Wrap$11.89
The Italian Sandwich$11.76
Chicken Pesto Naan Pizza$10.39
Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich$10.45
Almond Chicken Salad Wrap$10.21
Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich$10.31
Pepperoni Naan Pizza$9.27
Turkey BLT Wrap$10.42
California Chicken Sandwich$10.80
Margherita Naan Pizza$9.78
Tuscan Turkey Sandwich$10.62


Avocado Grain Wrap$8.33

Grab N Go

Grab N GoPrice 
Kettle Chips Salt and Vinegar$1.87
Red Bull$3.80
Soda 12 oz Can$1.85
Kettle Chips Original$1.83
Soda 20 oz Bottle$3.38
Lavender London Fog- Seasonal$4.31


White Chocolate Raspberry Scone$2.80
Blueberry Scone$2.80
Apple Cinnamon Scone$2.80
Pistachio Muffin$2.95
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin$2.95
Double Chocolate Muffin$2.95
Blueberry Muffin$2.95
Apple Cinnamon Scone$2.80
Gluten-Free English Muffin$2.10
English Muffin$1.10
Lemon Creme Fan Danish$2.90
Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissant$3.15
Chocolate Avalanche Croissant$3.15
Butter Croissant$3.00
Almond Croissant$3.15
Cookie Mac Nut White Choc Chip$2.30
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.30
Cinnamon Twist$3.25
Cinnamon Roll$3.85
Chocolate Lava Donut$2.10
Ghirardelli Brownie$2.70
Apple Pie Donut$2.60
Apple Fritter$3.45

Final Words 

Dunn Brothers is the right place to be when you need to enjoy excellent coffee. With coffee sourced from different regions, you can taste the diversity. Also, the delicious bakery ensures every time you can have a yummy bite and a tasty coffee sip. 


Can I get fresh roasted coffee beans at Dunn Brothers?

Yes, according to the coffee house, the coffee is always fresh and never older than 5 days during delivery. 

Is Dunn Brothers coffee gluten-free? 

Yes, the coffee from Dunn Brothers is gluten-free. However, the establishment handles gluten-related food such as wheat products. The gluten-free coffee is clearly labeled.

What is Dunn Brothers coffee royalties?

Usually, the Dunn Brothers Royalty fee is 5% after buying into the franchise. In addition, there is a 3% advertisement fee. 

Can I open the Dunn Brothers app on the desktop?

Dunn Brothers doesn’t have a desktop app. The only apps are for Android and Apple smartphones.