Fabula Light Roast K-Cup Pods Review: Aroma, Flavor and Discount

Fabula is known for specializing in the way they source and package its coffee. Through specializing, you get the best experience whether you love light, medium or dark roasts

Regarding the light roast, it’s available in bagged and coffee pods. However, you might wonder whether K-cup pods differ from the bagged in their vital qualities. 

Through Fabula light roast k-cup pods review, you will be able to know every aspect to enable you to enjoy great-tasting coffee. Let’s see whether the pods make the same quality coffee as bagged coffee.

Fabula light roast k-cup pods review


  • Clean and simple to brew 
  • They stay fresh for long 
  • No special training needed 
  • Smell is delicious

  • High price tag 
  • Requires specific machine

As you plan to try Fabula K-cup pods light roast, it’s worth knowing they are a great selection. 

They are carefully packed with one of the best coffee in the world. The fully washed coffee is organic, GMO-free and tested for mycotoxins. Therefore, you can drink the coffee without worrying about mold. 


Fabula K-cup coffee is amazing and sourced from a single point. Specifically, the coffee used in light roast, including in K-cup pods, comes from Chiapas, Mexico. 

The area is in the southern part of Guatemala. Volcanoes and canyons characterize the area hence a reputation for top-quality coffee. This created deep volcanic soils that ensure the perfect growth of coffee. 

Besides the soils, the coffee is organic, having been produced by people with years of coffee farming. Growing under the shade ensures no chemicals hence pure organic. 


Light roast coffee for K-cups is excellent when it comes to aroma. It lets you enjoy the original coffee aromas unaltered by extreme roasting. 

The coffee has sweet brown sugar, berries and sweet almond combined with baked apples. 

With unique aromas, there is no compromise when it comes to the overall experience. 


Fabula coffee boasts one of the amazing flavors to enjoy. Since its single source, the flavor is always consistent and attractive. 

The light roast K-cup pods boast amazing flavors that give every drinker motivation. It has well-round sugary sweet, mixed nuts, and notes of red apple and cocoa finish. 

It is the broad flavor that gives this coffee its greatness. 


The coffee is light roast which makes it appear light brownish in color. Even when you make a drink, it has a light brown color. Also, the light roasting ensures the coffee doesn’t have an oily surface. 

Due to the light nature, even the coffee brew doesn’t have deep brown color as in the dark roasts. 


fabula medium pod packagingThe packaging is amazing and lets you enjoy appealing coffee boxes. Since the coffee pods have outer boxes, they are designed to keep the coffee fresh

Apart from the boxes, the coffee pods are airtight, which maintains the freshness of the coffee. Additionally, the pods are eco-friendly since they feature paper material. 

Fabula packaging is always on point and ensures the coffee is well packed. Besides, simplistic yet attractive package prints ensure less impact on the environment. 


Pricing is one of the areas that Fabula has looked into. The company has amazing offers and is flexible. 

Like other coffee from Fabula, even this light roast K-cups has great flexibility. You can decide to go for one time buy or become a subscribed member

For a one-time buy, you can get one pack with 24 pods for $39.99. Also, there are 2 and 3 boxes for $33.99 and $31.99. The two packs and three packs come with a discount of 15% and 20% respectively. 

The other option is to subscribe to Fabula and enjoy 20%, 25%, and 35% discounts for 2 packs, 3 packs, and 4 packs correspondingly. 

Don’t buy Fabula light roast K-cup pods IF 

You are looking for cheaper coffee

Coffee pods are generally expensive, and these from Fabula aren’t an exception. Although they have a discount, you can opt for the regular packed light roast coffee. 

You don’t have a K-cup brewing machine

If you don’t have a K-cup brewing machine, there is no point in buying these pods. They are only convenient to brew when you have the right equipment. 


As you plan to enjoy the floral and amazing light roast coffee, Fabula light roast K-cup pods are amazing. They are always fresh and airtight to maintain aroma and flavor.

Whether its pricing or the overall qualities, it’s now simple to decide by looking at this Fabula light roast k-cup pods review. 


What is the lightest roast coffee?

When you consider light coffee in terms of roasting degree, a light roast is the lightest. However, in terms of weight, the dark roast is lightest since it has the least moisture

Is light roast coffee less strong?

Light roast is not less strong as thought by many people. Since it has slight roasting, the caffeine is slightly more than in medium and dark roasts. 

Does light roast K-Cups have more caffeine?

Slightly. Generally, caffeine in the light roast is almost the same as in the dark and medium roast. However, the light roast has slightly more caffeine since it undergoes minimal roasting. 

How much caffeine in light roast k cup?

Considering Fabula K-cups are 12 grams, the amount of caffeine is about 5.5mg. The coffee has a standard amount of caffeine.

Fabula Light Roast K-Cup Pods Review: Aroma, Flavor and Discount 1 Fabula Light Roast K-cup Pods Review

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