Discover the New Way to Enjoy Exclusive Organic Coffee: Fabula Coffee of the Month Review 2 Fabula Coffee of the Month Review

Discover the New Way to Enjoy Exclusive Organic Coffee: Fabula Coffee of the Month Review

People are looking to enjoy a new sensation every day. However, it’s rare to find a specialty coffee that will quench your thirst to the expectation.

Fabula coffee of the month is one of the choices you can select from a range of exclusive products. With coffee available once a month, you have a chance to enjoy varieties from different regions every month. 

If this coffee excites you, we have a comprehensive Fabula Coffee of the Month Review. It is a fantastic guide that gives you every aspect of why you should enroll in this program.

Fabula Coffee of the Month Review


  • Uniquely sourced coffee
  • Extraordinary tasting coffee
  • Sweet and aromatic
  • Freshly roasted and packed

  • Limited supply
  • Coffee isn’t blended

Fabula is a house of coffee and offers different choices. But, special edition coffee is one of the unique ways to enjoy your brewing experience. 

Unlike the regular supply, coffee of the month option lets you taste different coffees from various regions. Every month Fabula offers new and unique coffee, thus an opportunity to taste the uniqueness of the coffee universe. 


One of the fantastic features of the Fabula special coffee of the month is it comes from different regions. Therefore, coffee drinkers have the opportunity to enjoy flavors and aromas from all over the world. 

Whether you love coffee from Central America, Africa, Asia, and South America, you have a chance to taste it. 

Huehuetenango Guatemala Coffee from Guatemala is one of the special edition coffee featured on the program. Also, Twende, Dem. Rep. of the Congo from Twende in the Democratic Republic of Congo is among the featured coffee. 

Besides, there are other specialty coffees that make the coffee of the month program worth to enroll in. 

Like other coffees from Fabula, Coffees featured in the program are single-sourced and organically produced. Further, the coffee is low acid, mold-free, and GMO-free. 


For everyone wishing to enjoy different coffee aromas from other regions, monthly Fabula coffee is the right choice for you. 

Bearing in mind coffee is sourced from various regions. The aromas are also different. Amazingly, the coffee comes unblended, which lets you enjoy the pure fragrance from specific areas. 

The coffee of the month edition ensures you experience uniqueness in flavor every 4 weeks. 


There is a plethora of flavors when enrolling in coffee of the month. Usually, you can always anticipate new flavors since there are different coffees in the program. 

Just like in the case of aromas, coffee comes from different regions. Therefore, expect to enjoy delicious and fulfilling flavors. 

Since the coffee sourced from different regions have varying taste, it’s an excellent chance to experience the magic. The program lets every Fabula customer enjoy a variety of flavors. 


Fabula coffee of the month appearance is dependent on the roasting. Generally, the coffee comes in different roasts. You can always order light, medium or dark roast. 

Depending on the roast, the coffee appearance is different. Light roast has light brown color with no oily surfaces. The medium roast has a perfect brown color with little oil. However, dark roasts are a bit oily and appear dark brown. 

Whether you order ground or whole beans, there are no color disparities. 


Regarding packaging, Fabula ensures special edition coffee has premium packing. The bags are heavy-duty to guarantee the freshness of the coffee. 

Using standard Fabula packing materials and technology, you will always enjoy top-quality coffee. The bags are resealable; hence coffee remains airtight and fresh. 


The pricing is also exceptional for the Fabula coffee of the month. Buyers can always enjoy flexibility in buying options and prices. 

There is an option for one-time buying and ‘subscribe and save.’ Regardless of the mode of purchase, there are amazing discounts. 

Being a limited-edition coffee doesn’t come with prohibitive pricing. The coffee is highly affordable and offers huge discounts. 

Don’t buy Fabula coffee of the month if, 

You like enjoying single type of coffee

Some customers love sticking to their usual coffee. If you like this, don’t enroll in monthly coffee since it delivers different coffee every month. 

You like blended coffee

For blended coffee lovers, Fabula coffee of the month is single-sourced and unblended. Thus, you will only have one type of coffee at a time. 


When drinking coffee isn’t just a habit, going the extra mile is necessary. This Fabula Coffee of the Month Review shows there is excellent uniqueness. 

With great flavor, aroma, and premium qualities, your coffee drinking will never be the same again. The Fabula special edition coffee is what you should try and explore different region coffees. 


Is Fabula Coffee of the month always available? 

Being coffee of the month, it is only available once under the tag. Therefore, you get a different type of coffee every month. 

Can you get blended coffee of the month at Fabula? 

Currently, Fabula is focusing on offering regional specialty coffee in the program. Thus, you won’t get blended coffee under the coffee of the month. 

Is coffee of the month available for everyone? 

Yes, Fabula coffee of the month is available for everyone. Whether an existing or new customer, you can subscribe to the service. 

Discover the New Way to Enjoy Exclusive Organic Coffee: Fabula Coffee of the Month Review 3 Fabula Coffee of the Month Review

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