Is Fabula Coffee Subscription A Cheaper Option? Fabula Coffee Subscription Review 

Coffee subscription services are on the rise. However, having a reliable coffee subscription box can sometimes be tricky. With many promising great deals, it sometimes can lead to unsatisfied hopes. 

Fabula is one of the coffee subscription services offering amazing quality and services. Quality is their driving force thus, you can enjoy consistent, high-quality coffee. 

With some people already having issues with their current subscription, it’s worth knowing what Fabula can offer. This Fabula coffee subscription review offers some insight on what to expect.

Fabula Coffee Subscription Review

Fabula Coffee 50% off

Coffee Selection 4/5
Coffee Quality 4.5/5
Membership Options 4.7/5 
Flexibility 5/5
Price 4/5

Total 4.5/5

Fabula Coffee Subscription Review


  • 100% organic coffee, chemicals free 
  • Low acidity,stomach-safe beans 
  • Independently tested for contaminants
  • Freshly roasted and packed 
  • GMO and junk free

  • Slightly expensive
  • No variation in coffee grind
  • Not best adding cream

One thing that stands out is the prowess of Fabula to get quality coffee to maintain quality and safety. You can always enjoy coffee with or without a subscription. 

However, getting a subscription ensures constant supply and saves you money. If you want to know whether the subscription is the best for your case, let’s see how this brand performs. 

Coffee Selection 4.5/5

Fabula is committed to selecting the best coffee for its consumers. Unlike other brands, this has a single source that helps maintain flavor, quality, and safety consistency. 

Mainly, the brand sources coffee from the highlands of Peru. The coffee is organic and free from chemicals and GMOs. 

Using arabica coffee beans, the coffee beans are Fairtrade compliant. Since there is excellent sustainability in how Fabula coffee is grown, there is an assurance of an extended supply of quality coffee beans. 

Coffee Quality 4.5/5 

The quality of coffee at Fabula is impressive and will encourage you to love coffee. From sourcing to roasting, there are extra strict quality checks. 

One of the processes is to ensure deformed and damaged beans don’t make it to the final process. Additionally, the beans are tested for different contaminants such as mold and mycotoxins. 

The process of processing coffee to achieve great results starts in the field. With shade-produced coffee they have less acid and ensure gentleness in every consumer.

Once you drink Fabula coffee, there are no acidity or stomach upsets like with other coffees. 

The roasting process is to perfection, ensuring you enjoy the aroma and flavor. Even in bagging, everything ensures that when the coffee reaches you, it’s as fresh as it is during roasting. 

Flexibility 5/5

Apart from enjoying safe and quality coffee, there is also high flexibility in Fabula subscriptions. Unlike other coffee box subscriptions with strict engagement terms, you are the boss here. 

There are flexible membership plans, and prices also vary. If you are not interested in subscriptions, there is a chance of buying coffee without subscribing. 

If you love coffee light, medium, or dark roast, you just need to specify, and that is what Fabula will deliver. Further, you can even opt for a decaf coffee subscription. 

Apart from the plans, you can also customize the delivery frequency and other services. 

Membership Options 4.5/5 

Is Fabula Coffee Subscription A Cheaper Option? Fabula Coffee Subscription Review  1 Fabula coffee subscription review

Fabula offers 3 membership options. However, what is included in the Fabula coffee subscription? You might have this question to know which membership package is best for you. 

The first option offers 2 bags of coffee which costs $23.99 each. The package lets you save up to 20% on retail price. 

The second package offers 3 bags of coffee, each retailing at $22.49. This lets you save 25% of the retail price. 

The last package is 6 bags, each selling at $9.49, which translates to a 35% save. 

Besides, in these packages, you can get a supply for 2 and 4 weeks or set your custom supply duration. 

Amazingly, it’s a coffee subscription with free shipping for every package. Therefore, once you subscribe, there is a regular supply at no extra cost. 

Price 4/5 

Price is one of the significant concerns alongside quality for any membership subscriptions. For Fabula, the price is way above the standard price for a 12oz coffee bag. 

Although the price is premium, the coffee is worth it since it’s of high quality and there is a timely supply schedule. 

The coffee subscription is way great to complain about the price. 

Overall Experience 4.5/5

Overall, I would recommend getting the subscription. The lowest package option is fantastic; you can try it before upgrading. 

Since the brand allows for anytime cancellation, it’s impressive since you can cancel if you are not impressed. 

The 50% discount for new customers and 30 days money guarantee are also impressive. You get assurance of what you are subscribing to with minimum risks.

Is Fabula Coffee Subscription A Cheaper Option? Fabula Coffee Subscription Review  2 Fabula coffee subscription review

Don’t subscribe to Fabula Coffee If… 

You love creamy coffee 

Fabula coffee is excellent, and its taste is remarkable. However, it is not the best when you are looking for a coffee that is perfect for adding cream. 

You are looking for a coffee bag with Ziploc 

Ability to close the packaging bag after a scoop is excellent for keeping the coffee fresh for a long time. However, the locking mechanism in Fabula coffee bags isn’t reliable. Therefore, you can’t store the coffee for a long time once opened except for using a coffee container. 

How does Fabula subscription work? 

Fabula coffee subscription is super easy. Even when you are a beginner, becoming a member is no complicated process. 

1. The first step is logging into their registration webpage. After you register, you can now shop or move ahead to subscribe to their coffee supply services. 

2. After you are a member, choose the type of coffee you want; bag or pod. 

Choose Coffee Type

3. Select your preferred roast; light, medium, dark, or decaf.

step2 choose  coffee roast

4. The next step is to choose whole beans or ground. (Skip this automatically if you select coffee pod in step 2)

Select coffee type

5. Then choose the number of bags you want to be supplied; 2, 3, or 6. These are the available subscription packages. 

How many bags

6. The final step is to choose the preferred delivery schedule, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or customize your plan. 


Once you are done, you are now eligible to receive your coffee at home with no extra cost for shipment. 


Does Fabula have a coffee subscription?

Besides buying coffee at Fabula, the brand also has a subscription program. They have flexible subscription plans for everyone. 

What are Fabula coffee subscriptions? 

The Fabula coffee subscription is a program where you register to enjoy a regular coffee supply. Usually, the subscription allows you to choose your preferred delivery duration. 

How do I cancel the Fabula coffee subscription?

Fabula allows you to cancel your membership anytime without complications. Also, you can request your money back if you are a new member within 30 days.

Is the Fabula coffee subscription worth it?

By means, Fabula coffee subscription is worth your money. The freshness of their coffee is excellent. Also, remember that the coffee is organic, sweet, and doesn’t cause health issues. 

Is Fabula Coffee Subscription A Cheaper Option? Fabula Coffee Subscription Review  3 Fabula coffee subscription review

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