Is Fresh Roast SR800 Better Than Sr540? Get the Latest Fresh Roast Sr800 Review

When roasting coffee at home is a hobby, a reliable coffee roasting machine. For experts, they can achieve roasting using different means. However, when you need speed, convenience, and quality Fresh Roast SR800 is the machine to have. 

The roaster is an upgrade of SR540, meaning it has more capacity. This ensures you can save time by roasting more coffee instead of many smaller batches. 

This Fresh Roast SR800 review provides detailed information about the machine. Therefore, you can determine whether to upgrade or remain with your current coffee roaster. 

Fresh Roast SR800 Review

Fresh Roast SR800

Design 4.5 /5
Roasting Capacity 4.8/5
Roasting Time 4.5/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5
Price 5/5

Total 4.7/5

Fresh Roast SR800 Review


  • Powerful fan and a heater 
  • User-friendly interface with customizable features 
  • Unbreakable tempered glass coffee drum
  • Integrated coffee beans cooler 
  • High-efficiency chaff collector

  • Requires venting, no smoke suppressor
  • Plastic smell when new
  • Chaff basket gets extremely hot to hold

When you aren’t sure whether to buy this machine or not, it can bring about confusion. However, this review helps you get all the information and make an informed decision.

If you are eager, let’s see what this roaster offers. 

Design 4.5/5 

The design of this machine is by experts to ensure everyone can use it. One of the main things you will notice is an electric coffee roasting machine

It has an efficient heating mechanism that lets it produce heated air. A powerful fan directs the air to the coffee, which facilitates roasting. 

SR800 LED screen

Besides directing air, the fan also helps in cooling your roasted beans. Consequently, there is no need to get a standalone coffee cooling machine like ZEVELOO Coffee Bean Cooler Electric Cooling Machine

Controlling the functions is easy since the single knob allows heat and fan settings. There are 9 heating settings and 9 fan speeds; hence you can choose the best for your roasting needs. 

The built-in LED screen displays time, fan speed, and power. It’s easy to roast since the timer lets you set the roasting time conveniently.

Fresh Roast SR800 lets you do it in style when you think about roasting coffee beans. It has a transparent tempered glass coffee chamber. The chamber is impressive as you can see the whole roasting process. 

Roasting results in clean coffee beans without chaff. This is possible due to the chaff basket and mech, which keep the process and beans clean. 

Powering the machine is super easy and smooth. It has soft buttons for On/Off and Run/Cool functions.

Although the machine has all these fantastic features, it needs a well-ventilated area since it doesn’t have a smoke suppressor. 

Roasting Capacity 4.8/5 

The roasting capacity for this machine is 226 grams of wet-processed coffee. However, it can hold 170 grams of dry processed coffee beans. Its glass roasting chamber is larger than its sister SR450, which can hold 141 grams. 

Although the roaster can take this amount, you can also roast small batches for best results. 

Roasting time 4.5/5 

Roasting time depends on your preference. If you love light or medium roast, setting the correct time and observing through the glass chamber is essential. 

Typically, the machine roasts your coffee in 10-20 minutes. However, you must set the heat and fan speed to the optimum to enjoy the best-roasted coffee. 

roasting time

Unlike other roasters, it’s easy to see the roasting process through the transparent chamber. Therefore, you can stop right at the best roasting stage.

Roast Quality 4.5/5 

Roast quality can differ depending on the person using the machine. However, it’s better than manual roasters since it’s automated. 

By setting the recommended settings, it’s easy to obtain premium roasted coffee. 

Since the SR800 has a chaff separator, the quality is superb. There is no more sieving needed to remove chaff. 

Is Fresh Roast SR800 Better Than Sr540? Get the Latest Fresh Roast Sr800 Review 1 Fresh Roast SR800 Review

Cleaning 5/5 

Cleaning this machine is one of the most straightforward processes when doing maintenance practices. 

The roasting chamber is detachable and is easy to wipe with a wet cloth. Also, the chaff collector is easy to empty, and you can clean the mesh with a damp cloth. 

Cleaning the machine after every use ensures it is ready for subsequent use and there is no dirt buildup. 

Price 5/5

The price of Fresh Roast SR800 is excellent. The low price puts it ahead of other roasters, yet the results are professional. 

Unlike the gas roasters, this doesn’t need additional equipment like stoves. Therefore, once you buy the equipment, it’s plug and use. 

Don’t buy Fresh Roast SR800 if, 

You have no well-ventilated room 

Roasting coffee will result in smoking. However, some of the roasters come with smoke suppressors. This machine doesn’t have a smoke suppressor and hence requires well-ventilated rooms. 

You love heavy-duty roasting machines 

One of the issues with this roasting machine is plastic parts. They tend to fail easily compared to all metal roasters. All steel roasters tend to have a longer lifespan and reliability. 

Is Fresh Roast SR800 Recommendable? 

I can assure you that this coffee roaster is perfect for all-level roasting. Whether a beginner or an experienced coffee barista, it’s an excellent entry-level roaster

The outstanding features are why this machine is easy to use and ideal for everyone. 

How do you use the fresh roast sr800?

If you have just acquired this machine, these are fresh roast sr800 tips. 

roasting tips
  1. Measure 226 grams of green processed coffee beans. 
  2. Plug your Fresh Roast SR800 in a 120volts wall outlet. Avoid plugging other appliances into the same outlet to prevent compromising the performance. 
  3. Put the measured coffee beans into the roaster. 
  4. Set the roasting time at 18 minutes and fan speed to 9; press the ‘run’ button. 
  5. After the roaster runs for 2 minutes, increase the power to level 9. 
  6. To enable 1st cracking, reduce fan speed to 8. The medium roast will happen when the fan speed is at 6. Further, to move to the 2nd crack, minimize fan speed to 5, and at this point, you will see the beans going to dark roast. 
  7. If you need more time than one set, adjust the timer before the roaster automatically enters cooling mode. 
  8. Press the ‘cool’ button when the beans reach the desired roast color. Set the fan to speed 9 to allow quick cooling.
Fresh Roast SR800


How fast does it heat up? 
The machine takes up to 2 minutes to heat fully. The good thing is the roaster preheats while with coffee beans. 
Is the water reservoir big? 
Fresh Roast SR800 doesn’t have a water reservoir. However, it has a large roasting chamber to accommodate more coffee. 
Does it make a quality espresso Bean? 
The machine is perfect for roasting espresso beans. It makes amazing dark brown   coffee  beans that ensures you make excellent espresso drinks.
Is it easy to clean?
Cleaning this machine is easy. There is no washing needed, only a wet cloth, and the cleaning process is over. 


Product name Fresh Roast SR800
Manufacturer Fresh Roast 
Materials Stainless steel, Glass, Silicone 
Power rating 120V
Capacity 226 Grams
Item weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 36.20 x 21.41 x 21.21 cm
Warranty 1 year 
Price $289
Motor AC
Thermometer Digital    
Country of origin China 

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