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Best Organic Vanilla Flavored Coffee Pods: Fabula Vanilla K-Cup Coffee Review

Brewing coffee is sometimes time consuming. K-cups are the ultimate solution since they provide a quick and easy way to make coffee. Fabula offers organic coffee-based K-cup pods, which are ideal for homes and offices. 

If you have a K-cup machine, looking for top-quality coffee is the ultimate way to enjoy it. Fabula Vanilla K-cup coffee review is the ultimate way to get all information about the product. 

With all characteristics explained, you will learn about the origin, flavors, and others.

Fabula Vanilla K-cup Coffee Review


  • Flavorful medium roast 
  • Delicious vanilla and coffee flavors 
  • Moderate caffeine levels 
  • Environmentally friendly packaging 
  • Good for vegans

  • Single-use pods 
  • Not for decaf coffee drinkers

Fabula Vanilla flavored coffee has a special effect and offers a great experience. The coffee and vanilla used in flavoring are organically grown to keep you safe. 

The coffee provides amazing benefits and is ideal for people who can’t tolerate acidic coffee.


Fabula vanilla K-cup coffee originates from Peru. It’s one of the premium coffee which is organic, GMO-free, and mycotoxins tested 

The quality of coffee is superb and is grown to maturity. Therefore, all aspects of a great coffee are present in this product. 


The vanilla aroma in this coffee is amazing. It combines a nutty and chocolate coffee to bring out a soul-soothing aroma. The vanilla and coffee scents blend well to make a sweet and enticing essence. 


Apart from the aroma, you will notice the flavor is also thrilling. Since the K-cups are airtight, they ensure flavor and aroma never fade away.

Fabula vanilla k-cup coffee has a sweet, nutty, chocolate coffee flavor with hints of vanilla. Also, the coffee isn’t bitter, which makes it extra delicious. 


One thing you should note is his coffee is a medium roast. Thus, it brings the qualities of medium roast coffee perfectly. 

The coffee’s color is deep brown due to perfect roasting. Flavoring actually doesn’t affect the coffee color, and the ground coffee remains brownish. 

Besides the color, the coffee has a fine ground to facilitate fast extraction. 


Regarding the packaging, Fabula ensures every K-cup pod has perfect design and sealing. The pods are airtight, which ensures coffee retains its qualities without deteriorating.

The packing involves the use of paper, which is compostable. Thus, once used, the pods are decomposable hence averting pollution.

Apart from the paper pods, the outer bags are compostable. The bags are made from biodegradable materials instead of plastic.

The packages come with 24 K-cup pods each.


Whether you want to buy a single or multiple packs of Fabula vanilla k-cups coffee, the options are available. 

The buy once option allows the purchase of 1 box, 2 boxes, and 3 boxes. They are available at 15% and 25% discount for 2 and 3 boxes respectively.

On the other hand, a more exciting option is subscribing to Fabula coffee. The option allows buyers to enjoy coffee at a higher discount. Subscribe and save has 2 boxes, 3 boxes, and 6 boxes options. 

Each of the packages comes with discounts ranging from 25% to 35%.

On subscribe and save, the program is easy to cancel anytime. Further, there is free delivery at selected intervals. 

Don’t buy Fabula Vanilla K-cup coffee if, 

You drink decaf vanilla flavored coffee

For people who don’t drink caffeinated coffee, Fabula vanilla coffee pods aren’t good for you. The coffee isn’t decaffeinated; hence not your choice. 

You don’t own a K-cup machine

For the best coffee pod coffee brewing, it is essential to have a machine. You require Keurig K Cup 1.0 & 2.0 Brewers for Fabula vanilla coffee pods. 


Fabula vanilla coffee pods will not disappoint if you have the right K-cup machine. They are great and convenient when you want to make a quick coffee brew. With Fabula vanilla k-cup coffee review, you can now enjoy a coffee cup with a button press. 


Are the Fabula vanilla medium coffee pods arabica coffee?

Fabula uses arabica coffee beans for all their coffee. Vanilla flavored coffee is pure organic Arabica coffee beans from Peru.

Do coffee pods fit all machines?

K-cups are designed for different machines depending on the brand. Coffee pods don’t have universal machine compatibility. 

Are K-cups more expensive?

K-cups are more expensive than bagged coffee. This is due to the cost of production of the materials. However, they are quicker to brew than regular coffee.

Best Organic Vanilla Flavored Coffee Pods: Fabula Vanilla K-Cup Coffee Review 1 Fabula Vanilla K-cup Coffee Review

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