Fabula Light Roast Coffee Review

A cup of flavorful coffee is all you need to make your day a great one. But, there are many coffee options available that you can try. Fabula is the ultimate choice that offers organic low acid coffee. 

Talking about this brand, it has different roasts enabling everyone to choose the right one. Whether your favorite choice is light, medium, or dark, you can pick and make the best coffee beverage. 

This Fabula light roast coffee review lets you know every detail about the coffee. Therefore, you can purchase while confident about the quality.

Fabula Light Roast Coffee Review


  • Original coffee bean flavor 
  • Freshly roasted before delivery
  • Low in acid 
  • Recyclable packaging material

  • The taste feels too normal 
  • Not cheap

Fabula light roast coffee is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to taste the original bean flavor. It’s lightly roasted, which enables it to maintain the original flavor. Also, the slight roast ensures it gets even more sweet enhancement. 

Unlike the other light-roasted coffees, Fabula only deals with premium quality and organic coffee. 

The beans come from the coffee-growing areas in the Southern Highlands of Mexico near Guatemala. Combining high elevation and perfect microclimate, the coffee always attains the best qualities.

Usually, the coffee has low acid, no mycotoxins and undergoes thorough testing to keep out contaminants. 

The processing is top-notch while maintaining perfect conditions to maintain freshness. Further, the roasting to obtain a light roast is just on point and always consistent. 

Coffee origin 

There is no doubt Fabula always does single sourcing for their coffee. All the coffee comes from specific farms. The sourcing ensures there is no quality compromise and consistency in other qualities.

Apart from maintaining the quality, the coffee has impressive safety. This guarantees that every customer can be sure of their safety. 


If you are a dedicated Fabula light roast coffee lover, you can bear witness to the fantastic aroma, which never changes. From the coffee bush to the packet, the quality is always maintained. 

The coffee has a broad aroma that combines sweet berries, brown sugar, baked apples, and a hint of sweet almonds. The blended fragrance leaves you satisfied and looking for another cup. 


The flavor is also on point. Once you start drinking this coffee, there is no turning back. The taste is super exciting and leaves your mouth with an excellent aftertaste. 

Light Roast Low Acid Coffee from Fabula has a mixture of flavors. Once in your mouth, you will experience a sugar-sweet, mixed nut, red apple, and cocoa finish flavor. 

Besides, the flavors always ensure you enjoy the authentic bean flavor with slight acidity


Typically, the light roast is different from the medium and dark roast. Especially considering it only undergoes light roasting to a light brown color. 

The slight roasting is essential for anyone who loves to enjoy the great original coffee bean flavor.

Unlike in dark roast, the light roast beans don’t appear oily. 


Fabula Light Roast Coffee PackagingThe packaging of light roast coffee is excellent and aimed at maintaining freshness. Usually, the beans are packed right before delivery. 

The packaging features heavy-duty layered plastic packs with Ziploc. The good thing is the packaging can resist elements and helps keep coffee fresh. 

Additionally, the packaging bags are recyclable hence keeping the environment clean.


The pricing of Fabula light roast is like other roasts. Normally, the company allows you to make a one-time purchase or become a subscriber.

For a one-time purchase, the bag doesn’t come with a discount. However, two and three bags attract 10% and 25% discounts respectively.

Additionally, the subscription options are available in 3, 4, and 6 bags with 25%, 30%, and 35% discounts, respectively. The discount is per bag hence enabling you to save a significant amount. 

Fabula Light Roast coffee benefits

Fabula light roast is organic and packs a lot of benefits. It is exceptionally delicious with a lot of antioxidants compared to dark roast. The coffee has high polyphenols that protect the body from inflammations. 

Besides the antioxidants, this light roast coffee has low acid, which means soft on the stomach. A blend of roasting and coffee origin flavors further makes it a perfect choice. By boosting body energy, it’s ideal for relieving day long fatigue and stress. 

Don’t Buy Fabula Light Roast if,

You love dark roast coffee 

If your favorite Fabula coffee is a dark roast, don’t buy the light roast then. The coffee has a different taste which might leave a gap in your satisfaction.

You prefer more acidic coffee

One thing you should know when dealing with Fabula coffee is its low acid. Therefore, this coffee isn’t your top choice if you prefer acid coffee due to its more potent aroma and flavor. 

How to brew Fabula light roast coffee 

The best way to enjoy the coffee flavor is to do the brewing right. Following the correct brewing process is necessary when you want to bring every aspect of a Light Organic Coffee. 

Usually, the best way to enjoy a light roast is through a drip method. In this case, we will use pour-over to make a cup of Fabula coffee drink. 

All you need is Fabula light roast, boiling water, a drip coffee maker, a pour-over jar, and a paper coffee filter. 

To make the coffee brew follow these easy steps. 

  1. Fold the coffee filter paper and place it on the drip coffee maker
  2. Wet the coffee filter paper with hot water before adding ground coffee 
  3. Add the ground coffee into the filter 
  4. Pour the boiling water slowly in a circular motion over the coffee and wait for the coffee to steep. 
  5. Enjoy your coffee 


Fabula light roast coffee is best for drinkers craving authentic coffee flavor. The coffee has an original taste since it only undergoes a slight roast. 

Besides, the Fabula light roast coffee review above is handy since it gives accurate information on what to expect.

Whether you want to one-time buy or subscribe to Fabula coffee, the quality and services are excellent. 


How is Fabula light coffee?

The Fabula light coffee is low acid and perfect for people with acidity problems. Being pure organic and GMO-free, it’s a coffee with great benefits. Further, light roasting helps to maintain the source flavor. 

What is Fabula light roast coffee caffeine content?

The coffee has standard coffee caffeine content. Therefore, it gives the body ideal stimulation and energy boost (a standard coffee caffeine content is 70-140 mg for an 8oz cup). 

Is Fabula coffee mold free?

Fabula coffee is free from mold, mycotoxins, and other contaminants. This is ensured by single sourcing and strict coffee quality control. 

fabula light roast coffee

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