What’s Unique About GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster? Is It Worth Buying? 

The era when roasting coffee at home was a challenging task is over. With the introduction of various coffee roasting machines, it is now easy to roast your coffee cheaply. 

One of the ultimate coffee roasters available is GIVEROO electric Coffee Roaster. The machine is sleek and super easy to use when roasting your coffee. 

Suppose you want to enjoy multifunctionality; the machine is one of a few on the market. It can roast coffee, nuts, and other functions. 

The GIVEROO 800g coffee roaster review enables every buyer to have all the needed information before making a purchase. Stay tuned to know whether it’s worth your bucks. 

GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster Review

GIVEROO Household Coffee Roasters

Design 4.5/5
Roasting Capacity 4.7/5
Roasting Time 4/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5
Price 5/5

Total 4.6/5

GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster Review


  • Multifunctional roasting applications 
  • Unbreakable vented glass lid 
  • Free digital timer
  • Safe non-stick interior  
  • Quiet operating mechanism

  • Lacks chaff separation mechanism 
  • The stirrer has no speed control settings 

GIVEROO electric coffee roaster provides a fantastic platform where you can roast your coffee without stress. The simple looking yet elegant machine. 

Suppose you want to upgrade or change your current coffee roaster; find out whether this one fits your desires. 

Design 4.5/5 

The design is impressive and fits your coffee roasting purposes. It has a cooker-like design that is perfect even when used in your kitchen. 

The Exterior features a metal shell, which provides impressive durability. Also, the interior has non-stick material, which doesn’t emit toxic fumes when heated. 

Besides avoiding coffee from sticking, the non-stick surface ensures cleaning is a piece of cake.

To ensure there is even roasting, the machine has an automatic stirrer. The stirrer is essential since it agitates coffee to ensure uniform roasting.

When roasting, it’s essential to ensure even heating. That is why the roaster comes with a transparent glass lid. The lid allows roasting without the need to use samplers. Further, the cover has vents that keep the equipment working safely. 

What’s Unique About GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster? Is It Worth Buying?  1 GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster Review

Operating a GIVEROO electric coffee roaster is super simple. It has an On/Off button and temperature dial running from 0-240°C. 

Holding the roaster is safe even when hot. It boasts anti-scalding handles, which are comfortable and safe. 

Roasting Capacity 4.7/5 

The roasting capacity of this machine is impressive. It offers more capacity compared to other roasting machines. 

Suppose you have a group of people or run a small coffee shop; the machine is a perfect choice. It has 800 grams capacity, which is amazing since one roast is enough for a good batch. 

Although the recommended capacity is 800g, the roaster is best when roasting small amounts. Roasting small batches ensures perfect results. 

To get a real sense of how large this roaster is, you can get enough coffee to make 96 coffee drinks. 

Coffee Roast types

Roasting Time 4/5 

Roasting time is vital since it affects the overall coffee flavor. The standard roasting time for coffee ranges from 20-45 minutes. 

However, the time for roasting coffee depends on whether you want it light, medium, or dark. 

To enjoy perfect roasting, ensure you give your coffee enough time and the right temperature. 

Amazingly, the accompanying digital timer helps you to track the roasting time. It has a loud alarm to notify you when the time is over. 

Roast Quality 4.5/5 

One thing you should know is this machine can roast beans to the desired level. It can roast light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. All you need is to play around with heat and time. 

Overall, the quality of coffee is superb. However, the quality might differ from one person to another. 

The roasting pan is directly heated, which delivers excellent heat. This gives your beans a perfect roast hence exceptional flavor. 

Considering the roast quality and how large this roaster is, it is perfect for home and small coffee shops. 

Cleaning 5/5 

Cleaning the GIVEROO coffee roaster is easier than you can imagine. The machine has a non-stick pan, which helps in keeping it clean. Even when you roast for a whole day, there is no accumulation of sticking residue. 

The pan only needs a simple wipe to remove the stuck chaff, and it is clean. Wiping also applies to the glass lid and roaster shell. 

Since this machine needs no disassembling, cleaning doesn’t take more than two minutes. 

Price 5/5

Looking at the cost of this machine, it’s one of the cheapest options yet versatile. Although it’s not a professional roaster, it delivers great coffee beans. 

The price is affordable compared to other machines of the same capacity. When it comes to the price of this machine, I give it a big thumbs up. 

Don’t Buy GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster if, 

You want a professional coffee roaster 

The roaster is ideally suited for home and small coffee shops. Although the results are good, you can’t use it where bulk coffee is needed. It lacks a chaff tray and also doesn’t have a bean cooler. 

You have JIAWANSHUN Coffee Roaster Machine 500g 

JIAWNSHUN 500g coffee roaster and this are identical. The features and performance are similar, only that this has a larger capacity. 

Is GIVEROO 800g coffee Roaster Recommendable? 

If you ask for one of the highly recommendable electric coffee roasters for home use, I will recommend this one. From the price to overall performance, the equipment delivers outstanding roasted coffee. 

GIVEROO Household Coffee Roasters


How long does it take to roast the beans?
The coffee roaster will take 20-45 minutes to roast your coffee beans. Results depend on the heat and the time set. 
What is the wattage?
Regarding wattage, this machine has a rating of 800W. 
What happens to the Chaff? 
The machine has no chaff tray. You need to get a chaff separator to cleanse your coffee beans. 


Product name GIVEROO 800g Coffee Roaster
Manufacturer GIVEROO
Materials Glass, Metal, Silicone 
Power rating 110V
Capacity 800g
Item weight 2.69 kg
Dimensions 32.00 x 32.00 x 11.99 cm
Warranty 1 year 
Price $86.99
Motor AC
Thermometer Thermocouple 
Country of origin China 

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