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Fabula Caramelized Coffee Taste, Aroma Analysis: Fabula Caramel K-Cup Coffee Review

Caramel-flavored beverage is a refreshing and perfect way to start your day. But, when you think about coffee, most people add caramel sauce

Fabula has caramelized coffee pods which are an amazing way to enjoy a drink. Instead of adding the sauce, the coffee brings the natural and organic taste of caramel. 

As you think about the coffee, check this Fabula Caramel K-cup coffee review. It is simple and lets you know everything about the coffee and what to expect.

Fabula Caramel K-cup Coffee Review 


  • Bold and intense caramel taste
  • Natural coffee caramelization
  • Massive antioxidants and nutrients
  • Airtight paper pods

  • Coffee has no sugary taste
  • Higher caffeine level

Once you find caramel tasty, Fabula caramel pods are the ultimate choice. Unlike adding the sauce with extra calories, the coffee provides natural flavoring.

Through natural ways, Fabula achieves delicious flavor by roasting special beans. Besides, the packaging in airtight K-cups ensures it remains fresh throughout. 


The origin of Fabula caramel coffee pods is from the best growing regions in the world. Normally, the coffee originates from Peru. 

Considering Latin America has some of the best coffee, you can also be sure it’s one of the best. 


All the science behind the delicious caramel-flavored coffee is professional roasting. 

The aroma mixes roasted nuts, chocolate coffee, and caramel touches. With the mixed aromas, the coffee is amazing. 

caramel flavored coffee


If you like a coffee that leaves you thrilled, Fabula caramel coffee pods are your best choice. The coffee has a distinct flavor that combines roast nuts, caramel, and hints of chocolate coffee.

The flavor always leaves your mouth with an excellent aftertaste. Also, the coffee pods aren’t bitter. 


Despite the coffee being roasted to medium roast and having a caramel flavor, the appearance is consistent. It has brown color meaning it delivers the perfect medium roast color.

Although it’s a medium roast, the grind is fine to enable fast and maximum extraction. 


Fabula uses the best material to package coffee. Even in the caramel-flavored coffee pods, the packaging is amazing. 

Typically, the packaging is made from paper, making pods easy to dispose of. They are biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.

The bag is also compostable since it’s not polluting plastic materials. 


When it comes to pricing, Fabula has a price option for everyone. You can always choose whether to buy one or several packs. 

One-time buy enables you to choose between one or multiple packs. On one pack, you don’t get a discount. However, two packs get 5% while three or more packs get 10% discounts. 

Besides the single-time buy, you can opt to subscribe and save. The option has three choices. You can choose 2 boxes, 3 boxes, and 4 boxes at an amazing 20%, 25%, and 35% discount.

Don’t buy Fabula Caramel K-cup coffee if, 

You like low-caffeine coffee

For anyone who loves low-caffeine coffee, Fabula K-cup caramel coffee has a substantial amount. For decaf, you can choose Fabula decaf caramel coffee. 

You like espresso coffee

If you have a special taste for espresso, k-cups aren’t your best options. The coffee is best for the preparation of a regular beverage. 


While caramel is easy to make at home, having the coffee with the flavor is amazing. The naturally prepared organic coffee with a caramel taste is fulfilling. 

The Fabula caramel K-cups coffee review is amazing and gives the overall quality of this product. You can now enjoy the coffee without trial and error. 


Are Fabula caramel coffee pods compatible with all Keurig machines? 

The coffee pods are incompatible with any K-cup machine from Keurig or other brands. They are only compatible with Keurig K Cup 1.0 & 2.0 Brewers. 

Do Fabula K-Cups leach plastic? 

Fabula K-cups are made from paper which makes them safe. Therefore, no plastic leaching from the pods. 

Is Fabula Caramel coffee naturally flavored? 

The coffee is naturally flavored through processing to achieve flavor. By roasting naturally fermented beans, the coffee achieves a caramel flavor and aroma.

Caramel coffee pods

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