Fresh Roast SR540 Review: Find Out What’s New & Overall Performance

Coffee roasting at home is achieved through different methods. But, having a roaster is one of the fastest and smooth ways. 

A roaster not only makes the process faster but it also saves you money buying processed coffee. Even better, you can enjoy the best quality freshly roasted beans. 

Fresh Roast is one of the companies that make home coffee roasters. SR540 is one of the flagship roasters that will do your job well. It features several upgrades from its predecessors, SR500, which make it a better deal. 

After having it for a while, I have decided to share my experience through this Fresh Roast SR540 review. Check whether it’s a roasting machine you have been dreaming of. 

Fresh Roast SR540 Review

best home coffee roaster

Design 4.3/5
Roasting Capacity 4.5/5
Roasting Time 4.5/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5
Price 4/5

Total 4.5/5

The Fresh Roast SR540 Review 

Fresh Roast SR540 is one of the best-performing home coffee roasters. It’s a new model which replaced the discontinued Fresh Roast SR500. 

After I switched to this model from its predecessor, I noted it comes with several upgrades. Let us see about these upgrades and other impressive features to expect from this appliance.


  • Intuitive LED for real-time performance display 
  • Multiple levels of heating options 
  • Large roasting chamber and tray to accommodate more coffee
  • Durable and simplistic design 
  • Simple to use controls 
  • Transparent hopper to view as coffee roasts 
  • Broad and firm base

  • Smoke suppression is absent 
  • Chaff basket and top parts materials feel cheap

Design 4.3/5 

The overall design has not changed a lot. The company-maintained predecessor’s design with only a bit of change. Therefore, when using it, I don’t experience challenges. 

If you owned the previous model, you will bear witness that some features like the hopper are the same. The transparent hopper allows you to view your coffee as it transforms. 

The user interface is more intuitive. It has a control knob which helps in all functions. Additionally, the large LED screen displays fan speed, power, and roasting timer function.

Fresh Roast SR540 Review: Find Out What's New & Overall Performance 1 Fresh Roast SR540 Review

Functionality is also amazing. The machine uses hot air to roast coffee beans. Since it comes with 9 temperature levels, it’s easy to control the rate of coffee roasting. 

Apart from the heat levels, the fan speed is also adjustable. You can add or reduce air during roasting to give coffee the best roasting. 

The construction of this machine features durable and safe materials. Besides, the base is stable, making it stable when used on the countertops. 

However, the materials for chaff basket and hoppers feels a bit cheap. The machine also doesn’t have a smoke suppressor, hence not suitable for enclosed places.

Roasting Capacity 4.5/5

The roast capacity in this roaster is 120 grams. It remains unchanged from its predecessor. With this capacity, it’s enough to roast enough coffee to make up to 20 cups. 

Although the hopper remains the same, it has improved performance. There is increased heat and air settings which improves the roasting quality. 

Fresh Roast SR540 Review: Find Out What's New & Overall Performance 2 Fresh Roast SR540 Review

If you would love a roaster with more capacity, You can go for Fresh Roast SR800

Roasting Time 4.5/5

Besides the capacity time, I love a roaster that takes the least time. SR540 is one of the appliances that I find satisfactory. 

The timer has a maximum setting time of 9.9 minutes. Therefore, expect the machine to spend less time than 10 minutes. It takes 8 minutes to roast your beans to dark roast. 

Customizing the heat and airspeed is always essential to obtain the best roast. The balanced air and heat ensure a perfect level of desired coffee beans roasting. 

Fresh Roast SR540 Review: Find Out What's New & Overall Performance 3 Fresh Roast SR540 Review

The good thing is the roaster comes with a default setting. Beginners can use the settings before learning how to roast. However, to roast like a professional, a coffee roasting guide is a vital consideration. 

Roast quality 4.5/5 

The Fresh Roast SR540 uses hot air to roast coffee beans. Therefore, beans float as hot air passes through to facilitate roasting. 

Since the air provides more consistency, this machine produces uniformly roasted coffee. 

Further, the ability to alter temperatures and air as roasting progresses without interruptions means quality is top-notch. You can also bet on consistency and uniformity, whether you want a dark or light roast. 

Fresh Roast SR540 Review: Find Out What's New & Overall Performance 4 Fresh Roast SR540 Review

Cleaning 5/5 

Cleaning this machine is not stressful at all. It takes less than 10 minutes to clean the necessary parts thoroughly. 

One of the main parts to clean is the chaff collector. It’s the part that stores the protective skin on the beans when they are being roasted. It’s recommended to clean this part after every roast. 

Also, cleaning the glass hopper is recommended to ensure the subsequent roast produces the best quality coffee. 

Price 4.5/5

The price for Fresh Roast SR450 is not the best deal. However, depending on the quality, you can invest your money in the equipment.

Since it fits well for amateurs and more experienced coffee roasters, I find it a good deal. Furthermore, no additional accessories are needed; it’s buy and use.

Don’t buy Fresh Roast SR540 if…

Your SR500 is working perfectly 

While I had the curiosity to own this roaster, it’s not worth dumping your old Fresh Roast SR500. 

The upgrades aren’t phenomenal; hence, I recommend sticking to your old device. The only upgrades are the temperature controls, air control, and a large display.

The rest features are available on the old models. When comparing roasting default speed, SR500 delivers in 6 minutes, and this one in 8 minutes. 

Looking for a professional roaster 

A more professional coffee roaster like Kaleido Sniper M2 Coffee Roaster is better but costly. However, it has more functionality and makes more quality coffee per roast. 

If you are willing to pay more for a better machine, you should reconsider buying SR540.


If you love roasting coffee at home, this roaster is an excellent option. The incredible roasting speed, quality, and ease of cleaning make it a better choice. 

With a simple interface and features, there are no technicalities when operating. But, one downside is you need to roast your coffee in well-ventilated areas since it lacks smoke suppression. 

Overall the Fresh Roast SR540 is a good coffee roaster.

New Model Fresh Roast Sr540


What is a coffee roaster?
A coffee roaster can refer to people or machines that transform green coffee beans to brown or dark. The roasting of coffee is achieved through the heat to create desired taste and flavor. 
Can you roast cocoa beans in a coffee roaster?
Cocoa bean roasting dates back many years. You can use a coffee roaster to roast cocoa beans. However, cocoa beans require more gentle temperatures than coffee. 
How does a coffee roaster work?
The most common coffee roaster types use hot air or a drum. Also, others are centrifugal, tangential, and packed beds. 

Hot-air roasters have heating elements and fans, which blow hot air to the coffee beans. The fans direct the hot air to the coffee, facilitating roasting. 

The drum roasters have a cylinder-style design where the coffee is placed. This kind of roaster has a spinning drum that is heated by gas or electricity. The spinning facilitates the turning of beans to enable uniform roasting.

What does a coffee roaster do?
The work of a coffee roaster is to roast dried coffee. The transformation of the green bean into light, medium, or dark roast improves its flavor and smell. Coffee roasting can be on a small scale or large scale.


Item name Fresh Roast SR540
Manufacturer Fresh Roast 
Materials Stainless steel, Glass 
Power rating 120V 
Capacity 12 grams 
Item weight 2.72 kg
Dimensions 35.05 x 21.34 x 21.34 cm
Warranty 1-year 
Price $209

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