Is Fabula dark roast decaf coffee sweet like a regular one? Fabula Decaf Dark Roast Coffee Review

Decaf coffee is getting popular everyday, especially for people sensitive to caffeine. However, everyone has their preferred roast type regarding decaf coffee. 

Dark roast decaf is one of the available options besides light and medium roasts. But are there differences when you switch from caffeinated to decaf? Let’s debunk the misconceptions by looking at Fabula decaf dark roast coffee review.

Whether you are wondering about flavor and aroma, let’s see whether it is your next grab when shopping for a coffee.

Fabula Decaf Dark Roast Coffee Review


  • Caffeine free
  • Mouthwatering flavor and aroma
  • Organically produced
  • Great discounts

  • Less body stimulation
  • Lower levels of antioxidants

When it comes to the quality of coffee, Fabula decaf dark roast  is unbeatable. Like the  rest of the coffee from the brand, it is organic and GMO-free. Further, the low acid ensures everyone can enjoy coffee without suffering from acid complications. 

For decaf dark roast coffee, the brand ensures there are natural ways to extract caffeine. There is no involvement of chemicals which allows the coffee to remain organic. 

Fabula dark roast decaf beans undergo a swiss water method to extract caffeine. Also, the roasting is top-notch to maintain the original qualities of the coffee.


Fabula is stringent when it comes to the sourcing of coffee. All their coffee comes from areas that support excellent production. Specifically, the decaf dark roast comes from the southern part of Mexico. 

The highlands are near Guatemala and offer perfect conditions to grow coffee. The high elevation and fertile soils ensure this region’s coffee is of the best quality. 

Besides the excellent conditions, the producers are indigenous p people with decades of experience growing coffee. 


The aroma is notable when you brew the coffee. Despite having no caffeine, it has a great smell which leaves you thrilled. 

Usually, the coffee has baking spices and a nutty aroma. The aroma is heavenly, with pumpkin pie mesquite and nuts finished with shortbread notes. 

Each of the aromas presents itself well, resulting in an excellent experience for all levels of drinkers. 


You will note that the flavor is unique and unbeatable as you drink this coffee. The coffee feels extraordinary with the sweet spice, nutty, and chocolate notes. Further, the shortbread cookie and red grape notes make the coffee have exceptional flavor. 

Since the coffee is a dark roast with no caffeine, it has the lowest acid. The smooth and mild nature ensures it is a perfect choice. 


Fabula decaf dark roast coffee beans are dark brown. However, the beans are darker than in regular dark roast. 

Since the extraction of caffeine uses hot water, the beans also don’t have a lot of oily surfaces. 

Whether it’s the whole beans or ground, the coffee has a darker tone than the regular Fabula dark roast. 


decaf roast beans packagingThe packaging of Fabula decaf coffee is fantastic. Packaging bags are of supreme quality and vital for keeping the coffee fresh. 

Usually, the coffee is packaged in 12 oz bags with simple yet appealing prints. Designed by experts, packaging bags are easy to close since they have a Ziploc design. 

For sustainability purposes, the bags are recyclable. 


The pricing of Fabula deaf dark roast isn’t different from the other coffee from the brand. Despite undergoing one of the best and safest decaffeination processes, the price is standard. 

There is a one-buy option, and you can become a subscriber. For one time buy, there is less discount ranging from 10-15%. However, when you subscribe. You can enjoy a discount of up to 35%. 

Also, the first order after the subscription usually comes with a 50% discount.

Fabula decaf dark roast benefits 

Drinking Fabula decaf dark roast offers many benefits compared to regular coffee. It doesn’t contain caffeine, meaning there is no elevated heart rate. 

Furthermore, the coffee is mold-free, eliminating the chances of mycotoxins. Since it doesn’t have caffeine, the coffee is less acidic and hence more palatable. 

Don’t buy Fabula decaf dark roast coffee if, 

You love decaf light roast 

 Dark roast isn’t the right choice for anyone who loves to enjoy the great taste of original coffee flavor without the caffeine. Opting for a light roast will ensure you get the authentic coffee flavor without the caffeine kick. 

You love instant coffee 

Fabula decaf dark roast requires you to brew like regular coffee. If you love easy-to-prepare coffee, decaf K-cups are available at Fabula. 

How to brew Fabula Decaf Roast coffee

Brewing this coffee isn’t different from the standard methods. However, you must pick the best methods to brew dark roast to obtain the best results. 

Typically, you can use your preferred method. However, to get a great tasting brew, use slightly more coffee. We will use the AeroPress coffee machine to make a fantastic cup since it enables excellent regular coffee. 

  1. Weight your Fabula decaf dark roast coffee by about 15 grams 
  2. Measure 8oz water and bring it to boil
  3. Put the filter into the AeroPress cap and wet it with hot water 
  4. Assemble the equipment, ensuring its dry to avoid compromising the seals 
  5. Add your coffee carefully 
  6. Add the small portion of boiled water and stir slowly, then wait for the mixture to rest for 30 seconds. 
  7. Add the remaining water to fill the chamber, wait for a minute and stir. 
  8. Place the cap, fasten it properly, flip the equipment for the cap to lie on a jar, and apply pressure. 
  9. The coffee brew will stain onto the jar, ready to enjoy. 


Fabula decaf dark roast is excellent coffee that offers the same experience as a regular one. There is no difference when enjoying this coffee since it has fantastic flavor, aroma, and brew colors. 

With most of the vital information revealed in this Fabula decaf dark roast coffee review, it’s now easy to order with confidence. 


Can you buy a dark roast decaf coffee? 

Fabula dark roast decaf coffee is available for sale to all customers. The coffee is available on their official website

Is there a dark roast decaf coffee?

Like there are decaf light and medium roast, there is also dark decaf coffee. Apart from the lack of caffeine, the other qualities are similar to ordinary coffee. 

Does decaf coffee affect kidneys?

Decaf coffee doesn’t affect the kidneys. It improves the kidneys performance, according to health experts. 

Is Fabula dark roast decaf coffee sweet like a regular one? Fabula Decaf Dark Roast Coffee Review 1 Fabula Decaf Dark Roast Coffee Review

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