Fabula Medium Roast K-Cup Pods Review – Flavor, Appearance and Pricing

Making coffee quick and resulting in a fantastic brew is essential. But getting high-quality fresh coffee can sometimes be a tough job. Fabula always has coffee that ensures everyone enjoys a great brew. 

With a choice to make from bagged to k-cups, you can enjoy your drink in confidence. With technology advancing, K-cups are becoming popular due to ease and convenience. 

Have you tried K-cups? If not, here is Fabula medium roast K-cup pods reviews. Check whether they are the ideal ways to enjoy your cup of coffee.

Fabula Medium Roast K-cup Pods Review


  • Quick coffee preparation
  • Airtight design pods
  • Recyclable and compostable materials
  • Appealing aroma and taste

  • Pods don’t work with some machines
  • Pretty expensive

Usually, there is always an exception when you buy coffee from Fabula and other brands. In this case, the K-cup pods are of fantastic quality and clean. 

Unlike others, these have paper materials that are biodegradable and environmentally clean. 

Apart from the innovative pod technology, the coffee is always fresh due to airtight sealing. Therefore, every pod offers impressive and excellent-tasting coffee. 


There is no trial and error concerning the origin of the coffee used in Fabula K-cup coffee pods. The coffee comes from a single source, just like the other type of coffee from the company. 

The coffee used for medium roast pods comes from Cajamarca, Peru. The location is in the northern part of the country and features mountains and high elevation (7000 feet) along the Andes mountains. 

Since the conditions are superb, the quality of coffee is also unmatchable. Further, the coffee is from certified farms, ensuring consistent quality and safety.


Fabula medium roast pods have a fantastic aroma. Since the pods are airtight, the scent doesn’t degrade quickly. Also, the ability to use a single pod at a time means no opening of the remaining ones. 

The aroma is appealing, featuring mild fruits, nuts, and sweet brown sugar. With this complex and appealing aroma, every sip ensures excellent fulfillment. 


Just like aroma, the medium roast coffee K cups by Fabula offer a reason to keep enjoying coffee. The unique nature of this coffee enables all-level coffee drinkers to experience a sense of specialty. 

The coffee brings a rich sweet brown sugar flavor with hints of chocolate and nuts. 

The balance between the original taste and medium roasting creates peerless flavors. Also, the low acidity and great after-tasting flavor make the coffee unique. 


One thing with Fabula single-serve coffee pods is they have super fine coffee. The grounding to fine particles ensures convenient brewing, just like instant coffee

The beans are roasted to an excellent medium level, giving them a brown color. Also, the coffee has slight oil but is not as oily as in dark roast. 


fabula medium pod packagingUnlike the regular coffee that comes in packs, pods are in small pouches. The pouches contain coffee, ensuring an easy way of brewing by fitting a machine. 

The fantastic thing about Fabula is it uses paper to make these pods. This makes them compostable hence reducing the plastic pollution menace. 

Besides the pods, they come in boxes which helps to keep them clean and hygienic. 

The packaging usually consists of 24 pods per box. 


Getting single serve coffee pods is fantastic. There are flexible plans which ensure everyone can get coffee conveniently. 

There is one time buy as well subscription plans. For a single buy, you can get one box with 24 pods at $39.99. Also, there are 2 boxes at $33.99 each and 3 three boxes at $31.99 each. There is a 15% and 20% discount for 2 and 3 boxes respectively.

If you want more convenience, there are subscription services where you can set the interval of delivery and the number of bags. 

You can subscribe for 2, 3, and 4 packs at $31.99, &29.99%, and $25.99 for each pack, respectively. There is also a discount for the subscribers at 20%, 25%, and 35% for the packages respectively. 

Don’t buy Fabula medium roast k-cup pods if…

You don’t have brewing equipment

k-cup pods are for increasing the convenience of making coffee brew. Unless you have a k-cup coffee machine, there is no need to buy the pods. 

You have K-Supreme Single Serve Coffee Makers

If you own this equipment, Fabula medium roast k-cup pods aren’t compatible. Thus, you need to check your machine before purchasing the coffee. 

How to brew Fabula Medium Roast K-cups Pods

Brewing Fabula k-cup pods is pretty simple. You only need a K-cup pod coffee maker, and you can make your coffee at home or in the office.

To make coffee, you need the K-cup coffee maker equipment, water, and coffee pods. The process is as follows. 

  1. Fill your equipment with water 
  2. Place the k-cup pod into the chamber 
  3. Place a cup in the drink discharge area 
  4. Select the cup size and press the discharge button 


K-cup pods are exceptional when it comes to easing and quickening coffee brewing. The pods and machines ensure there is no waiting like other equipment. 

Since the Fabula coffee pods make delicious coffee, they are among the best options for coffee. With Fabula medium K-cup pods review offering a complete insight, it’s time to enjoy a fantastic brew at home and offices. 


How much caffeine is in a medium roast K-cup?

Fabula K-cup pods contain 12 grams of coffee. Thus, each pod has about 120mg of caffeine. 

Can you use a Fabula medium roast coffee pod twice?

Fabula coffee pods are for single use. Once used, the pods aren’t usable anymore. However, reusable K-cup pods are usable over and over again. 

Are Fabula K-cup coffee pods low acid?

All coffee at Fabula is low acid, GMO, and mold-free. Therefore, the k-cup pods are low acid and safe for people with reflux. 

Fabula Medium Roast K-Cup Pods Review - Flavor, Appearance and Pricing 1 Fabula Medium Roast K-cup Pods Review

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