Fabula Espresso Coffee Review, Is It the Best? Find Out Why You Should Try It

Going espresso is one of the best options to take your coffee drinking to the next level. However, getting quality beans that bring flavor and aroma to your expectations isn’t a walk in the park. 

Fabula espresso is a fantastic coffee you can pick to make a delicious beverage. Available in different options, espresso is among the top choices. 

Despite being great coffee, is it worth buying? Find out in our Fabula espresso review and decide whether to switch to this fantastic organic coffee.

Fabula Espresso Roast Coffee Review


  • Delicious taste      
  • Inviting sweet aroma  
  • Perfect for all coffee makers 
  • 100% arabica coffee beans

  • Sometimes weak flavor 
  • Highly-priced

Fabula espresso is the real deal when you want to enjoy specialty coffee that is 100% organic. The beans used to produce this coffee come from a region known to grow high-quality coffee. 

Besides sourcing the beans from amazon jungles, the processing and entire handling are unique. As a result, the coffee you get exceeds the standard coffee production practices. 


The reason why Fabula is known is due to the single sourcing of its coffee. Espresso organic coffee originates from Colombia. Deep in jungles in the province of Inza, near Nevado del Huila, the largest volcano in Colombia is where the coffee originates. 

Due to this reason, the coffee from this region grows in fertile organic soils, making it one of the best in the world. 

By going for the best-produced coffee from specific farms, Fabula ensures your espresso coffee is outstanding. Whether its flavor, aroma, or quality, the coffee is unbeatable. 


The aroma you get from this coffee is different from others. Actually, it’s different from other coffee by Fabula from Peru and Mexico. 

Once you brew this coffee perfectly, it exhibits some of the best aromas. The coffee brings a sense of brown sugar sweetness, combined with raisins, dark fruits, and plums with tones of nuts. 

With this fantastic aroma, you can attest the coffee is superb and worth tasting. 


Despite being a single-source coffee, Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee has exceptional flavor complexation. 

It has a broad flavor and mixes different tones. It’s smooth and rich with a mild citrusy essence. Also, sweet caramel and praline flavors with a touch of dark berry and tones of prune make it a peerless coffee. 


Espresso ground usually has a fine texture. Fabula espresso coffee is roasted to the perfect stage before grinding. This ensures it provides the best drink and there is ideal extraction. 

Whether you want black or brown espresso, Fabula allows you to specify during the ordering process. Consequently, the appearance depends on the degree of roasting of your choice. 


fabula espresso packagingFabula espresso low acid coffee packaging is perfect for keeping the content as fresh as possible. 

Usually, after roasting, the coffee is packed in some of the best materials. The bags are safe, recyclable, and don’t impact the coffee taste and flavor.

Since it’s easy to reseal the bags after scooping coffee, they ensure freshness doesn’t decrease. 


Espresso Low Acid Coffee is a premium product that guarantees everyone enjoys a drink without stomach issues

Apart from the premium quality, the coffee price is also premium. The price o is based on the package you choose. There is a one-time purchase where you can get one bag. 

Also, there are 2 bags with a 5% discount and 3 bags at a 10% discount each. 

The other option is a subscription where you get a 25%, 30%, and 35% discount for 3, 4, and 6 bags, respectively. 

Fabula Espresso coffee benefits 

Fabula espresso coffee has tons of benefits. The coffee offers an aromatic feeling which boosts your mood. Further, the coffee has a unique flavor, making it the climax of coffee drinking. 

Since coffee has low calories, it is excellent for people looking for weight loss. Also, moderate caffeine is great for boosting mental functionality. Espresso is also excellent in improving your digestion. 

Don’t buy Fabula Espresso coffee if,

You want a cheaper option 

Fabula espresso coffee is a bit expensive. At $29.99 a bag for a single buy, it’s a bit pricey compared to the regular espresso coffee at the market. 

You get satisfaction from blended coffee 

If you get satisfaction when you drink blended coffee, this one is from a single origin. The flavor is same always; hence no chance to sample coffee from different origins. 

How to brew Fabula Espresso coffee 

Making a good espresso coffee like the one you drink at coffee shops isn’t a miracle. You can enjoy delicious espresso by following simple steps. 

Fabula espresso coffee is ready for brewing since it’s available in ground and whole beans. You only need to have the necessary equipment. To ease the process, we are going to use a Stovetop espresso maker. 

  1. Disassemble the stovetop espresso maker. It has three portions; the lower part for water, the filter, and the upper chamber. 
  2. Add water into the lower chamber to the safety valve level
  3. Fill the filter with Fabula espresso coffee 
  4. Reassemble the unit once all the ingredients are filled and place it on the heat. 
  5. Wait for the content to boil until you hear the water gurgling. This indicates the coffee is ready. 
  6. Remove from the heat, serve and enjoy. 


Fabula espresso coffee is worth considering if you want a great-tasting coffee. The fantastic flavors and quality of the beans ensure every coffee lover gets impressive satisfaction. 

Although the price is high, we have seen through this Fabula espresso coffee review that it’s a good choice. Also, the ability to buy a single packet or subscribe ensures you enjoy high flexibility of coffee supply.


Is Fabula Espresso coffee mold free?

Fabula espresso coffee is mold-free and other contaminants. The coffee is washed with spring water, sundried, and lab tested before shipping to the roasting facility. 

Is it OK to drink Fabula espresso everyday?

There is no problem drinking Fabula espresso coffee everyday. It is low acid, organic, and offers a broad range of nutrients. 

Is there Fabula espresso coffee machine?

Unfortunately, Fabula doesn’t make espresso coffee machines. However, you can use the coffee with all espresso machines available on the market. 

Fabula Espresso

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