Delicious Flavorful and Aromatic: Fabula Dark Roast K-Cup Pods Review

When drinking coffee is part of you, Fabula should be your close supplier of premium coffee. Even more enticing, the coffee is unique and available in standard and flavored options. 

Apart from the standard packed coffee, Fabula also offers K-cup pods. They are amazing as with a machine, with no inconveniences when preparing a cup of coffee. 

This Fabula dark roast k-cup pods review offers great help for anyone looking to go for pods. We will discuss various aspects of this coffee, why you buy it, and some of the downsides.

Fabula dark roast k-cup pods review


  • Excellent bold flavor 
  • Smooth, sweet and authentic 
  • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients  
  • Quick and easy to brew

  • They aren’t reusable 
  • It only works with certain machine

The dark roast K-cup pods from Fabula come with high-quality coffee. With a single source, low acid and mycotoxins free, the coffee always refreshes and keeps you safe from contaminants. 

Apart from the unique flavor, the pods are amazing since they are non-pollutant. Once used, they are super easy to decompose without causing havoc to the environment. 


The origin of coffee is important in determining its quality. Fabula is known for ordering coffee from a single source. In this case of dark roast coffee, K cups dark roast come from Cajamarca in Peru. 

The area is known for its high elevation as it is situated in the Andes mountains. Towering 7000 feet above sea level, the Andes provide perfect conditions for organic coffee production. 

Apart from elevation, the farmers have decades of coffee production. This assures the users of high-quality coffee with the best flavor and scent. 


In the case of how the coffee smells, it is one of the enticing aromas. It’s not like conventional coffee. Instead, it packs some of the thrilling aromas that are motivating. 

Fabula dark roast pods aroma brings the essence of inviting sweet brown sugar with notes of nut and roast finish. It’s an all-around aroma that keeps coffee-drinkers yearning for more. 


Nothing beats Fabula coffee when it comes to flavor. Since the coffee has no chemicals, it presents the authentic coffee flavor influenced by the fertile volcanic soils. 

When drinking the coffee, the flavor comes out perfectly. It combines round and smooth caramelized sugar with a bittersweet chocolate finish. 

The flavor is bold and always enticing, while the aftertaste is outstanding. 


The appearance of the k-cup pods dark coffee roast from Fabula offers a perfect dark brown color. It’s the dark roast coffee that has fine ground. 

Apart from the dark brown color, the coffee has fine ground to enable quick extraction. The packs also look appealing despite the minimal prints on the boxes. 


Delicious Flavorful and Aromatic: Fabula Dark Roast K-Cup Pods Review 2 Fabula Dark Roast K-cup Pods ReviewThe packaging of coffee pods at Fabula is amazing. You can enjoy a variety of packaging options. However, the dark roast k-cup variety pack comes with 24 pods. 

Typically, the pack has coffee pods made from paper. Also, the pack features compostable material, which is easy to biodegrade. 

One of the great things is the packaging is made of airtight material, which ensures coffee is always fresh. 


When it comes to the pricing of Fabula coffee, it is considerate. There is flexibility in pricing, which ensures you can enjoy great value for your money. Whether you want a single or multiple pack, you have the options.

Amazingly, you can buy one time or opt for subscription services. Usually, the single buy allows one pack, which contains 24 coffee pods. The single pack will cost you $39.99 with no discount. 

Also, you can have 2 and 3 boxes for $33.99 and $31.99, respectively, for each bag. The bags also come with a 10% discount for 2 packs and 15% for 3 boxes. 

If you want more convenience, a subscription is a great move. You can save up to 50% on the first purchase. Also, there are huge discounts since there are packages available. 

The 2 packs cost $31.99 with 20% price off, while 3 packs cost $29.99 with 25% price off. The 4 packs cost $25.99 each with a 30% price off. 

The subscription also allows free shipping with and planning for the delivery intervals. 

Don’t buy Fabula dark roast K-cup pods if, 

You prefer reusable coffee pods 

With garbage choking landfills, you might be looking for reusable coffee pods. These from Fabula aren’t reusable, meaning they will end up in landfills. Therefore, these aren’t the best options if you want reusable coffee pods.

You don’t have a compatible machine 

These coffee pods from Fabula are only compatible with K Cup Brewers. If you have another machine, they aren’t worth buying.


Fabula dark roast coffee pods are ultimate in easing the coffee-making process. Therefore, the coffee pods are amazing choices when you need to enjoy coffee and authentic flavor with minimal effort. 

Apart from the greatness you experience, the Fabula dark roast K-cup review gives you the best overview of the coffee. Thus, you can always enjoy great coffee without trial and error. 


What is dark roast k cup caffeine content?

The dark roast coffee pods from Fabula are 12 grams. Therefore, each pod has a caffeine content of about 120 mg. 

Does dark roast K-Cups have more caffeine?

The dark roast K-cups don’t have more caffeine than the rest of the coffee from Fabula. The coffee has a standard amount of caffeine. 

Is dark roast the strongest coffee?

As many people believe, dark roast coffee doesn’t have more caffeine than light and medium roast. They all have almost equal levels of caffeine, but the dark roast’s bolder taste makes people think it’s more caffeine. 

Delicious Flavorful and Aromatic: Fabula Dark Roast K-Cup Pods Review 3 Fabula Dark Roast K-cup Pods Review

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