The Ultimate Guide: Fabula Dark Roast Mold-Free Coffee Review

If you love espresso, dark roast is your perfect choice of coffee beans. However, not any dark roast coffee results in a fulfilling drink. 

Fabula knows the art of roasting coffee to attain the best tasting and aroma. Their organic dark roast provides an amazing way to enjoy a great beverage free from acidity, mycotoxins, and other contaminants. 

The dark roasted coffee is one of the choices you can make from the Fabula. To help you get all information about the coffee, this Fabula dark roast coffee review is a fantastic guide to have.

Fabula Dark Roast Coffee Review


  • Low caffeine
  • Sweet and soft on the stomach
  • Hygienically packed
  • Smooth and balanced

  • The packaging bag isn’t resealable
  • No different flavor options

Fabula dark organic coffee is unique and offers a different experience from other brands. It is a specialty coffee with a single origin and grown in a perfect climate

The production happens in the mountains of Peru, which are ideal for coffee production. Since the process doesn’t involve using fertilizers and pesticides, the beans are entirely organic. 

Apart from the chemical-free coffee beans, they are produced in a unique microclimate. This ensures full maturity, hence producing the best low acid organic coffee. 

Besides the special growing practices, coffee roasting is also unique to enable the best results. 

Coffee origin 

Fabula gets the coffee from Peru. The region where the coffee is grown is suitable for producing the best coffee in the world. The high elevation and good soil also ensure large and fully mature beans. 

Apart from the organically grown beans, the Arabica coffee is sweet and offers some of the best taste. Compared to other coffees, the Fabula coffee is one of the fantastic options you can enjoy. 


Drinking dark roast coffee from Fabula brings a thrilling experience. Mainly, for lovers of dark roast, it provides a different kick than ordinary coffee. 

Usually, the aroma is always top-notch and remarkable. There is uniqueness when enjoying this dark roast due to its inviting roasty, nutty, and brown sugar aroma. 


When you brew this coffee perfectly, you should be able to experience amazing taste. Even after taste is super exciting since there is no bitterness.

Fabula dark roast feels round and smooth with hints of bittersweet chocolate and caramelized sugar finish. 

With intense flavor, the coffee has the least acid compared to light and medium roasts. However, the beans have no origin flavor as in light roast. 


The general appearance of Fabula organic dark roast is distinctive dark brown. Since experienced roasters do the roasting, beans have an appealing darkish brown. 

Besides the color, the coffee has an oily appearance and is shiny. Since the beans are darkish, they give your drink a darker color and are best for espresso drinks. 


fabula dark roast coffee packageFabula isn’t synonymous with creating fancy packaging bags. However, the quality of its packaging material is great. 

The coffee comes packed in a recyclable plastic bag and vacuum sealed. To keep coffee fresh, the bag has a vent for all aeration.

The simplicity of packing bags ensures it’s easy to recycle since they don’t have a lot of ink. Also, the zip lock design ensures easy opening and sealing. The coffee remains fresh since you can close it easily. 


One thing you should know is Fabula dark roast coffee is a bit more costly than regular coffee. The quality is what makes the coffee expensive. 

However, you can enjoy a reduction in price if you enroll in Subscription services. The subscription comes with 2, 4, and 6 bag packages with 25%, 30%, and 35% discounts, respectively.

For a single purchase, you can enjoy 10% for 2 bags and 15% for 3 bags each. 

Fabula Dark roast coffee benefits 

Fabula dark roast coffee has impressive benefits. Since it has zero calories when unsweetened, it is excellent for people who want to cut weight. Also, coffee helps in boosting overall body functionality due to caffeine. 

Unlike other coffee brands with high oils, this helps the body in managing cholesterol. This proves beneficial to the heart since there is a reduced risk of clogged blood vessels. 

Don’t Buy Fabula Dark roast coffee if,

You love flavored coffee 

This coffee is plain and doesn’t have added flavor. If you love flavored coffee, there are other options available at Fabula. Therefore, everyone is catered for when it comes to taste. 

You want to enjoy the original coffee flavor from the origin 

When coffee is roasted to a dark stage, it loses the original flavor that depicts its origin. A light roast is the best pick if you love to enjoy the origin flavor

How to brew Fabula dark roast coffee 

Proper brewing is essential to enjoy the qualities mentioned above, like aroma and flavor. The dark roast is perfect for espresso. Since it produces a bitter and flavor-rich drink, you can make espresso. 

You can use a French press or an espresso machine to achieve your drink. However, we will use the French press since it’s easy and the most common coffee-making equipment. 

  1. Take the filter out of the French press and add 4 grams of Fabula dark roast ground coffee.
  2. Add 4oz boiled water into the French press 
  3. Stir the mixture of water and ground coffee thoroughly
  4. Place the lid and wait for 4-5 minutes 
  5. Press the plunger slowly till the bottom 
  6. Pour your coffee into a cup and enjoy 


Dark Roast Low Acid Coffee is a great treat when you want to enjoy a fantastic drink. With a smooth and refreshing experience, the coffee doesn’t cause issues with your body due to acidity. 

With this Fabula dark roast review, you can enjoy great coffee without worries. It’s GMO-free and organic, full of uplifting flavor. 


Does Fabula dark roast coffee have more caffeine?

Fabula dark roast doesn’t have a lot of caffeine. It has moderate caffeine levels, which is enough to stimulate and improve your body functionality.

What does dark roast mean in coffee?

Dark roast coffee is coffee beans roasted for longer than light and medium roast. Usually, it is achieved past the second crack, and beans reach a dark brown color with oily skin. 

Is a dark roast coffee stronger?

Contrary to many beliefs, dark roast doesn’t have more caffeine than other roasts. The truth is caffeine levels remain almost the same in all roasts

dark roast coffee

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