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What’s Available at Kyle Dutch Bros? Latest Dutch Bros Coffee Kyle Menu Prices, FAQ, and Answers

If Dutch Bros is one of your favorite coffee chops, you must attest that their beverages are classic. Besides, the services are excellent, which keeps you returning whenever you feel the urge to refuel your body. Having enjoyed various drinks at different Dutch Bros outlets, I must attest there is consistency in the quality across all the branches. 

Although the menu can differ depending on the location, signature coffee drinks are available in all locations. If you are around Kyle, Texas, there is a Dutch Bros outlet. Before you head there, check this Dutch Bros coffee Kyle menu prices. 

When was Dutch Bros Kyle opened? 

Dutch Bros has been in service for more than 30 years since its founding. The coffee company has been expanding since its establishment. A branch in Kyle, Texas, is one of the latest establishments in 2022. The branch opened on 29 June, allowing people of Kyles to enjoy the signature coffee house beverages. 

The store is located east of Interstate 35, a few meters north of Kohler’s Crossing. Besides being close to a busy highway, the store has massive parking that accommodates a good number of customers even for 

What is popular at Dutch Bros Kyles? 

If you have enjoyed the Dutch Bros menu in other branches, you must wonder what is popular in this location. The store offers some of the signature coffee drinks in other stores. 

Some of the favorite menu items at Kyle’s store include Kicker, an Irish Cream Breve. Annihilator, a chocolate macadamia nut breve, and 9-1-1; 6 shots Irish cream breve are among the top grabs. Double torture, Cocomo, and caramelize are also famous coffee beverages. 

If you aren’t in a coffee mood, there is also a variety of tea drinks. Peach, tropical, passion fruit, and double Rainbro are exceptional non-coffee beverages. 

Apart from the non-coffee beverage, there are smoothies, kids, and other drinks. The delicious bites like chocolate chip muffin cakes, Glanolar bar, and other bites are perfect alongside the beverages. 

How can I contact Dutch Bros Coffee Kyle?

If you want to contact the store, you can do it through the following means.

Postal Address: 20325 I-35, Kyle, TX, 78640, United States
Phone:+1 541-955-4700
Email: [email protected] 
Contact Form: https://www.dutchbros.com/contact-us
Career: https://www.dutchbros.com/apply/TX1203 

What are Dutch Bro Kyle operating hours? 

For anyone looking to order their coffee or other beverage, the store doesn’t run 24 hours; operating time depends on the day. The drive-thru opens from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the opening time is 5:00 AM, and the closing time is 11:00 PM.

Dutch Bros coffee Kyle menu prices

Dutch bros coffee kyle list

Dutch Classics

Double Torture    Small$3.00
Double Torture    Medium$3.50
Double Torture    Large $4.50
911Large $4.50
Chai Tea   Small$3.00
Chai Tea   Medium$3.50
Chai Tea   Large$4.50
White Chocolate MochaSmall$3.00
White Chocolate MochaMedium$3.50
White Chocolate MochaLarge $4.50
CocomoLarge $4.50
Caramelizer Small$3.00
Caramelizer Medium$3.50
Caramelizer Large $4.50
KickerLarge $4.50
Extra Coffee Shot$0.50

Blended Drinks

( Flavors Available: Mango, Peach, Blueberry, Wildberry,  Pomegranate, Green Apple, and Strawberry)

Dutch Frost  16oz$3.50
Dutch Frost  24oz$4.50
Dutch Frost  32oz$6.50
Dutch Freeze       16oz$3.50
Dutch Freeze       24oz$4.50
Dutch Freeze       32oz$6.50

Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Blue Rebel16oz$3.50
Blue Rebel24oz$4.50
Blue Rebel32oz$6.50

Infused Teas and Sodas

Item SizePrice
Dutch Soda  Small$1.75
Dutch Soda  Medium$2.25
Dutch Soda  Large $3.00
Dutch Tea Small$1.75
Dutch Tea Medium$2.25
Dutch Tea Large$3.00

Private Reserve

Not-so-Hot $1.50
Mini Smoothie      $2.25
Mini Frost   $2.25


Dutch2O $1.50
Granola Bars $2.25
Muffin Tops   $2.25

Alternative Milk

Item Price
Add Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk$0.50

Jr. Mafia

Item Price 
Kids Lemonade$2.50
Mini Frost$2.50
Mini Smoothie$2.50

Does Dutch Bros Kyle offer indoor seating? 

Like other Dutch Bro outlets, the store at Kyle offers drive-thru services. The store doesn’t offer dine-in or outdoor seating. Also, the location doesn’t offer deliveries if you like your coffee delivered. 

Can you order via the Dutch Bro app? 

If Kyle Dutch doesn’t deliver or offer dine-in, can I order in advance? The good thing is Dutch Bro has an app you can use to order in advance. However, there are no deliveries, and you must pick up your coffee at the store. 

When placing your order online, the app also allows for cashless payment and earning rewards. Additionally, using the app enables customers to earn points, which are redeemable for free drinks. 

Does the store offer dairy alternative milk? 

The store has impressive and healthy alternatives if you can’t take dairy milk. The available vegan milk you can enjoy includes soy, oat, almond, and coconut. 

The dairy milk alternatives at Kyle Dutch Bros are vegan-friendly, but are they gluten-free? If you have gluten issues, dairy-free milk is gluten-free, apart from oat milk. Therefore, if you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, you can switch to safe coconut, soy, and Almond milk. 

Can I buy gift cards at Dutch Bros Kyle? 

If you love gift cards for personal or loved ones, buying physical ones in the store is possible. Besides purchasing gift cards, you can also use the store’s physical and digital gift cards. In connection to gift cards, it is also possible to redeem your reward points for free coffee at the location. 

Is Dutch Bros Kyle wheelchair safe? 

 The good thing is Dutch Bros is convenient for everyone. The café has dedicated wheelchair access, thus friendly to the disabled community.

Final Words 

Dutch Bros coffee – Kyle menu with prices is not different from the rest of the stores. You can get your favorite beverage from this store and enjoy coffee and other drinks. The outstanding services and friendly staff make it the perfect coffee joint to visit.

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